2015-09-02  ddekanyUpdated for 2.3.24-pre01 donated-to-asf
2015-08-21  ddekanySwitched to FM 2.3.24 nightly, using new-style escaping
2015-08-21  ddekanyAdded system property to override generation time ...
2015-08-21  ddekanyWe have no version number available (inserting the...
2015-07-21  ddekanyNow copying XML files as well, except the DocBook XML...
2015-07-21  edendramisremoving sitemap date, adding try/catch to loop
2015-07-21  edendramischanging class name to be consistent with others
2015-07-21  edendramisremoving verification
2015-07-20  edendramisfixing breadcrumb and titles
2015-07-20  edendramisfixing tags
2015-07-20  edendramisadding google site verification
2015-07-20  edendramisadding sitemap
2015-07-18  ddekanyFixing search-results page generation failure.
2015-07-18  ddekanyFixed broken canonical URL generation.
2015-07-18  ddekanyAdded seoMeta setting, and cleand up many thing I have...
2015-07-18  ddekanyNew configuration setting for excluding nodes from...
2015-07-12  ddekanyRequire PNG fall back for SVG images. Remove dead code...
2015-07-05  ddekanySwitch to FreeMarker 2.3.23 stable.
2015-07-05  ddekanyPutting back background coloring for marking template...
2015-07-05  ddekanyMade settings out of the hard coded copyright footer
2015-07-02  edendramisupdating logo width, fixing header alignment
2015-07-02  edendramisMerge branch 'master' of
2015-07-02  edendramisupdating logo css, changing favicon to png
2015-07-01  ddekanyWe remain FreeMarker (instead of Freemarker) for now...
2015-07-01  ddekany(Updated font legal info)
2015-06-30  ddekanyFixed license again, added notice on icomoon fonts
2015-06-30  ddekanyMoved around selection.json
2015-06-30  ddekanyFixed outdated license
2015-06-30  ddekanyNo need for extra spacing above the h1... I guess....
2015-06-29  ddekanyMade secondaryTabs, socialLinks and footerSiteMap confi...
2015-06-28  ddekany#33: Adding headers on the top of ToC-s, like "Page...
2015-06-28  ddekanyforProgrammers role... but we should get rid of these...
2015-06-28  ddekanyFixed problem with anchoris inside HTML li-s that also...
2015-06-28  ddekany(Eclipse project: exclude some dirs)
2015-06-28  ddekanyHTML "pre" font IE fix: Brought "Courier New" before...
2015-06-28  ddekanyFixing #31, and some other programlisting (HTML pre...
2015-06-28  ddekanyoutputFilesCanUseAutoID=false doesn't require explicit...
2015-06-27  ddekanyAdded support for ToC node titles that are external...
2015-06-27  ddekanyDon't generate ToC-only files in simpleNavigationMode
2015-06-27  ddekany(FreeMarker to Freemarker)
2015-06-27  ddekanyFooter need not repeat the title, and says "Last genera...
2015-06-27  ddekanyDon't use hover effect on depth-0 menu items that aren...
2015-06-26  ddekanyAdded simpleNavigationMode setting, which will be used...
2015-06-26  ddekanyTitle looked bad above Google search results, tweaked...
2015-06-25  ddekanyNo search appendix (or such) is needed for having a...
2015-06-25  ddekanySupport role="index.html" for choosing explicitly which...
2015-06-25  ddekanyMade logo required, as we don't want to deal with prope...
2015-06-25  ddekanyShow product name under the book title on the ToC page
2015-06-24  ddekanyIcI set to 2.3.23
2015-06-24  ddekanyUpdate to utilize 2.3.23 camelCase
2015-06-24  ddekanyTemplates update to utilize 2.3.23 features
2015-06-24  ddekany#35 Problems with the source of product version and...
2015-06-23  ddekanyShow "top header" if we have some tabs
2015-06-23  ddekanyCLI supports Transform options
2015-06-23  ddekanyDon't suppress margings around p-s in li-s
2015-05-11  edendramisreducing toc header font-weight
2015-05-11  edendramisadding additional font-weight, changing font-weights...
2015-05-11  edendramisupdating readme
2015-05-11  EMerge pull request #29 from edendramis/master
2015-05-11  edendramisadding linting rules, fixing linting errors
2015-05-11  edendramismoving js files to own dir
2015-05-11  edendramisupdating readme and adding comments to build.xml
2015-05-11  edendramisspecifying test scripts
2015-05-11  edendramisspecifying jdk
2015-05-11  edendramisfixing args
2015-05-11  edendramisfixing os task
2015-05-11  edendramisadding linux task
2015-05-11  edendramisfixing ant call
2015-05-11  edendramistravis test
2015-05-11  edendramistravis test
2015-05-11  edendramistravis test
2015-05-11  edendramistravis test
2015-05-11  edendramistravis test
2015-05-11  edendramistravis test
2015-05-11  edendramistravis test
2015-05-10  edendramistravis test
2015-05-10  edendramistravis test
2015-05-10  edendramistravis yml
2015-05-10  edendramisfixing js to use minified version
2015-05-10  edendramisupdating active icon to be a pilcrow
2015-05-10  edendramisfixing link double-tap bug
2015-05-10  edendramisremoving line-height on placeholder to fix firefox...
2015-05-10  edendramisfixing footer whitespace
2015-05-10  edendramishiding search in toc
2015-05-10  EMerge pull request #28 from edendramis/master
2015-05-10  edendramisupdating pagemenu logic so icon is next to element...
2015-05-10  edendramisdisabling fonts for offline manual to resolve freemarke...
2015-05-10  edendramismodify CSS to resolve firefox issue with anchor arrow...
2015-05-10  ddekanyUpdated build instructions in
2015-05-10  EMerge pull request #26 from edendramis/master
2015-05-10  edendramisuncommenting logo
2015-05-10  edendramisfixing selector order
2015-05-10  edendramisremoving parts and chapters from titles
2015-05-10  edendramischanging logic for search display to use id
2015-05-10  edendramismore whitespace cleanup
2015-05-10  edendramischanging warning messaging
2015-05-10  edendramismore whitespace cleanup
2015-05-10  edendramistrimming some whitespace
2015-05-10  edendramismoving var declarations
2015-05-10  edendramisseparating content into individual macros