GEODE-10382: Fix Windows build in CI pipeline (#975)
[geode-native.git] /
2021-08-25  Jacob BarrettDisables LTO on RHEL-8 (#855)
2021-03-02  Jacob BarrettUpdates, and
2021-02-19  Michael MartellGEODE-8949: Create a new CI pipeline (#746)
2020-09-02  M. OleskeAdd note that docker compose is needed (#643)
2020-08-21  M. OleskeAdd notes about docker requirement (#636)
2019-12-26  David typo fix
2019-12-05  Blake BenderGEODE-7520: Add convenient target to clangformat everyt...
2019-11-25  Michael MartellGEODE-7490: Support Visual Studio 2019 (#554)
2019-11-19  Alberto Bustamante... GEODE-6312: Missing prerequisite in (#551)
2019-11-14  Alberto Bustamante... Add note about BasicIPv6Test (#549)
2019-09-11  Dave Doxygen version correction + typo repair
2019-09-11  M. OleskeMerge pull request #514 from charliemblack/develop
2019-09-06  Charlie BlackUpdate the build instructions for Mac 514/head
2019-04-12  Dave BarnesGEODE-6635: Native Client API docs: Use a 3-part versio...
2019-04-11  Sai BoorlagaddaAdd an instruction to pass OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR (#473) rel/v1.9.0.RC1 rel/v1.9.0.RC2 rel/v1.9.0.RC3
2019-04-10  Dave BarnesUpdate build instructions for v1.9
2019-03-29  Dave BarnesGEODE-6210: Native Client User Guide - document transac...
2019-03-29  Jacob BarrettGEODE-6568: Use OpenSSL from local install (#465)
2018-12-12  Alexander MurmannMerge branch 'release/1.8' into develop
2018-11-09  Michael MartellMake 3.12 the minumum cmake version. (#399)
2018-09-12  M. OleskeFix extra console in BUILDING for rendering
2018-09-10  Jacob Barrett GEODE-5691: Fix using namespace violations (#346)
2018-07-06  Michael MartellGEODE-5381: Fixed variable name for code coverage in...
2018-05-25  Jacob BarrettGEODE-5209: Adds coverage to clang compilers. (#302)
2018-05-25  Ryan McMahonGEODE-5209: Added coverage instructions to BUILDING...
2018-04-26  Dave BarnesGEODE-4728: Docs - fix a format problem in BUILDING...
2018-04-11  Michael MartellGEODE-4637: Allow only GEODE_HOME, remove GEODE (#268)
2018-04-10  Dave Barnescopied cmake install instruction to an earlier spot...
2018-03-16  Jacob Barrett GEODE-4850: Update minimum CMake version to 3.10 ...
2018-03-15  Jacob BarrettUpdate
2018-02-26  Jacob BarrettUpdate generator suggestions.
2018-02-23  Jacob BarrettAdded CLion to list of optional tools for MacOS
2018-02-15  Ryan McMahon[DOC] Created and linked to dependency script
2018-02-15  Ryan McMahon[DOC] Adding missing dependencies
2018-01-11  Ivan GodwinGEODE-4171: Updating out-of-date content (#186)
2018-01-11  Ivan GodwinGEODE-4171: Putting in changes to fix and clarify the...
2017-12-06  Jacob BarrettUpdated with latest build requirements.
2017-06-22  Jacob BarrettGEODE-2602: Fixes C++11 issues.
2017-03-29  Karen MillerMerge branch 'feature/GEODE-2513-16' into develop
2017-03-29  Dave BarnesGEODE-2513 Unbranding docs: QuickStart examples
2017-03-17  Dave BarnesMerge commit '2ec263b7f7155af6fea2fa977ce957e09971d222...
2017-03-17  Dave BarnesGEODE-2521 geode native docs: update Windows requirements 60/head
2017-03-17  Dave BarnesGEODE-2521 geode native docs: Document installation...
2017-02-23  SargeGEODE-2480: Correct the version of CMake.
2017-02-14  Anthony BakerMerge branch 'feature/GEODE-1964' into develop
2017-01-18  SargeGEODE-2306: Extract generator, Geode, and installation...
2017-01-18  SargeGEODE-2306: Moved to the root.