descriptionApache Geode Benchmarks
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 5 May 2022 22:23:54 +0000 (15:23 -0700)
2022-05-05  Dan SmithGEODE-10278: Remove the geode-for-redis benchmarks develop
2022-04-06  Dan SmithGEODE-10126: Use system properties to configure redis
2022-03-18  Dick CavenderGEODE-10101: Update benchmark baseline
2022-03-17  Owen NicholsGEODE-10089: set version number to 1.15 to correspond...
2022-03-10  Eric ZoernerGEODE-10080: Upgrade jedis to 4.1.1 (#165)
2022-03-05  Jacob BarrettFixes negative index. (#164)
2022-02-18  Jens DeppeFix Jedis version to the version defined by benchmarks
2022-02-04  Eric ZoernerGeode for Redis PubSub Benchmarks (#162)
2022-01-26  Dick Cavenderupdate default benchmark baseline on develop
2021-12-15  Owen Nicholsupdate default benchmark baseline on develop
2021-12-11  Owen Nicholsupdate default benchmark baseline on develop
2021-11-30  Jens DeppeRevert "GEODE-9862: protect from jgit6.0.0 when buildin...
2021-11-30  Sean GollerGEODE-9862: protect from jgit6.0.0 when building older...
2021-11-05  Eric ZoernerGEODE-9291: Add benchmark for Zrem (#160)
2021-11-04  Owen NicholsGEODE-9796: workaround for cgroups issue
2021-10-29  Eric ZoernerGEODE-9291 sorted set benchmarks - more benchmarks...
2 months ago rel/v1.14.4 Apache Geode v1.14.4 release
2 months ago rel/v1.13.8 Apache Geode v1.13.8 release
2 months ago rel/v1.12.9 Apache Geode v1.12.9 release
2 months ago rel/v1.14.4.RC1 Release candidate 1.14.4.RC1
2 months ago rel/v1.13.8.RC1 Release candidate 1.13.8.RC1
2 months ago rel/v1.12.9.RC1 Release candidate 1.12.9.RC1
3 months ago rel/v1.14.3 Apache Geode v1.14.3 release
3 months ago rel/v1.13.7 Apache Geode v1.13.7 release
4 months ago rel/v1.12.8 Apache Geode v1.12.8 release
4 months ago rel/v1.14.3.RC1 Release candidate 1.14.3.RC1
4 months ago rel/v1.13.7.RC1 Release candidate 1.13.7.RC1
4 months ago rel/v1.12.8.RC1 Release candidate 1.12.8.RC1
5 months ago rel/v1.14.2 Apache Geode v1.14.2 release
5 months ago rel/v1.13.6 Apache Geode v1.13.6 release
5 months ago rel/v1.12.7 Apache Geode v1.12.7 release
5 months ago rel/v1.14.2.RC1 Release candidate 1.14.2.RC1
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12 days ago support/1.15
2 weeks ago develop
2 months ago support/1.14
2 months ago master
2 months ago support/1.13
2 months ago support/1.12
3 months ago support/1.15.old
6 months ago debug-netty-latest
13 months ago feature/redis-performance-testing
21 months ago feature/GEODE-7665
23 months ago tune-proxy-haproxy
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