2018-12-10  Helena A. BalesGradle improvements
2018-12-07  Dan SmithGEODE-6141: Fork benchmarks for every run
2018-12-07  Brian RoweGEODE-6163: fix the argument handling in the benchmark...
2018-12-07  nabarunGEODE-6084/6085: New benchmarks
2018-12-07  Dan SmithDon't prompt for input when destroying GCP cluster
2018-12-06  nabarunAdding the badges for the build, lgtm and license.
2018-12-06  Nabarun NagGEODE-6084: Refactored the benchmark code as per review...
2018-12-06  Nabarun NagFixing the warnings mentioned by LGTM. (#17)
2018-12-05  Sean GollerMerge pull request #15 from smgoller/sole-tenant
2018-12-05  Sean GollerConvert to sole tenant style cluster. 15/head
2018-12-05  Dan SmithIgnoring extra hosts in SshInfrastructure
2018-12-05  Brian RoweGEODE-6145: Allow multiple results for a single probe...
2018-12-04  nabarunChanged the way lib directories are created. feature/libPath
2018-12-04  nabarunRemoved unsupported JVM parameter.
2018-12-04  nabarunRevert "Removed an unknown JVM parameter"
2018-12-04  nabarunRemoved an unknown JVM parameter
2018-12-02  nabarunnagRenamed the packages and parameter class
2018-12-01  Nabarun NagGEODE-6116: Set JVM flags on the VMs. (#12)
2018-11-30  nabarunReducing the number of servers from 4 to 2.
2018-11-30  Dan SmithTweaking the output format of the analyzer
2018-11-30  Dan SmithMerge branch 'feature/5_min_benchmarks' into develop
2018-11-30  Nabarun NagGEODE-6106: Adding spotless and rat to the benchmark...
2018-11-30  Dan SmithChanging benchmarks to run for 5 minutes feature/5_min_benchmarks
2018-11-30  Dan SmithActually flushing the results from the analyzer
2018-11-30  Dan SmithGEODE-6084: Fixing the name of the benchmarks
2018-11-29  Dan SmithAdding build directories to .gitignore
2018-11-29  Dan SmithRemoving unused parameters
2018-11-29  Dan SmithAllowing JVM options to be set by test
2018-11-29  Dan SmithMerge pull request #8 from smgoller/update_prequisites
2018-11-29  Dan SmithRemoving accidentally checked in build artifacts
2018-11-29  Nabarun NagMerge pull request #10 from nabarunnag/feature/GEODE...
2018-11-29  nabarunGEODE-6084: Adding mulitple key put and get benchmark. 10/head
2018-11-29  Dan SmithSorting the benchmark names in the analysis results
2018-11-29  Brian RoweGEODE-6086: Change RunAnalyzer to return result object.
2018-11-28  Brian RoweGEODE-6086: Handling multiple clients in HdrHistogramProbe
2018-11-28  Brian RoweFixing probe not being reset between benchmarks.
2018-11-28  Sean GollerClean up prerequisites documentation. 8/head
2018-11-28  Brian RoweGEODE-6086: Adding a tool to allow command line analysi...
2018-11-27  Dan SmithPointing to the README in the google cloud directory
2018-11-27  Dan SmithScripts to run benchmarks against a baseline version...
2018-11-27  Dan SmithConsistently disabling cluster configuration
2018-11-27  Dan SmithGEODE-6081: Probe that uses HdrHistogram
2018-11-27  Dan SmithChecking out and building geode as part of
2018-11-27  Dan SmithAdding scripts to automate launching VMs in google...
2018-11-26  Sean GollerChange project name to geode-benchmarks.
2018-11-26  Dan SmithUse a Java ssh server rather than docker for tests
2018-11-26  Dan SmithGEODE-6086: Looking for the output files in the correct...
2018-11-21  Dan SmithMaking ChildJVMs exit gracefully
2018-11-21  Dan SmithMerge pull request #2 from upthewaterspout/feature...
2018-11-21  Dan SmithAdding a property to set the outputDir through gradle 2/head
2018-11-21  Dan SmithSetting the output directory for each ChildJVM
2018-11-21  Dan SmithRefactoring how context is passed to a task
2018-11-21  Dan SmithEncapsulating Infrastructure in RemoteJVMFactory
2018-11-21  Dan SmithCleaning lib directory between runs
2018-11-21  Dan SmithAdding a small get benchmark.
2018-11-21  Dan SmithCleaning up benchmark output directory
2018-11-20  Brian RoweAdding new class to evaluate a test run against a baseline
2018-11-20  Dan SmithAdding LICENSE and NOTICE
2018-11-16  Dan SmithChanging the API for running the benchmarks
2018-11-15  Dan SmithMerge pull request #1 from upthewaterspout/feature...
2018-11-15  Sean GollerDisable strict host checking, when sshing into the...
2018-11-15  Sean GollerYAML is hard.
2018-11-15  Sean GollerFinish up travis support.
2018-11-15  Sean GollerSupport for building a docker image suitable for use...
2018-11-14  Brian RoweMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-14  Brian RoweAdding parser objects which know how to read in csv...
2018-11-14  Dan SmithCreating a separate benchmark gradle task
2018-11-14  Dan SmithAdding more unit tests of RemoteJVMFactory
2018-11-14  Dan SmithAdding a unit test for ChildJVM
2018-11-14  Dan SmithIncreasing test coverage with additional unit tests
2018-11-14  Dan SmithEncapsulating the details of the TestRunner
2018-11-14  Dan SmithRenaming *Manager to *Factory
2018-11-14  Dan SmithUpdating the javadocs for TestConfig
2018-11-14  Dan SmithEnabling Geode statistics for all members
2018-11-14  Dan SmithPreserving the order of nodes
2018-11-14  Dan SmithMoving the duration parameters to the TestConfig
2018-11-14  Dan SmithConverting static YardstickUtil to a class
2018-11-14  Dan SmithAdding license headers
2018-11-14  Dan SmithAdding rat
2018-11-14  Dan SmithRun on localhost if no TEST_HOSTS are specified
2018-11-14  Dan SmithAdding a travis.yml file
2018-11-14  Dan SmithMaking sure harness tests clean up
2018-11-14  Dan SmithAdding a README
2018-11-13  Brian RoweAdding more sensors to default benchmark run.
2018-11-13  Dan SmithChanging the PartitionedPutBenchmark to run for a longe...
2018-11-13  Dan SmithCopying files to nodes in parallel
2018-11-13  Dan SmithUsing a single instance of RandomFactory
2018-11-13  Dan SmithTurning on debug logging for sshj random number generation
2018-11-13  Dan SmithIncreasing the timeout to wait for workers to start
2018-11-13  Dan SmithLocator string needs to have just the hostname
2018-11-13  Dan SmithMore logging
2018-11-13  Dan SmithCleaning up class path copying
2018-11-12  Dan SmithLogging file copy commands
2018-11-12  Dan SmithCleaning up ChildJVM exit and output
2018-11-12  Dan SmithMaking sure ChildJVMs exit
2018-11-10  Dan SmithAdding a test runner to pass in host names as a parameter
2018-11-09  Dan SmithAdding a test of JVMManager
2018-11-09  Dan SmithRemoving jclouds
2018-11-09  Dan SmithAdding some log statements
2018-11-09  Dan SmithTesting SshInfraManager with real benchmark