2018-08-29  Christopher... Fluo recipes updates (#149) master
2018-03-06  Christopher... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.2.0-rc1-next'
2018-03-01  Christopher... Synchronize release-candidate scripts across repos...
2018-03-01  Christopher... Update release notes URL (#147)
2018-03-01  Christopher... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-03-01  Christopher... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release rel/fluo-recipes... rel/fluo-recipes-1.2.0
2018-03-01  Christopher... Build against Fluo 1.2.0 and Accumulo 1.7.3 (#146)
2017-11-27  Christopher... Apply formatter changes from parent POM 3 145/head
2017-11-27  Christopher... Update fluo-parent POM to 3
2017-10-02  Mike WalchRemoves docs as they were moved to project website...
2017-09-28  Keith TurnerAdded CONTRIBUTING.md (#143)
2017-08-18  Mike WalchRemove automated Sonatype deploy from travis.yml (...
2017-08-18  Christopher... Fix broken javadoc (#141) 141/head
2017-08-18  Christopher... More removing incubating status (#140) 140/head
2017-08-18  Christopher... Fix #135 Remove deprecation warnings (#137) 137/head
2017-08-18  Christopher... Follow documented project import order (#137) 138/head
2017-07-26  Mike WalchRemoved incubating from version and documentation 139/head
2017-06-26  Mike WalchMerge pull request #136 from keith-turner/readme-ver-110
2017-06-23  Keith Turnerupdate version in readme 136/head
2017-06-12  Keith Turner[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-06-12  Keith Turner[maven-release-plugin] prepare release rel/fluo-recipes... rel/fluo-recipes-1.1.0-incubating
2017-06-12  Keith Turnerfixed some javadoc warnings 134/head
2017-06-12  Keith TurnerDepend on Fluo 1.1.0
2017-06-06  Keith Turnerupdate NOTICE file for 2017 133/head
2017-05-12  Christopher... Update git URLs to gitbox.apache.org
2017-05-08  Keith TurnerUpdated for new way of registering observers 131/head
2017-05-03  Keith TurnerUpdated ExportQ and CFM to use new ObserverProvider API 130/head
2017-04-26  Keith TurnerReduced creation of intermediate String and byte arrays 129/head
2017-01-09  Keith Turnerfixes #122 improved Spark documentation
2016-11-30  Keith Turnerfix bug in accumulo export docs 125/head
2016-10-29  Keith TurnerMerge branch 'doc_summary_update'
2016-10-28  Keith Turnerupdate description 121/head
2016-10-28  Keith Turnerfix link in docs 120/head
2016-10-27  Keith TurnerMerge branch '1.0.0-incubating-rc1-next'
2016-10-27  Keith TurnerAdded link to Balancing blog post 118/head
2016-10-20  Keith Turner[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2016-10-20  Keith Turner[maven-release-plugin] prepare release rel/fluo-recipes... rel/fluo-recipes-1.0.0-incubating
2016-10-20  Christopher... Fix small compiler warning in IT 117/head
2016-10-20  Keith TurnerModified rc script and pom for generating release candi... 116/head
2016-10-20  Keith TurnerCopied rc script from Fluo apache/fluo@2f9d3ee
2016-10-20  Keith TurnerMerge branch 'name-fix'
2016-10-20  Keith TurnerCorrect naming in poms and NOTICE 115/head
2016-10-19  Keith TurnerDocument thrift dep in pom
2016-10-14  Keith TurnerMisc release prep cleanup 113/head
2016-10-13  Keith TurnerAvoid allocating collection in AccumuloExporter 112/head
2016-10-07  Mike WalchMerge remote-tracking branch 'keith/use-fluo-10'
2016-10-05  Keith TurnerRemoved SNAPSHOT from Fluo version! 111/head
2016-10-05  Keith TurnerReviewed APIs in prep for 1.0 release. Made two small... 110/head
2016-09-22  Keith TurnerAdded standard way to setup per exporter configuration. 107/head
2016-09-21  Mike WalchFixes #102 - Simplify Accumulo export queue recipe 103/head
2016-09-16  Keith Turnerupdates for Fluo API changes 106/head
2016-09-07  Keith TurnerFixed CompactTransient, it was not picking up internal... 101/head
2016-09-07  Keith TurnerUpdate for changes from apache/incubator-fluo#714 100/head
2016-09-06  Keith TurnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/thrift-version'
2016-09-02  Keith TurnerMade thrift version configurable. 99/head
2016-09-02  Keith TurnerUpdate for changes from apache/incubator-fluo#758 98/head
2016-08-12  Keith Turnerupdate to newly released parent pom
2016-08-04  Keith TurnerUpdate for changes in apache/fluo#746 97/head
2016-07-26  Mike WalchMerge branch 'fr-94'
2016-07-26  Mike WalchCloses #94 - Update pom to use new Fluo parent 96/head
2016-07-25  Mike WalchMerge remote-tracking branch 'keith/fluo-723'
2016-07-25  Keith Turnerupdate for changes in apache/incubator-fluo#723 95/head
2016-07-21  Mike WalchMerge branch 'recipes-92'
2016-07-21  Mike WalchFixes #92 - Added dependency analysis plugin 93/head
2016-07-20  Mike WalchMerge remote-tracking branch 'keith/add-commons-collect...
