Fixed bug with continuance introed in #71
[fluo-recipes.git] / pom.xml
2016-07-15  Keith TurnerUpdated to use new scanner API from apache/incubator...
2016-07-07  Mike Walch #82 - Updates to due to move of type layer to Fluo... 83/head
2016-06-17  Keith TurnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'mike/license-headers'
2016-06-17  Mike WalchUpdated links in docs due to move to Apache 80/head
2016-06-17  Mike WalchUpdated license headers for Apache 79/head
2016-06-16  Mike WalchMerge pull request #78 from keith-turner/apache-package...
2016-06-16  Keith TurnerRename packages to apache names
2016-05-27  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #77 from mikewalch/spark161
2016-05-26  Mike WalchUpgrade Spark to 1.5.2 77/head
2016-03-29  Mike Walch[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-03-29  Mike Walch[maven-release-plugin] prepare release fluo-recipes... 1.0.0-beta-2
2016-03-22  Mike WalchMerge pull request #64 from keith-turner/cfm_startts
2016-03-16  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #63 from mikewalch/update-parent
2016-03-16  Mike WalchUpdated fluo-io-parent to version 2 63/head
2016-03-10  Mike WalchMerge pull request #62 from keith-turner/fr-53
2016-03-09  Keith Turnerfixes #53 and moved Kryo code out of core 62/head
2016-03-07  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #59 from mikewalch/parent-pom
2016-03-07  Mike WalchCloses #58 - Make Fluo recipes use fluo-io-parent pom 59/head
2016-03-07  Mike WalchMerge pull request #56 from mikewalch/spark-helper
2016-03-07  Mike WalchCreated SparkHelper and FluoITHelper. Modified several...
2016-03-01  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #57 from mikewalch/sw-upgrade
2016-03-01  Mike WalchUpgraded Accumulo to 1.7.1 and Zookeeper to 3.4.8 57/head
2016-02-19  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #55 from ctubbsii/fix-warnings
2016-02-18  Christopher TubbsFix warnings (with formatting)
2016-01-13  Keith Turner[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-01-13  Keith Turner[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.0.0-beta-1 1.0.0-beta-1
2016-01-13  Keith Turneradd release plugin to pom
2016-01-13  Mike WalchMerge pull request #48 from keith-turner/beta-2
2016-01-13  Mike WalchMerge pull request #47 from keith-turner/optimize-command
2016-01-13  Mike WalchMerge pull request #46 from keith-turner/fr-44
2016-01-13  Keith Turnerset fluo version to beta-2 48/head
2016-01-13  Keith TurnerFix issues with split points. 46/head
2015-11-03  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #27 from keith-turner/document_cfm
2015-10-30  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #25 from keith-turner/cfm-init
2015-10-30  Keith TurnerAdded code to to enable initializing a CFM 25/head
2015-09-17  Mike WalchMerge pull request #8 from mikewalch/txr-filter
2015-09-17  Mike WalchMerge pull request #7 from keith-turner/fix_warnings
2015-09-17  Mike WalchMerge pull request #6 from keith-turner/m2e-ignore
2015-09-15  Keith TurnerAdded m2e config to ignore plugins 6/head
2015-09-11  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #3 from mikewalch/txrecord
2015-09-11  Mike WalchCreated RecordingTransaction to keep record of all... 3/head
2015-09-04  Keith Turnerinitial commit