2021-05-27  Mike MartellAdd x64 platform
2021-05-27  Mike MartellDerive SessionStateCache from GeodeNativeObject
2021-05-26  Blake BenderUpdate to get in sync with recent changes in native
2020-05-18  Mike MartellSimplify project and path names
2020-05-12  Mike MartellCleanup folder structure
2020-05-11  Mike MartellRename project dependencies for web app
2020-05-11  Mike MartellRemove CloudFoundry from web app for now.
2020-05-11  Mike MartellRename projects
2020-05-07  Mike MartellInitial commit (moving from private repo to Apache) master
2020-04-22  Blake BenderFix *another* typo/cut/paste issue
2020-04-22  Blake BenderFix copy/paste issue from last commit
2020-04-22  Blake BenderDisable merge commits in repo
2020-04-22  Anthony BakerAdded LICENSE and NOTICE