2020-07-15  Jacob BarrettEnable long bench
2020-06-26  Sean GollerAdd liberica JDKs to image.
2020-06-08  Bill BurchamTLS SNI support via "withSniProxy" Option (#129)
2020-05-04  David BarnesBumping copyright year to 2020 rel/v1.13.0 rel/v1.13.0.RC1 rel/v1.13.1 rel/v1.13.1.RC1 rel/v1.13.1.RC2
2020-04-22  Anthony BakerGEODE-8006 Add .asf.yaml to control notifications
2020-04-21  Dan SmithEnabling logging for the geode-benchmarks (#128)
2020-01-22  Dan SmithGEODE-7716: Use gradlew that does not require a checked... dunitrunner-readme support/1.10 rel/v1.12.0 rel/v1.12.0.RC1 rel/v1.12.0.RC2 rel/v1.12.0.RC3 rel/v1.12.0.RC4
2020-01-22  Owen Nicholsupgrade gradle from 5.0 to 5.4 (#126)
2019-12-23  Helena Balesfix output dir motification (#124)
2019-12-18  Helena Balesinstall JDK11 on image and fix image script issue with...
2019-12-17  Jacob BarrettFixes exclude of LongBenchmarks
2019-12-13  Helena Balesexclude flaky LongBenchmarks from running in CI or...
2019-12-12  Helena BalesExclude failing NoopBenchmark (#121)
2019-12-11  Helena BalesGEODE-7554: Add retry mechanism for failed tests (...
2019-12-06  Helena BalesConfirm and retry AWS instance allocations. (#119)
2019-12-02  Helena Balesstabilize putall tests (#118)
2019-11-25  Helena Balesrewrite createSecurityGroup method in LaunchCluster...
2019-11-15  Helena Balesretry creating the security group (#116)
2019-10-25  Helena A. Balestemporarily exclude flaky tests
2019-10-24  Helena A. Balesexclude broken Noop test until it can be fixed
2019-10-22  Jacob BarrettUses full dedicated host and adds more configuration...
2019-10-16  Jacob BarrettFixes target resolution.
2019-10-15  Jacob BarrettAllow repository to by rsync'd from local host rather...
2019-09-30  Jacob BarrettAdds more command line configuration options. (#112)
2019-09-19  Jacob BarrettGet first host by array reference (#109)
2019-09-19  Jacob BarrettGet first host by array reference (#109)
2019-09-19  Jacob BarrettCreate dedicated hosts (#109)
2019-09-18  Jacob BarrettRevert "Create dedicated hosts (#109)"
2019-09-18  Jacob BarrettCreate dedicated hosts (#109)
2019-09-17  Jacob BarrettIgnore PartitionedFunctionExecutionBenchmark
2019-09-16  Jacob BarrettRevert "Create dedicated hosts (#109)"
2019-09-13  Kamilla AslamiCreate dedicated hosts (#109)
2019-09-13  Helena A. BalesRevert "Prevent too many keys being offered to ssh...
2019-09-12  Donal EvansPrevent too many keys being offered to ssh server ...
2019-09-12  Kamilla AslamiCheck that security group exists (#107)
2019-09-12  Kamilla AslamiAdd *LongBenchmark (#110)
2019-09-06  Kamilla AslamiEnabled PutAll benchmarks (#106)
2019-09-05  Kamilla AslamiStabilizes query benchmarks (#104)
2019-09-03  Kamilla AslamiFix hash map keys in PutAllTask (#105)
2019-08-27  Jacob BarrettStabilizes function benchmarks (#101)
2019-08-26  Donal EvansExpanding and clarifying readme files for using aws...
2019-08-21  Kamilla Aslami Fixed spotless configuration to support groovy and...
2019-08-19  Sean GollerRemove unattended upgrades so ubuntu doesn't try to...
2019-08-12  Jacob BarrettLower thread count for improved stability. (#98)
2019-07-25  Helena Balesdisable replicated and partitioned putAll benchmark...
