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2016-06-02  ddekanyUpdated JBoss IDE bug tracker link
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2016-04-23  ddekanyEclipse plugin: It's now recommended to install the...
2016-04-20  ddekanyFixing typo on the powered-by page.
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2016-04-20  Sergio Fernándezadded Apache Marmotta to the list of software that...
2016-03-28  ddekany(Adjusting "incubating" explanation.)
2016-03-28  ddekanyUpdates for the 2.3.24 release
2016-01-29  ddekanyUse https for checksum and ASC links.
2016-01-29  ddekany2.3.24-rc01 release on the Downloads page
2016-01-21  ddekanyFREEMARKER-14: Typo fix
2016-01-02  ddekanyAdded missing copyright comments.
2016-01-02  ddekanyChanged copyright owner in the footer to ASF
2015-12-21  ddekanyUpdated "Contributors wanted" page task list
2015-12-20  ddekanyAdded link to open JBoss IDE FreeMarker issues
2015-12-19  ddekanyAdded link to
2015-12-17  ddekanyFixing references to the old Github and Git addresses...
2015-12-17  ddekanyUpdated powered by address (and text )
2015-11-09  ddekanyTrying to make more apparent that: (1) FM is owned...
2015-10-11  Evangelia Dendramisadding textmate link
2015-10-10  ddekanyMentioning the GitHub mirror.
2015-10-09  ddekanyMore getting started info for new contributors.
2015-10-09  ddekanyUpdated bug tracker link
2015-09-18  ddekanyAdded link to the updated Chiense Manual (from https...
2015-09-05  ddekanyAdded CLA reference to the Contribute page.
2015-09-03  ddekanyChanged GitHub address to point to the repo list page.
2015-09-03  ddekanyUpdated Git repo addresses so that they point to the...
2015-09-03  ddekanyAdded disclaimer to the history page too.
2015-09-03  ddekanyAdded notice about changing copyright owner for the...
2015-09-03  ddekanyUpdated mailing lists on site to be the
2015-09-02  ddekanyRemoved unused OSI logo image
2015-09-02  ddekanyMoved contributed downloadable content with unclear...
2015-09-02  ddekanyAdded LICENSE, NOTICE and DISCLAIMER files. Now it...
2015-09-02  ddekanyAdded 2.3.24-pre01 to the download page donated-to-asf
2015-09-01  ddekanyRevert "Added automatic escaping to features."
2015-08-26  ddekanyAdded automatic escaping to features.
2015-08-18  ddekanyTypo fix...
2015-08-18  ddekanyAdded some more tasks to the "Contribute" page.
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2015-07-20  ddekanyShorted meta description, so that Google doesn't trunca...
2015-07-18  ddekanySome SEO on index.html.
2015-07-18  ddekanyManual no longer generates toc.html
2015-07-18  ddekany(Typo)
2015-07-12  ddekany(Accidentally committed test image)
2015-07-12  ddekany("Features" section adjustment)
2015-07-12  ddekanyManual side link points to the ToC instead of the...
2015-07-12  ddekany(Replaced overview image with something even less ugly.)
2015-07-11  ddekanyReplaced overview image with something less ugly.
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2015-07-05  ddekanyUpdates/fixes for the release
2015-07-05  ddekany(Added copyright footer as Docgen settings)
2015-07-03  ddekany(What's FreeMarker -> What is FreeMarker)
2015-07-01  ddekanyWe remain FreeMarker (instead of Freemarker) for now...
2015-07-01  ddekanyWe remain FreeMarker (instead of Freemarker) for now...
2015-07-01  ddekany(One more thing for contributors...)
2015-06-30  ddekanyDeleted LICENSE.txt as static Docgen resource. It's...
2015-06-30  ddekanyAdded "Contribute" page
2015-06-29  ddekanyAdded Google Analytics, but commented it out as it...
2015-06-29  ddekanyCleaned up tabs, secondaryTabs, socialLinks and footerS...
2015-06-28  ddekanySome typo fixes, and a bit shorter introduction.
2015-06-28  ddekanyChanged "About" page to "What's Freemarker".
2015-06-28  ddekanyFixing dummy links.
2015-06-28  ddekanyAdding the rest of the content. This is mostly copy...
2015-06-28  ddekany(Adjusted settings)
2015-06-27  ddekanyExternal link menu items
2015-06-27  ddekanyAdded most of the actual content, so we can see better...
2015-06-26  ddekanyVery early draft of Docgen 2.0-based site. The main...
2015-06-21  ddekanyMore 2.3.23-rc01 updates/fixes.
2015-06-21  ddekanyTypo...
2015-06-21  ddekanyUpdates site for 2.3.23-rc01
2015-05-28  ddekany(Typo...)
2015-05-28  ddekanyAdded new NetBeans IDE plugin
2015-02-28  ddekany(Minor adjustment...)
2015-02-28  ddekanyUpdated for 2.3.22 release.
2015-01-30  ddekanyFixed outdated GAE download section
2015-01-27  ddekany2.3.22 Release Candidate 1 announcement.
2014-12-30  ddekany(Typo...)
2014-12-30  ddekany(Typo...)
2014-12-29  ddekany(News title copy-paste oversight...)
2014-12-29  ddekanyAdded link to the online template tester page
2014-10-12  ddekanyUpdated FM LICENSE.txt
2014-10-12  ddekany(Minor touch up)
2014-10-11  ddekanyMarked Chinese Manual translation as outdated
2014-10-11  ddekanyNews item for 2.3.21.
2014-10-10  ddekanySome fiddling with the Manual bookmarks
2014-10-10  ddekanyUpdated for 2.3.21
2014-10-10  ddekanyMinor site improvements.
2014-10-04  ddekanyAdded Google Analytics
2014-09-28  ddekanyUpdated for 2.3.21-rc02
2014-07-21  ddekanyRemoving stale powered-by entries, updating some others.
2014-07-21  ddekanyAdded Lifeary Portal to the poweredBy page.
2014-07-21  ddekanyUpdated powered-by page submission description.
2014-07-03  ddekanyMoved "site" project from SVN