2021-07-28  Alberto Bustamante... GEODE-6402: Create DOAP file for Geode 10/head
2021-06-21  Dave BarnesUpdate for Geode 1.13.3
2021-04-16  Dave BarnesUpdate for 1.12.2 patch release
2021-03-29  Dave BarnesDocs page: open geode native apidocs with hierarchy...
2021-03-12  Dave BarnesUpdate for 1.13.2
2021-02-26  Dave BarnesUpdate for 1.12.1
2020-12-09  Dave BarnesUpdate README file with docs redirect info
2020-12-08  Dave BarnesModify geode-native api doc redirects
2020-12-08  Dave BarnesUpdate .htaccess to Geode 1.13, add geode-native doc...
2020-11-18  Dave BarnesUpdate for 1.13.1
2020-09-08  Dave BarnesUpdate for v1.13
2020-04-22  Anthony BakerGEODE-8006 Add .asf.yaml to control notifications
2020-03-31  David BarnesUpdate for v1.12
2020-03-05  David BarnesGEODE-7849: change release urls from
2019-12-31  David BarnesUpdate Docs page for 1.11 release: drop 1.7 from page
2019-12-31  David BarnesUpdate Releases page for 1.11 release: point 1.9.2...
2019-12-27  David BarnesUpdate for v1.11
2019-12-03  David BarnesChange case of logo filename
2019-11-14  David BarnesAdd improved Geode Logo (non-pixelated TM symbol)
2019-10-28  Dave BarnesUpdate .htaccess for v1.10
2019-10-28  Dave BarnesUpdate .htaccess for v10.0
2019-10-24  Dave BarnesUpdate for Geode 1.9.2
2019-09-26  Dave BarnesUpdate links to 1.10 user guide & native client guide
2019-09-26  Dave BarnesUpdate for Geode 1.10.0 release
2019-09-06  Dave BarnesExpose banner logo on homepage, as it is, already,...
2019-09-06  Dave BarnesUse openjdk for travis checks
2019-09-05  Dave BarnesUpdate the README file
2019-09-05  Dave BarnesUpdate for Geode 1.9.1
2019-05-01  Dave BarnesUpdate the bullet point regarding available clients...
2019-04-26  Dave Barnes"releases" page - update links to reflect up-to-date...
2019-04-25  Dave BarnesGeode 1.9: fix a broken link on the Releases page....
2019-04-24  Dave BarnesAdded a tip the README file regarding the need for...
2019-04-24  Dave BarnesRemove NC API redirects from .htaccess - they caused...
2019-04-24  Dave BarnesRepair broken link to NC sources on the Releases page
2019-04-23  Dave BarnesUpdate for Geode 1.9: Releases page
2019-04-15  Dave BarnesUpdate for Geode 1.9 release: Docs index.html page...
2019-03-05  Dave BarnesGeode Native client user guide: provide redirects for...
2019-01-15  Dave BarnesGEODE-6256: Fix links from client user guide to server...
2018-12-18  Dave BarnesGEODE-6213 Redirect to https://geode...
2018-12-13  Karen MillerCorrect NC 1.8 user guide link to about page
2018-12-11  Karen MillerRemove 1.8.0 Zip files and add Geode Native files
2018-12-07  Dave BarnesUpdate path to nc user guide
2018-12-07  Dave BarnesUpdate for Geode 1.8
2018-12-05  Dave BarnesUpdate for Geode 1.8
2018-11-05  Dave BarnesGEODE-5988: Update Apache Geode website's "Community...
2018-10-24  Anthony BakerAdd cpp-cache schema to website
2018-10-05  Dave BarnesAdd troubleshooting info to README
2018-10-05  Dave BarnesRemove unused 'subnav' directory. Remove proprietary...
2018-10-05  Dave BarnesFix a format issue in the page headers in which 'long...
2018-10-05  Dave BarnesDelete unused javascript artifacts related to google...
2018-10-04  Dave BarnesUpdate README file with some new troubleshooting info
2018-10-04  Dave BarnesBuild v1.7 website - freshen the checkin with non-visib...
2018-10-03  Dave BarnesUpdate README instructions
2018-10-03  Dave BarnesUpdate website for v1.7
2018-05-30  Dave BarnesGEODE-5263: Update website with trademarked logo
2018-05-21  Anthony BakerRemove google analytics from website
2018-05-21  Anthony BakerRemove generated docs
2018-05-03  Karen MillerAdd brief instruction that address publishing javadocs
2018-05-03  Karen MillerPublish Geode 1.6.0 docs.
2018-05-02  Anthony BakerUpdate releases for v1.6.0
2018-04-20  Anthony BakerNuke auto-generated docs
2018-04-20  Anthony BakerCleanup old releases from distribution
2018-04-11  joeymcallisterChange event link to https
2018-04-10  joeymcallisterUpdate Community > Events
2018-04-06  Dave BarnesModernized some link URLs at Apache’s request
2018-04-06  Dave BarnesUpdate releases page for v1.5
2018-04-06  Dave BarnesAdd 1.5 user guide to site
2018-02-06  Anthony BakerFix url for archived releases
2018-02-06  Dave BarnesDocument the “add a blank line” trick to force Apache...
2018-02-03  joeymcallisterAdd 1.4 docs to site
2018-02-02  Dave BarnesMerge branch 'master' of
2018-02-02  Dave BarnesAdd Geode 1.4 User Guide to docs index
2018-02-02  Anthony BakerUpdate releases for 1.4.0
2017-12-29  Dave BarnesGEODE-3816: Have links on website Releases page open...
2017-10-31  Dave BarnesRemoved references to unsupported ‘icomoon’ font from...
2017-10-31  Dave BarnesUpdate for v1.3.0 release
2017-10-30  Dave BarnesUpdate docs page to include 1.3 user guide
2017-10-30  Dave BarnesCorrect missing icon in first heading of Releases page
2017-10-04  Dave BarnesGEODE-3726: Remove "Submit an Issue" from the Geode...
2017-09-20  Anthony BakerAdd release 1.2.1
2017-09-12  Anthony BakerAdd S1P event to community page
2017-09-05  Anthony BakerMerge pull request #7 from metatype/master
2017-09-05  Anthony BakerAdd committers to website 7/head
2017-07-19  Anthony BakerImprove redirection for latest docs url
2017-07-18  Anthony BakerUpdate xsd files for v1.2.0
2017-07-17  Anthony BakerFix redirect for 1.2.0
2017-07-15  Anthony BakerAdd v1.2.0 and cleanup release page
2017-06-14  Anthony BakerAdd bootstrap.js and normalize.css to LICENSE after...
2017-06-12  Dave BarnesAdd Geode 1.2 to docs index
2017-06-12  Dave BarnesUpdate with lessons learned from the Geode...
2017-06-02  joeymcallisterAdd Events link to footer, events img to Community
2017-05-30  Dan SmithMerge branch 'pr/6'
2017-05-30  Dan SmithAdding an assemble task for travis to invoke 6/head
2017-05-30  Dan SmithGEODE-2975: Change the location of the lucene xsd 5/head
2017-05-09  Anthony BakerGEODE-2554 Tweak rewrite rule
2017-05-09  Anthony BakerGEODE-2554 Fix comment style
2017-05-09  Anthony BakerGEODE-2554 Ensure .htaccess is compiled by nanoc
2017-05-09  joeymcallisterGEODE-2554 Add htaccess file for docs redirect
2017-03-31  Anthony BakerAdd 1.1.1 release
2017-03-02  Dave BarnesUpdate "About the Project" with newer verbiage from...