2019-07-25  Kamilla AslamiAdded --baselineDir and branchDir options to analyze_te...
2019-07-22  Murtuza BoxwalaUser can run benchmarks with SecurityManager (#91)
2019-07-22  Murtuza BoxwalaGenerate a self-signed certificate for SSL (#90)
2019-07-17  Kamilla AslamiUser can run benchmarks with alternative JVM (#89)
2019-07-11  Kamilla AslamiAdd option to Gradle command to run benchmark with...
2019-07-05  Jacob BarrettFixes parallel task execution.
2019-07-02  Jacob BarrettAdds putAll benchmarks (#79)
2019-06-25  Kamilla AslamiSet membership timeout to be more resilient to benchmar...
2019-06-25  Kamilla AslamiAutomatically choose the new high watermark commit...
2019-06-21  Kamilla AslamiUpdated the to be clearer. (#85)
2019-06-12  Helena BalesMerge pull request #84 from mhansonp/ReadMeAddition
2019-05-31  Helena A. Balesdisable flaky PartitionedNonIndexedQueryBenchmark
2019-05-17  Mark HansonUpdating the to be clearer. 84/head
2019-05-15  mhansonpMinor changes to help message (#83)
2019-05-10  Sean GollerMake executable from anywhere. ...
2019-05-10  Sean GollerFix expire_clusters to actually do that. (#81)
2019-05-10  Helena BalesAdd expire_clusters script.
2019-04-29  Helena BalesMerge pull request #80 from balesh2/fixREADME
2019-04-29  Helena A. Balesfix readme for copy to cluster script 80/head
2019-04-26  Jacob BarrettDisable replicated query and function benchmarks.
2019-04-26  Jacob BarrettDisable partitioned query and function benchmarks.
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettDisable query again
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettSpotless
2019-04-24  Helena BalesMerge pull request #78 from moleske/moleske-patch-1
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettReduce threads on query benchmarks.
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettCleanup PDX objects.
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettRe-enable query benchmarks.
2019-04-23  M. OleskeRemove dead GCP link 78/head
2019-04-23  Jacob BarrettMove threads configuration.
2019-04-19  Jacob BarrettSpotless
2019-04-19  Jacob BarrettDisables function benchmarks.
2019-04-19  Jacob BarrettUse larger disk
2019-04-19  Jacob BarrettAlways reset geode repo.
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettDisable *IndexedQueryBenchmark
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettDisable *NonIndexedQueryBenchmark
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettAlways cleanup benchmark directory.
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettFixes install of geode artifacts.
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettFixes parameter parsing in AWS scripts.
2019-04-12  Helena BalesGEODE-6628: Increase thread count (#76)
2019-04-10  Sean GollerRAT fixes. (#75)
2019-04-09  Sean Gollerfind and destroy clusters that were started more than...
2019-04-09  Sean GollerFinish up unique identification of builds. (#73)
2019-03-22  Sean GollerMetadata generation tweaks and database submission...
2019-03-20  Helena BalesMerge pull request #71 from balesh2/updateREADME
2019-03-20  Helena A. Balesadd info on path to profiler 71/head
2019-03-20  Helena A. Balesupdate profiling instructions in the readme
2019-03-14  Helena BalesMerge pull request #70 from balesh2/updateREADME
2019-03-12  Helena A. Balesupdate the readme with instructions for profiling 70/head
2019-03-12  Sean GollerAdd build_identifier.
2019-03-12  Helena BalesGEODE-6458: add profiler argument support (#65)
2019-03-12  Darrel SchneiderMerge pull request #68 from apache/feature/GEODE-6508
2019-03-11  Helena BalesMerge pull request #69 from balesh2/GEODE-6510
2019-03-11  Helena A. BalesGEODE-6510: update scripts to use new key location 69/head
2019-03-11  Darrel SchneiderGEODE-6508: update aws 68/head
2019-03-11  Helena BalesGEODE-6502: update README (#67)