2019-06-21  Kamilla AslamiUpdated the to be clearer. (#85)
2019-06-12  Helena BalesMerge pull request #84 from mhansonp/ReadMeAddition
2019-05-31  Helena A. Balesdisable flaky PartitionedNonIndexedQueryBenchmark
2019-05-17  Mark HansonUpdating the to be clearer. 84/head
2019-05-15  mhansonpMinor changes to help message (#83)
2019-05-10  Sean GollerMake executable from anywhere. ...
2019-05-10  Sean GollerFix expire_clusters to actually do that. (#81)
2019-05-10  Helena BalesAdd expire_clusters script.
2019-04-29  Helena BalesMerge pull request #80 from balesh2/fixREADME
2019-04-29  Helena A. Balesfix readme for copy to cluster script 80/head
2019-04-26  Jacob BarrettDisable replicated query and function benchmarks.
2019-04-26  Jacob BarrettDisable partitioned query and function benchmarks.
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettDisable query again
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettSpotless
2019-04-24  Helena BalesMerge pull request #78 from moleske/moleske-patch-1
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettReduce threads on query benchmarks.
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettCleanup PDX objects.
2019-04-24  Jacob BarrettRe-enable query benchmarks.
2019-04-23  M. OleskeRemove dead GCP link 78/head
2019-04-23  Jacob BarrettMove threads configuration.
2019-04-19  Jacob BarrettSpotless
2019-04-19  Jacob BarrettDisables function benchmarks.
2019-04-19  Jacob BarrettUse larger disk
2019-04-19  Jacob BarrettAlways reset geode repo.
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettDisable *IndexedQueryBenchmark
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettDisable *NonIndexedQueryBenchmark
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettAlways cleanup benchmark directory.
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettFixes install of geode artifacts.
2019-04-18  Jacob BarrettFixes parameter parsing in AWS scripts.
2019-04-12  Helena BalesGEODE-6628: Increase thread count (#76)
2019-04-10  Sean GollerRAT fixes. (#75)
2019-04-09  Sean Gollerfind and destroy clusters that were started more than...
2019-04-09  Sean GollerFinish up unique identification of builds. (#73)
2019-03-22  Sean GollerMetadata generation tweaks and database submission...
2019-03-20  Helena BalesMerge pull request #71 from balesh2/updateREADME
2019-03-20  Helena A. Balesadd info on path to profiler 71/head
2019-03-20  Helena A. Balesupdate profiling instructions in the readme
2019-03-14  Helena BalesMerge pull request #70 from balesh2/updateREADME
2019-03-12  Helena A. Balesupdate the readme with instructions for profiling 70/head
2019-03-12  Sean GollerAdd build_identifier.
2019-03-12  Helena BalesGEODE-6458: add profiler argument support (#65)
2019-03-12  Darrel SchneiderMerge pull request #68 from apache/feature/GEODE-6508
2019-03-11  Helena BalesMerge pull request #69 from balesh2/GEODE-6510
2019-03-11  Helena A. BalesGEODE-6510: update scripts to use new key location 69/head
2019-03-11  Darrel SchneiderGEODE-6508: update aws 68/head
2019-03-11  Helena BalesGEODE-6502: update README (#67)
2019-03-11  Helena BalesGEODE-6480: break so that options are passed on (#66)
2019-03-08  Helena A. BalesGEODE-6502: update README 67/head
2019-03-08  Helena BalesGEODE-6479: add username to aws keypair prefix (#62)
2019-03-07  Sean GollerAdd python script to submit database results. (#64)
2019-03-06  Helena BalesGEODE-6480: Just Do It Day: Use long cli options (#63)
2019-03-01  Sean GollerChange bash tests to double brackets and fix baseline...
2019-03-01  Sean GollerClean up metadata generation. Add all test names to...
2019-02-28  Jacob BarrettAdds copy to cluster script
2019-02-27  Sean GollerFix metadata (#59)
2019-02-27  Sean GollerFix ssh options for running tests. (#58)
2019-02-27  Sean GollerRefactor metadata production and management. (#57)
2019-02-27  Jacob BarrettGEODE-6411: Fixes baseline version option.
2019-02-25  Nabarun NagGEODE-6444: Store GC logs in files (#56)
2019-02-21  Jacob BarrettGEODE-6411: Fixes version/branch logic.
2019-02-20  Jacob BarrettGEODE-6411: Fixes help
2019-02-20  Jacob BarrettGEODE-6411: Fixes quoting
2019-02-20  Jacob BarrettGEODE-6411: Allow alternative repo (#55)
2019-02-15  Helena BalesGEODE-6394: set pool idle-timeout to be infinite (#54)
2019-02-13  Sean GollerExclude PartitionedIndexedQueryBenchmark. (#53)
2019-02-12  Helena A. BalesExclude tests of Functions
2019-02-11  Sean Gollerset -e so errors aren't masked. (#52)
2019-02-11  nabarunnagGEODE-6340: Missing quotes in bash script.
2019-02-11  Helena BalesGEODE-6340: add optional metadata to benchmark run...
2019-02-08  Nabarun NagGEODE-6332: Add function execution benchmarks (#51)
2019-01-23  Nabarun NagGEODE-6311: Adding the OQL benchmarks (#49)
2019-01-18  Nabarun NagGEODE-6299: Create hgrm files from hlog (#48)
2019-01-18  Sean GollerAdjust getopt parameters and fix git checkout method...
2019-01-18  Sean GollerAdd debugging because reasons. (#46)
2019-01-17  Sean GollerFix defaults and dependencies. (#45)
2019-01-17  Sean GollerAdd ability to fetch dependencies. (#44)
2019-01-17  Sean GollerGEODE-6147 - Fail benchmark task if average latency...
2019-01-17  Sean GollerMerge pull request #42 from balesh2/GEODE-6276
2019-01-16  Helena A. BalesGEODE-6276: use named cli options for scripts 42/head
2019-01-15  Helena BalesGEODE-6275: Fail Benchmark job when build fails (#41)
2019-01-14  Sai BoorlagaddaAdd public key to authorized_keys on localhost (#39)
2019-01-14  Sean GollerGEODE-6134 - Add analysis after running a benchmark...
2019-01-11  Sean GollerMerge pull request #38 from apache/aws-script-update
2019-01-10  Helena A. BalesUpdate script for running tests on AWS 38/head
2019-01-10  nabarunnagAdded information about ssh key-pairs in
2019-01-09  Nabarun NagChanging the test parameters (#37)
2019-01-09  nabarunIncreasing the the JVM size to 8G
2019-01-08  Sean GollerMerge pull request #36 from smgoller/develop
2019-01-08  Jacob BarrettFix credentials management. 36/head
2019-01-08  Sean GollerMerge pull request #35 from smgoller/develop
2019-01-08  Sean GollerFixes for grub and TCP syn cookies. 35/head
2019-01-04  Dan SmithFixing typo in aws configuration instructions
2019-01-04  Helena Balesupdate script parameters in readme (#34)
2019-01-03  Dan SmithAdding additional metrics of standard error
2019-01-03  Sean GollerUse a dedicated separate profile to work with AWS....
2019-01-03  Nabarun NagGEODE-6243: New method to get number of members. (#33)
2018-12-23  nabarunnagGEODE-6135: spotless fix for the initial commit.
2018-12-22  Sean GollerGEODE-6135 - Changes to support running in CI. 32/head
2018-12-21  Brian RoweGEODE-6233: Use a new hash-map for each PutAll batch...
2018-12-20  Nabarun NagUsing the dependencies from the local maven repo. ...