2020-02-04  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-04  Jason HuynhConfigurable shared event buffer
2020-02-04  Jason HuynhFixed bug where tasks were sharing the same props
2020-02-01  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-01  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-02-01  Jason HuynhRemoved system outs
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhAdded license headers to source and test files
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhUpdate
2020-01-31  Jason HuynhAdded info to readme
2020-01-30  Jason HuynhSeperated out Configuration into source and sink where...
2020-01-30  Naburun NagAdding the idea folder to gitignore
2020-01-30  Jason HuynhAdding missing classes
2020-01-30  Jason HuynhReworked region to topic and topic to region parsing
2020-01-28  Jason HuynhSplit regions and topics per task.
2020-01-25  Jason HuynhAdded loading entire region through initial results
2020-01-24  Jason Huynhend to end tests use unique topic/regions, incase of...
2020-01-23  Jason HuynhAdded sink task and sink class
2020-01-23  Naburun NagAdding a git ignore file
2020-01-23  Jason Huynhadded logger to classes
2020-01-23  Jason HuynhAdded GeodeContext (for reals this time)
2020-01-23  Jason HuynhAdded GeodeContext to handle cache related operations
2020-01-23  Jason HuynhChanged all config to lower case
2020-01-23  Jason Huynhadded missing files
2020-01-23  Jason Huynhend to end test "passes" Not sure why we dont get...
2020-01-17  Jason Huynhgeode as source to kafka hack test successful
2020-01-16  Jason HuynhWorker and herder added
2020-01-15  Jason Huynhadded log4j and able to stand up geode/kafka/zookeeper
2020-01-15  Jason HuynhFirst cut of source and source task
2019-11-06  Jason HuynhInitial commit