FLUME-3379 Include maven repos needed for transitive dependencies (#376)
[flume.git] / LICENSE
2022-05-10  Ralph GoersMerge pull request #360 from tmgstevens/FLUME-3421
2022-05-10  Ralph GoersMerge pull request #361 from tmgstevens/FLUME-3422
2022-05-10  Ralph GoersMerge pull request #370 from busbey/FLUME-3419
2022-05-10  Sean BusbeyFLUME-3419 update and correct LICENSE/NOTICE files 370/head
2022-01-15  Ralph GoersRevert removal of morphline-solr-sink
2022-01-13  Ralph GoersFLUME-3403 - Remove the morphline-solr-sink since Kite...
2018-11-29  Ferenc SzaboFLUME-3287 Update License file for 1.9 release
2018-11-20  Endre MajorFLUME-3281 Update to Kafka 2.0
2017-09-13  Denes ArvayFLUME-3166. Update LICENSE
2016-10-12  Attila SimonUpdate LICENSE
2015-04-20  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-2683. Update License file for 1.6 release
2014-05-06  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-2366. Update LICENSE
2013-06-24  Mike PercyFLUME-2102. Update LICENSE file for Flume 1.4.0.
2012-11-21  Brock NolandFLUME-1736: JSR-305.jar is listed as ASL2 when it's...
2012-11-17  Brock NolandFLUME-1720: LICENSE file contain entry for protobuf...
2012-11-12  Jarek Jarcec CechoFLUME-1694: Fix LICENSE file for binary artifacts
2012-07-11  Mike PercyUpdate LICENSE file with binary artifacts included...
2011-08-02  Andrew BayerCDH-1531: Add some more legalese (LICENSE, NOTICE)