FLUME-3379 Include maven repos needed for transitive dependencies (#376)
[flume.git] / flume-ng-embedded-agent /
2022-06-01  Ralph GoersSet for work on next release
2022-01-12  Ralph GoersFLUME-3356 Upgrade Avro to 1.9.2
2021-11-01  rgoersUpdate checkstyle and maven checkstyle plugin
2020-01-13  Tristan StevensFix minor typo in docs
2019-10-05  Bessenyei Balázs... Fix minor typo in EmbeddedAgent javadoc
2018-11-29  Ferenc SzaboFLUME-3285 Updating trunk version to 1.10.0-SNAPSHOT...
2018-11-19  Ferenc SzaboFLUME-3282 Use slf4j in every component
2018-11-08  Ferenc SzaboFLUME-3280 Improve maven build to help code reviews...
2018-02-06  Denes ArvayFLUME-2957. Remove Guava from our public API
2018-01-26  Ralph GoersFLUME-2050. Upgrade to Log4j 2.10.0
2017-10-26  Andras BeniFLUME-199. Remove hardcoded ports from unit tests
2017-09-13  Denes ArvayFLUME-3164. Update version to 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT in pom...
2016-10-10  Bessenyei Balázs... FLUME-2924. Update POM versions to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-08-29  Attila SimonFLUME-2954. Make raw data appearing in log messages...
2016-07-08  Mike PercyFLUME-2941. Integrate checkstyle for test classes
2016-06-30  Mike PercyFLUME-2937. Integrate checkstyle for non-test classes
2015-04-16  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-2675. Update pom.xml version in trunk and 1.7...
2014-10-10  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-2475. toLowerCase/toUpperCase must specify Locale.
2014-10-09  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-2466. Embedded agent name cannot contain spaces
2014-09-12  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-2426. Support interceptors in the Embedded Agent
2014-05-06  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-2366. Preparing for Flume 1.5.0 release
2014-02-27  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-1227. Introduce Spillable Channel.
2013-06-24  Mike PercyFLUME-2106. Update 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT to 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT...
2013-01-25  Mike PercyFLUME-1852. Issues with EmbeddedAgentConfiguration.
2013-01-22  Brock NolandFLUME-1863: EmbeddedAgent pom must pull in file channel
2013-01-16  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-1849. Embedded Agent doesn't shutdown supervisor.
2012-12-12  Mike PercyFLUME-1502. Support for running simple configurations...