2018-06-20  Dave BarnesRevert "Adding a CQ Example (#58)" (#60) master
2018-06-20  Addison HuddyAdding a CQ Example (#58) 61/head
2018-06-19  Jianxia ChenMerge pull request #59 from pjohnspivot/patch-1
2018-06-18  pjohnspivotFixed typo 59/head
2018-05-02  Mike StolzMerge branch 'release/1.6.0'
2018-04-25  Mike StolzAdding Mikes keys and changing version to 1.6.0 rel/v1.6.0 rel/v1.6.0.RC1
2018-04-06  Swapnil BawaskarMerge branch 'release/1.5.0'
2018-03-21  Anthony BakerGEODE-4903 Remove md5 checksums
2018-03-08  Patrick RhombergGEODE-4666: use single-bracket comparisons
2018-03-06  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-4233: Add an example for transactions. (#51)
2018-03-03  Swapnil Bawaskarrev version since release branch for 1.5.0 has been...
2018-03-03  Swapnil Bawaskarupdated version in preparation of the release rel/v1.5.0 rel/v1.5.0.RC1 rel/v1.5.0.RC2
2018-03-03  Patrick RhombergRevert "Let's get some sloppy print messages." 54/head
2018-03-03  Patrick RhombergLet's get some sloppy print messages.
2018-03-03  Patrick RhombergThe fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in...
2018-03-03  Patrick RhombergLet's go crazy and give it two minutes...
2018-03-02  Patrick RhombergReturn to less verbose. Bump the timeout to see if...
2018-03-02  Patrick RhombergMore poking Travis.
2018-03-02  Patrick RhombergUse single-bracket comparison instead of double-bracket...
2018-02-15  Patrick RhombergGEODE-4666: Ensure a clean working environment for...
2018-02-15  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-4646: Add build-specific instructions. (#49)
2018-02-15  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-4440: Create an example that demonstrates OQL...
2018-02-08  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-4253: Add an example for expiration. (#44)
2018-02-08  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-4428: Fix links for queries and Lucene. (#47)
2018-02-01  Swapnil BawaskarMerge branch 'release/1.4.0'
2018-01-29  Sai BoorlagaddaGEODE-3868: Client security example should use SSL
2018-01-11  SargeGEODE-4119: Add an example of eviction.
2018-01-11  SargeGEODE-4119: Add an example of eviction.
2018-01-05  Dan SmithUpdating version of geode to 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT
2018-01-05  Swapnil Bawaskarupdated version in preparation for the release rel/v1.4.0 rel/v1.4.0.RC1 rel/v1.4.0.RC2
2018-01-03  SargeGEODE-4153: Rename org.apache.geode.examples to org...
2017-11-30  Ryan McMahonFixing quickstart link (#37)
2017-10-30  Dan SmithGEODE-3907: Adding an example of lucene spatial querying
2017-10-30  Swapnil BawaskarMerge branch 'release/1.3.0' into develop
2017-10-30  Swapnil BawaskarMerge branch 'release/1.3.0'
2017-10-30  Swapnil BawaskarSince this commit was not part of any release, I am...
2017-10-27  Dan SmithRemoving calls to destroy region in scripts (#36)
2017-10-26  zhouxhGEODE-3789: rename a test data class and fix some typos...
2017-10-26  Karen MillerGEODE-3195 Add querying example to the geode-examples...
2017-10-26  Dan SmithOnly apply the java plugin to subprojects (#32)
2017-10-26  Xiaojian ZhouMerge pull request #34 from apache/feature/GEODE-3789
2017-10-26  zhouxhGEODE-3789: add example for search on nested object 34/head
2017-10-23  Jacob BarrettRemoves native examples.
2017-10-23  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-3893: Replace mocks utility class for all example...
2017-10-23  Dan SmithGEODE-3888: Adding queries with the java API to the...
2017-10-23  Dan SmithUse the geode nightly snapshots for the develop branch
2017-10-23  Dan SmithCleaning up the loader example by removing Consumer...
2017-10-23  Dan SmithGEODE-3887: Cleaning up cache listener example (#27)
2017-10-23  SargeGEODE-3884: Replace consumer with direct invocation...
2017-10-20  Dan SmithFixing types in native client example READMEs.
