Fixed bug with continuance introed in #71
[fluo-recipes.git] /
2016-06-17  Mike WalchDelete AUTHORS file, added DISCLAMER & NOTICE, updated... 81/head
2016-06-17  Keith TurnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'mike/license-headers'
2016-06-17  Mike WalchUpdated links in docs due to move to Apache 80/head
2016-06-16  Mike WalchMerge pull request #78 from keith-turner/apache-package...
2016-06-16  Keith TurnerRename packages to apache names
2016-04-13  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #66 from mikewalch/docs-fix
2016-04-13  Mike WalchAdd space after colon in link labels. Needed for publis... 66/head
2016-03-10  Mike WalchMerge pull request #62 from keith-turner/fr-53
2016-03-09  Keith Turnerfixes #53 and moved Kryo code out of core 62/head
2016-03-07  Mike WalchMerge pull request #56 from mikewalch/spark-helper
2016-03-07  Keith TurnerMoved functionality from FluoITHelper to AccumuloExport... 56/head
2016-02-04  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #52 from keith-turner/fr-45
2016-02-04  Keith Turnerfixes #45 Added row hasher recipe 52/head
2015-11-03  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #27 from keith-turner/document_cfm
2015-11-03  Keith TurnerDocumented collision free map 27/head
2015-10-23  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #22 from keith-turner/kryo-overhauls
2015-10-23  Keith TurnerMultiple serialization changes 22/head
2015-10-21  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #17 from keith-turner/table-ops
2015-09-23  Keith TurnerAdded common code for performing standard Accumulo... 17/head
2015-09-21  Mike WalchMerge pull request #14 from mikewalch/replicator
2015-09-18  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #13 from keith-turner/export-q-docs
2015-09-18  Keith TurnerDocument export queue 13/head
2015-09-17  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #10 from mikewalch/cideploy
2015-09-17  Mike WalchEnabling TravisCI builds and snapshot deployments....
2015-09-17  Mike WalchMerge pull request #8 from mikewalch/txr-filter
2015-09-17  Mike WalchUsers can now pass filter function to RecordingTransact... 8/head
2015-09-04  Keith Turnerinitial commit