2022-03-01  Dan SmithGEODE-9925: Add LICENSE and NOTICE for binary (#18) master
2021-12-14  Nabarun NagUpgrade dependencies (#17)
2021-01-15  Ashish ChoudharyCorrecting grammar of the connector description (#13)
2020-12-05  M. OleskeAdd a CI (#9)
2020-11-30  Ashish ChoudharyCorrecting Kafka spelling (#4)
2020-04-22  Anthony BakerGEODE-8006 Add .asf.yaml to control notifications
2020-04-08  Jason HuynhAdded information about --max-message-count and increas...
2020-04-03  Nabarun NagCode improvements:
2020-04-01  Jason HuynhAdded additional info logging if queue is full
2020-03-04  Naburun NagDebug logging added
2020-03-03  Naburun NagAdded some logging statements.
2020-03-03  Naburun NagAdding recommenders
2020-03-03  Naburun NagAdded validator and replaced use of booleans with enum
2020-03-03  Naburun NagAdding the version text file.
2020-03-03  Naburun NagAdding the versioning system for the connector.
2020-03-03  Naburun NagUsing ConnectException
2020-03-03  Naburun NagApache-rat integration.
2020-03-02  Naburun NagSpotless enabled
2020-03-02  Naburun NagChanging the Config definitions to include group, order...
2020-03-02  Jason Huynhmoved cache creation errors to GeodeContext
2020-02-27  nabarunnagRemoving gradle artifacts.
2020-02-26  Naburun NagMoved all string contansts to separate variables and...
2020-02-26  Naburun NagAdding the configuration changes as per spec
2020-02-25  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-25  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-25  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-25  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-25  Naburun NagFixed the logo file
2020-02-25  Naburun NagChanging the project to a maven project
2020-02-22  Jason Huynhfixing path on default security auth init
2020-02-21  Donal EvansAdded JsonPdxConverter (#2)
2020-02-20  Jason HuynhAdding licensing header to fix rat issue
2020-02-19  Naburun NagRemoved javadoc issues
2020-02-19  Naburun NagRemoval of unused variables
2020-02-19  Naburun NagStatic analyzer performance improvements.
2020-02-19  Naburun NagregEx improvements.
2020-02-19  Naburun NagImproved the regEx statements.
2020-02-19  Naburun NagFixed spelling mistakes
2020-02-19  Naburun NagStatic analyzer changes
2020-02-19  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-19  Naburun NagConverting global variables to local
2020-02-19  Nabarun Naggeode-dunit dependency added and naming changes
2020-02-14  Jason HuynhAdded SystemPropertyAuthInit Test
2020-02-13  Jason HuynhAll configurable parameters are now using '-' as delimi...
2020-02-11  Jason HuynhModified initial results to consume the correct type
2020-02-11  Jason Huynhmodified package of default system property auth init
2020-02-11  Jason HuynhModified to use ConfigDef and default values
2020-02-10  Naburun NagRenaming the package name to org.apache.geode.kafka
2020-02-07  Jason HuynhAdding sample property files
2020-02-07  Jason HuynhAdding an AuthInitialize, just for example and readme...
2020-02-06  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-06  Jason HuynhAdded shadowJar task. To build uber jar just run ...
2020-02-06  Naburun NagAddition of rat and spolessApply
2020-02-06  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-04  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-04  Jason HuynhConfigurable shared event buffer
2020-02-04  Jason HuynhFixed bug where tasks were sharing the same props
2020-02-01  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-01  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-01  Jason HuynhRemoved system outs
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhAdded license headers to source and test files
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhAdded info to readme
2020-01-30  Jason HuynhSeperated out Configuration into source and sink where...
2020-01-30  Naburun NagAdding the idea folder to gitignore
2020-01-30  Jason HuynhAdding missing classes
2020-01-30  Jason HuynhReworked region to topic and topic to region parsing
2020-01-28  Jason HuynhSplit regions and topics per task.
2020-01-25  Jason HuynhAdded loading entire region through initial results
2020-01-24  Jason Huynhend to end tests use unique topic/regions, incase of...
2020-01-23  Jason HuynhAdded sink task and sink class
2020-01-23  Naburun NagAdding a git ignore file
2020-01-23  Jason Huynhadded logger to classes
2020-01-23  Jason HuynhAdded GeodeContext (for reals this time)
2020-01-23  Jason HuynhAdded GeodeContext to handle cache related operations
2020-01-23  Jason HuynhChanged all config to lower case
2020-01-23  Jason Huynhadded missing files
2020-01-23  Jason Huynhend to end test "passes" Not sure why we dont get...
2020-01-17  Jason Huynhgeode as source to kafka hack test successful
2020-01-16  Jason HuynhWorker and herder added
2020-01-15  Jason Huynhadded log4j and able to stand up geode/kafka/zookeeper
2020-01-15  Jason HuynhFirst cut of source and source task
2019-11-06  Jason HuynhInitial commit