2017-10-19  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-3724: Add a new geode-example about and async...
2017-10-19  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-3711: Add an example of a cache listener. (#20)
2017-10-19  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-3691: Add an example of a cache writer. (#19)
2017-10-19  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-3650: Add an example of a persistent region....
2017-10-19  Michael "Sarge... GEODE-3440: Add example for function execution. (#14)
2017-10-19  Dan SmithMoving geode version back to 1.2.1
2017-10-19  Jacob BarrettAdds AuthInitialize example.
2017-10-19  Jacob BarrettAdds initial example for Geode Native .NET client.
2017-10-19  Jacob BarrettAdds initial example for Geode Native .NET client.
2017-10-18  Swapnil Bawaskarbump version
2017-10-18  Swapnil Bawaskar- removing SNAPSHOT from release version rel/v1.3.0 rel/v1.3.0.RC3 rel/v1.3.0.RC4
2017-10-16  Alexander MurmannChanges to Readmes
2017-10-02  Patrick RhombergGEODE-2988: Add a client-side security example. (#17)
2017-09-20  Anthony BakerMerge branch 'release/1.2.1' into develop
2017-09-20  Anthony BakerMerge branch 'release/1.2.1'
2017-09-05  SargeImprove the README.
2017-09-05  SargeGEODE-3428: Add example of putting multiple values...
2017-07-20  Dan SmithGEODE-3199: Make signing with a gpg key optional rel/v1.2.1 rel/v1.2.1.RC1 rel/v1.2.1.RC2 rel/v1.2.1.RC3 rel/v1.2.1.RC4
2017-07-19  Dan SmithGEODE-3199: Make signing with a gpg key optional
2017-07-19  Anthony BakerGEODE-3233 Prefix distribution files with apache-
2017-07-19  Dan SmithGEODE-3196: Fixing the format of the .md5 and .sha256...
2017-07-19  Anthony Bakerbump version
2017-07-19  Anthony BakerGEODE-3233 Prefix distribution files with apache-
2017-07-17  Diane HardmanGEODE-3202 Adding new lucene example.
2017-07-15  Anthony BakerMerge branch 'release/1.2.0' into develop
2017-07-12  Dan SmithGEODE-3196: Fixing the format of the .md5 and .sha256... 7/head
2017-06-17  Anthony Bakerbump version
2017-06-17  Anthony Bakerbump version rel/v1.2.0 rel/v1.2.0.RC1 rel/v1.2.0.RC2
2017-05-10  Anthony BakerGEODE-2831 Parameterize build for release verification
2017-05-09  Anthony BakerGEODE-2831 Fix typo 4/head
2017-05-09  Anthony BakerGEODE-2831 Update examples to clarify steps to follow
2017-04-28  Anthony BakerGEODE-2831 Add cache loader example
2017-04-26  Anthony BakerGEODE-2831: Improve geode examples
2017-03-31  Karen MillerMerge branch 'feature/GEODE-2231' into develop
2017-03-31  Karen MillerGEODE-2231 tweak partitioned geode-examples per reviews 3/head
2017-03-20  Karen MillerGEODE-2231 Revise partitioning example
2017-03-14  Anthony BakerGEODE-2303 Add eccn text to
2017-02-23  Karen MillerGEODE-2231 A partitioned region example
2017-02-09  Anthony BakerUpdate version to match geode
2017-02-09  Anthony BakerUpdate README badges
2017-01-19  Anthony BakerGEODE-2318 Add ASF header
2017-01-19  Anthony BakerGEODE-2318 Add travis-ci badge to
2017-01-19  Anthony BakerGEODE-2318 Add
2017-01-18  Anthony BakerGEODE-2318 Add travis configuration 2/head
2017-01-18  Anthony BakerGEODE-2318 Update build script
2017-01-18  Anthony BakerGEODE-2318 Clean up rat excludes
2017-01-18  Anthony BakerGEODE-2318 Update gradle wrapper
2017-01-17  Anthony BakerAdd license and notice files
2017-01-06  Karen MillerGEODE-2260: Revise geode-examples to be in their own... 1/head
2016-12-30  Karen MillerGEODE-2260 Add content from develop branch of Geode...