2016-07-20  Keith Turneradd missing dependency on commons collections 91/head
2016-07-18  Mike WalchMinor updates in preparation for 1.0.0 release 89/head
2016-07-15  Keith TurnerFixed bug with continuance introed in #71 88/head
2016-07-15  Keith TurnerUpdated to use new scanner API from apache/incubator...
2016-07-15  Keith TurnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'mike/package-refactor'
2016-07-15  Keith TurnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'mike/fr-50'
2016-07-15  Mike WalchUpdate whitespace in LICENSE file 87/head
2016-07-15  Mike WalchAdded '@since 1.0.0' annotations 86/head
2016-07-15  Mike WalchMade SharedBatchWriter package private
2016-07-15  Mike WalchUpdated package names in core module
2016-07-14  Mike WalchFixes #50 - Rename Pirtos to TableOptimizations 85/head
2016-07-07  Keith TurnerUpdate to reflect changes in apache/fluo#695 84/head
2016-07-07  Mike Walch #82 - Updates to due to move of type layer to Fluo... 83/head
2016-07-01  Mike WalchFixes #82 - Moved TypeLayer from Fluo API to Fluo Recipes
2016-06-17  Mike WalchDelete AUTHORS file, added DISCLAMER & NOTICE, updated... 81/head
2016-06-17  Keith TurnerMerge remote-tracking branch 'mike/license-headers'
2016-06-17  Mike WalchUpdated links in docs due to move to Apache 80/head
2016-06-17  Mike WalchUpdated license headers for Apache 79/head
2016-06-16  Mike WalchMerge pull request #78 from keith-turner/apache-package...
2016-06-16  Keith TurnerFix links in markdown 78/head
2016-06-16  Keith TurnerRename packages to apache names
2016-05-27  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #77 from mikewalch/spark161
2016-05-26  Mike WalchUpgrade Spark to 1.5.2 77/head
2016-05-13  Mike WalchMerge pull request #76 from keith-turner/ct-retry
2016-05-13  Keith Turnermade compact transient command retry when calling compa... 76/head
2016-05-12  Mike WalchMerge pull request #75 from keith-turner/cont-row
2016-05-12  Keith Turnerconstruct exportQ row that falls in bucket 75/head
2016-05-12  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #74 from keith-turner/fr-73
2016-05-12  Keith Turnerfixes #73 allow different sleep times for ranges 74/head
2016-05-11  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #71 from keith-turner/fr-70
2016-05-11  Keith Turnerfixes #70 lowered default buffer sizes and added contin... 71/head
2016-05-10  Mike WalchMerge pull request #72 from keith-turner/fr-69
2016-05-09  Keith Turnerfixes #69 make sleep time a function of compact time 72/head
2016-04-28  Keith TurnerMerge pull request #68 from keith-turner/fr-67
2016-04-28  Keith Turnercloses #67 made it possible to create less tablets... 68/head