GEODE-10382: Fix Windows build in CI pipeline (#975)
[geode-native.git] / ci /
2022-04-06  Blake BenderUbuntu build break fix, 2nd attempt (#953)
2022-04-05  Blake BenderFix Ubuntu build break due to cmake upgrade (#952)
2022-03-30  Michael MartellGEODE-10058: Remove netcore and cbindings (#950)
2021-11-02  Jacob BarrettGEODE-9741: Pass full toolkit version to external build...
2021-10-26  Michael MartellGEODE-9741: Use v142 Toolchain in Visual Studio 2019...
2021-10-25  Owen Nicholsmake sure geode version matches from start to fan-in...
2021-10-01  Owen NicholsAdd a fan-in job and print out the properties of the... 868/head
2021-09-22  Blake BenderGEODE-9549: enable netcore tests in CI (#867)
2021-08-25  Jacob BarrettFixes disable of LTO on RHEL8. (#858)
2021-08-25  Jacob BarrettDisables LTO on RHEL-8 (#855)
2021-08-18  Jacob BarrettGEODE-9356: Disabled netcore-tests until working.
2021-08-18  Jacob BarrettGEODE-9356: Fixes test path.
2021-08-18  Matthew ReddingtonGEODE-9356: Making netcore-tests run on Windows and...
2021-08-17  Jacob BarrettGEODE-9510: Disabled automatic/background updates....
2021-08-17  Blake BenderRevert "GEODE-9501: Works with toolset Microsoft v142...
2021-08-16  Michael MartellGEODE-9501: Works with toolset Microsoft v142 (#841)
2021-08-16  Matthew ReddingtonGEODE-9356: Adding NetCore and testing to the CI. ...
2021-06-09  Blake BenderReduce parallelism in integration tests to 4 (#819)
2021-06-03  Blake BenderUpdate clang tools version in CI (#817)
2021-04-29  Mario Salazar de... GEODE-9212: Fix docker build (#795)
2021-03-16  Robert HoughtonMerge pull request #767 from rhoughton-pivot/non-source...
2021-03-16  Robert HoughtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into... 767/head
2021-03-16  Robert Houghtonpossibly fix bad close-quote on template expansion
2021-03-15  Robert Houghtonnon-source bypass works
2021-03-11  Robert Houghtonci change: isolate upload-build-test tasks into a 'do'
2021-03-05  Mike MartellGEODE-8949: Disable Merge until CI green
2021-03-02  Jacob BarrettGEODE-8949: Versioning improvements (#754)
2021-02-26  Blake BenderRemove debugging statements
2021-02-26  Blake BenderFix regex in set-pipeline script
2021-02-26  Mike MartellMake check-source and update-pipeline jobs public
2021-02-26  Mike MartellMake jobs detail public
2021-02-25  Jacob BarrettGEODE-8949: Restores reduced parallelism on legacy...
2021-02-24  Jacob BarrettGEODE-8949: Improves test stability (#750)
2021-02-19  Michael MartellGEODE-8949: Create a new CI pipeline (#746)