descriptionApache FreeMarker Online Tester
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 7 Aug 2018 08:02:45 +0000 (10:02 +0200)
2018-08-07  ddekanyRedirecting old domains to https://try.freemarker.apach... master
2018-05-19  ddekanyUpdated config yml to reflect production setup
2018-05-15  ddekanyLet's Encrypt verification URL and path must be /.well...
2018-05-15  ddekanyPrepared for HTTPS and working together with Let's...
2018-04-04  ddekanyUpdated FreeMarker dependency
2018-03-24  ddekanyDependency version upgrades, and related code changes.
2018-03-23  ddekanyUpgraded Jackson
2018-03-23  ddekanyUpgraded Dropwizard, adjusted template handling accordi...
2018-03-23  ddekany(Flattened assets/ directory structure)
2018-03-23  ddekanyAdded tagSyntax and interpolationSyntax dropdowns....
2018-03-22  ddekanyUpdated FreeMarker home page address
2018-02-09  ddekany(Gradle build fix)
2018-02-09  ddekany(Removed the removed banner.txt from the LICENSE)
2018-02-08  ddekanyRefined Rat excludes
2018-02-08  ddekanyRemoved or excluded any remaining files for which Rat...
2018-02-08  ddekanyAdded rat task to build.gradle
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