Merge IBM development contributiions. As it does not appear possible to alter the...
[geronimo-yoko.git] / yoko-osgi / src /
2017-02-19  David JencksMerge IBM development contributiions. As it does not... master
2016-05-11  David JencksMerge branch 'guard-slow-logging' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-05-10  David JencksGuard slow logging
2015-10-28  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'connection_counting' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-10-28  Joe ChackoCache outbound connections with reference counting.
2015-05-21  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into TypeRepo-with-ClassValue
2015-04-30  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into support_idl_narrow
2015-04-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'yoko-util' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-04-24  Neil RichardsMove common utilities to yoko-util bundle
2014-11-13  David JencksMerge branch 'stub-lookup' into 'ibm-trunk'
2014-11-13  David JencksMerge branch 'better-osgi-1' into 'ibm-trunk'
2014-05-23  David JencksVersion all packages, and use bundle activators rather...
2010-04-21  David Jencksremove commented out code
2010-04-21  David JencksGERONIMO-5091 add priority to locator to make it easier...
2010-04-15  David JencksGERONIMO-5091 Move locator code to its own bundle