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last changeFri, 20 May 2022 21:48:51 +0000 (14:48 -0700)
21 hours ago  Nabarun NagGEODE-9987: Refactored/Removal of deprecated API (... develop
23 hours ago  mhansonpRemoving myself from CODEOWNERS (#7708)
43 hours ago  Jens DeppeGEODE-10322: Run various Analyze Serialiable tests...
43 hours ago  Owen NicholsGEODE-10320: Bump micrometer from 1.8.5 to 1.9.0 (...
45 hours ago  Owen Nicholsupdate CODEOWNERS: restore min two owners per area...
46 hours ago  Mario IvanacGEODE-10310: Add disable reatempt on CacheClose (#7690)
2 days ago  Dale EmeryGEODE-10319: Clear meters when closing the meter regist...
2 days ago  Nabarun NagRevert "GEODE-10294: Compare invalid token during putIf...
2 days ago  Darrel SchneiderGEODE-10315: remove unneeded add-opens (#7699)
2 days ago  Jinmei LiaoGEODE-10115: fix javadoc (#7698)
3 days ago  Xiaojian ZhouGEODE-10290: GII requester should remove departed membe...
4 days ago  Dave BarnesGEODE-10313: User Guide: Add javadocs template variable...
4 days ago  Jinmei LiaoGEODE-10286: handle CancelException in PersistenceAdvis...
4 days ago  Dale EmeryGEODE-10257: Upgrade tests can upgrade Java (#7686)
5 days ago  Robert HoughtonGEODE-10309: Enable parallel tests for windows-gfsh...
7 days ago  Eric ShuGEODE-10294: Compare invalid token during putIfAbsent...
2 months ago rel/v1.14.4 Apache Geode v1.14.4 release
2 months ago rel/v1.13.8 Apache Geode v1.13.8 release
2 months ago rel/v1.12.9 Apache Geode v1.12.9 release
2 months ago rel/v1.14.4.RC1 Release candidate 1.14.4.RC1
2 months ago rel/v1.13.8.RC1 Release candidate 1.13.8.RC1
2 months ago rel/v1.12.9.RC1 Release candidate 1.12.9.RC1
3 months ago rel/v1.14.3 Apache Geode v1.14.3 release
3 months ago rel/v1.13.7 Apache Geode v1.13.7 release
4 months ago rel/v1.12.8 Apache Geode v1.12.8 release
4 months ago rel/v1.14.3.RC1 Release candidate 1.14.3.RC1
4 months ago rel/v1.13.7.RC1 Release candidate 1.13.7.RC1
4 months ago rel/v1.12.8.RC1 Release candidate 1.12.8.RC1
5 months ago rel/v1.14.2 Apache Geode v1.14.2 release
5 months ago rel/v1.13.6 Apache Geode v1.13.6 release
5 months ago rel/v1.12.7 Apache Geode v1.12.7 release
5 months ago rel/v1.14.2.RC1 Release candidate 1.14.2.RC1
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43 hours ago support/1.15
3 days ago support/1.14
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11 days ago dependabot/bundler/geode-book/puma-5.6.4
2 weeks ago feature/GEODE-10279
2 weeks ago revert-7381-newfeature1/GEODE-9484
3 weeks ago support/1.13
5 weeks ago geode-for-redis-still-exists
2 months ago kirklund-fork/GEODE-9758-support_1.14-02
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3 months ago WIP-GEODE-9892
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