GEODE-10382: Fix Windows build in CI pipeline (#975)
[geode-native.git] / dist /
2021-02-12  Owen NicholsBumping copyright year to 2021
2019-07-08  Blake BenderGEODE-6914: Replace libxml with xerces-c in CacheXmlPar...
2017-03-08  David KimuraGEODE-2441: Remove leftover pdx auto serializer references
2017-02-14  Anthony BakerMerge branch 'feature/GEODE-1964' into develop
2017-02-03  Anthony BakerGEODE-1435: Update license text
2017-02-03  Jacob BarrettGEODE-1435: Correct licensing on ANTLR files.
2017-02-03  Jacob BarrettGEODE-1435: Adds binary distribution licensing.