2018-08-03  ddekanyFixed typo in URL... master
2018-08-03  ddekanyUpdated domain
2018-05-22  ddekanyAdded EU Cookie Consent bar
2018-04-23  ddekanyAdded "Apache current event" banner (the Board has...
2018-04-05  ddekanyRemoved MD5 links due to policy changes
2018-04-05  ddekanyUpdated download archive section
2018-04-05  ddekanyUpdated site for 2.3.28. Some adjustments in the Releas...
2018-04-04  ddekanyAdded info about the PMC SVN repo
2018-04-04  ddekanyExtended/improved Release how-to
2018-04-04  ddekanyAdded new release to doap.rdf
2018-03-30  ddekanyUpdates/corrections in the release guide
2018-03-30  ddekanyUpdated download links (no incubator/ in it anymore)
2018-03-29  ddekanyEven more outdated incubation related parts fixed
2018-03-29  ddekanyEven more outdated incubation related parts fixed
2018-03-29  ddekanyRemoved yet another incubator related notice...
2018-03-29  ddekanyBuild: Fixed: Dependencies weren't downloaded on first...
2018-03-29  ddekanyUpdated Git and mailing list addresses to non-incubator...
2018-03-26  ddekanyRemoved incubation disclaimers and Incubator logo.
2018-03-26  ddekanyRemoved people from the doap.rdf who have left the...
2018-03-09  ddekanyBetter FreeMarker IDE download URL
2018-03-09  ddekany(Typo fix)
2018-03-09  ddekanyUpdated "FreeMarker IDE" installation instructions...
2018-02-09  ddekanyApplying the stricter Rat policy
2018-02-09  ddekanyAdjusted Rat policy
2018-02-09  ddekanyTypo fixes...
2018-02-09  ddekany(Clarification to the Rat release policy.)
2018-02-09  ddekanyDescribed more string Rat policy on release. This is...
2018-02-01  ddekanySome license related clarifications
2018-01-27  ddekanyAdded mailing list archive link
2018-01-12  ddekanyMade "How to contribute" more focused on GitHub.
2017-11-30  ddekanyMerged: Fix typo
2017-11-30  Cosmin StroeFix typo. 9/head
2017-11-23  Sergio Fernándezadded current incubator.a.o domain
2017-11-23  Sergio Fernándezmerged, closes #8
2017-11-22  Sergio Fernándezupdated releases 8/head
2017-11-22  ddekanyCopy DOAP file to build/site, same place as the HTML...
2017-11-22  ddekanyImproved project description.
2017-11-21  Sergio Fernándezreorganizing rdf file
2017-11-21  Sergio Fernándezadded right pmc during incubation
2017-11-20  Jacques Le... Not sure why I was removed :)
2017-11-19  Sergio Fernándezadded task to also publish the doap file
2017-11-19  Sergio Fernándezadded task to also publish the doap file
2017-11-18  Sergio Fernándezadded missing namespace
2017-11-18  Sergio Fernándezextended doap
2017-11-17  ddekanyDOAP project meta fixes
2017-11-17  Jacques Le... 1st version of the doap_Freemarker.rdf file
2017-11-12  ddekanyMoved Project History from Foundation to Community...
2017-11-12  ddekanyAdded "All other marks mentioned ..." to trademarks...
2017-11-12  ddekanyAdded "TM" after Apache FreeMarker on the opening page
2017-11-12  ddekanyAdded "License" link to ASF "licenes" to the menu,...
2017-11-11  ddekanyShow incubator logo under the left side ToC
2017-11-11  ddekanyAdded a "Foundation" section to the menu that helps...
2017-11-11  ddekanyMoved Security link next to bug reporting link. Removed...
2017-11-11  ddekanyFurther links changed to use https
2017-11-11  ddekanyMerged: Change links to https for freemarker website...
2017-11-11  ddekanyClarified when ICLA/CCLA is not needed for merging...
2017-11-09  Michael RiehemannFix freemarker site urls 7/head
2017-11-09  Michael RiehemannFix freemarker site urls
2017-11-09  Michael RiehemannFix freemarker site urls
2017-11-09  Michael RiehemannFix freemarker site urls
2017-11-07  ddekanyAdded missing source links to freemarker-online-tester
2017-11-07  ddekanyPost-release steps added to committer how-to.
2017-11-07  ddekanyUpdated JBoss Freemarker IDE related information
2017-11-05  Woonsan KoCorrecting KEYS URL
2017-11-04  ddekanyRelease how-to clarification
2017-11-04  ddekanyChanging official domain from to freemar...
2017-11-03  ddekanyRelease how-to clarification
2017-11-03  ddekanyFixed "What's new" link
2017-11-03  Woonsan KoAdding the 2.3.27 release to the download section.
2017-11-02  ddekanyRelease how-to clarification
2017-10-16  ddekanyRelease how-to clarification
2017-10-16  ddekanyRelease how-to clarification
2017-09-30  ddekany(Typo, etc.)
2017-09-30  ddekanySome additions to how-to / making releases
2017-09-20  ddekanyAdded link to FreeMarker 3 wiki page to the "3" Git...
2017-08-09  ddekany(Typo...)
2017-08-09  ddekanyFREEMARKER-66: Link to the freemarker-java8 project
2017-07-08  ddekany(Typo fixes...)
2017-07-08  ddekanyAdded how to deploy a SNAPSHOT version
2017-06-24  ddekanyUpdated online tester URL to
2017-03-25  ddekanyUpdate site for 2.3.26. Added link to Apache archive...
2017-03-25  ddekanyFixed release guide: 3 biding roles aren't required...
2017-03-18  ddekanyFixed gender neutrality problems, and some bad grammar...
2017-03-15  ddekanyNoted that we have a normal and a GAE version in the...
2017-03-15  ddekanyAdded API compatibility check to release steps. Typo...
2017-03-06  ddekanyMentioned "3" branch, removed reference to the now...
2017-03-06  ddekanyRemoved FMPP link from the menu
2017-02-01  ddekanyRenamed logo files, added information txt.
2017-02-01  ddekanyMerge commit 'refs/pull/6/head' of
2017-02-01  Julien NICOLASadd Freemarker logo images 6/head
2017-01-23  ddekany(Minor title change)
2017-01-23  ddekanyAdded section about handling security vulnerabilities...
2017-01-23  ddekanyFixed copyright owner home page link.
2017-01-23  ddekanyAdjusted page about reporting security vulnerabilities.
2017-01-23  ddekanyMerge commit 'refs/pull/5/head' of
2017-01-22  Jacopo CappellatoAdded reference to the private mailing list. 5/head
2017-01-22  Jacopo CappellatoAdded a simple page to describe how to report security...
2017-01-19  ddekanyMoved the incubation disclaimer next to the short intro...
2017-01-19  ddekanyMerge commit 'refs/pull/4/head' of
2017-01-18  Jacopo CappellatoAdded short product description at the top of the downl... 4/head