json patcher
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2021-01-19  Romain Manni-Bucaujson patcher rmannibucau/json-patch-jwt-payload
2021-01-19  Romain Manni-Bucauopen more visibility for java > 9 run (helps on some... master
2020-11-11  Romain Manni-Bucauensure groupmapper is proxyable inter classloaders
2019-12-11  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #4 from rotty3000/GERONIMO-6757
2019-12-10  Raymond AugéGERONIMO-6757 so these methods invoke the proxy to... 4/head
2019-12-08  Raymond AugéGERONIMO-6757 so it can be found without pain
2019-07-25  Romain Manni-BucauGERONIMO-6740 run-as feature + small dependencies upgrades
2019-05-01  Romain Manni-BucauGERONIMO-6725 ensure JAXRS ContainerFilterRequest can...
2019-05-01  Romain Manni-BucauGERONIMO-6724 ensure we support cookie based token
2019-02-20  Romain Manni-BucauGERONIMO-6697 ensure issuer validation can be optional
2018-11-02  Romain Manni-Bucauenhancing security service to be fully contextual
2018-08-28  Romain Manni-BucauGERONIMO-6646 ensure the default org.eclipse.microprofi...
2018-08-28  Romain Manni-BucauGERONIMO-6645 adding TokenAccessor to ensure testing...
2018-08-27  Romain Manni-Bucauensure JwtRequest can be mocked
2018-08-12  Romain Manni-Bucauno more need of that property for owb
2018-06-24  Romain Manni-Bucauensure mp. props are not prefixed with geronimo-jwt...
2018-06-08  Romain Manni-Bucaudropping spec jars