Merge IBM development contributiions. As it does not appear possible to alter the...
[geronimo-yoko.git] / yoko-rmi-impl /
2017-02-19  David JencksMerge IBM development contributiions. As it does not... master
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'improve-singleton-init' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsUse initialization holder class idiom
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch '' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-06-21  Neil GM RichardsAvoid duplicate processing with selective locking,...
2016-06-20  Neil GM RichardsCorrect ValueMembers creation, caching for ValueDescrip...
2016-03-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'idl-entity-read' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-03-27  Neil GM RichardsCorrect helper read lookup
2016-03-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'refix-typecode' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-03-27  Neil GM RichardsRe-fix typeCode generation
2016-03-26  Neil GM RichardsBetter encapsulate singleton TypeRepository, ValueHandl...
2016-03-26  Neil GM RichardsFurther rmi-impl refactoring
2016-03-25  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'enum-fix' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-03-24  Neil GM RichardsUse YASF negotiation to maintain stream compatibility...
2016-03-22  Neil GM RichardsTighten access to ModelElement fields
2016-03-18  Neil GM RichardsEncapsulate init of ModelElement fields and Descriptor...
2016-03-18  Neil GM RichardsIntroduce ModelElement.init() - use it for gathering...
2016-03-18  Neil GM RichardsImprove ModelElement encapsulation
2016-03-18  Neil GM RichardsAdd Enum support to FVD negotiation; Fix Enum transmiss...
2016-03-15  Neil GM RichardsHandle java.lang.Enum itself via its own TypeDescriptor
2016-03-15  Neil GM RichardsAvoid writing out fields of Enum subclasses
2015-10-28  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'connection_counting' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-10-28  Joe ChackoCache outbound connections with reference counting.
2015-07-14  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'npe_in_meta' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-06-15  Neil RichardsFix bad recursion in getValueMembers()
2015-06-08  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'ueinfo_with_downcall_locking' into 'ibm...
2015-06-08  Neil RichardsCorrect is_custom information sent in FVD
2015-06-05  Neil RichardsEnhance TypeDescriptor caching / retrieval
2015-06-05  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into ueinfo_with_downcall_locking
2015-06-05  Neil Richardswhitespace only
2015-05-28  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'disable-repid-class-cache' into 'ibm...
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsProduce best-of-breed repid to class name conversion
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsProvide RepId utils from yoko-util
2015-05-27  Joe ChackoDo not use the cached class when converting a ClassDesc...
2015-05-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'bidir-deadlock' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'bidir-deadlock.2' into bidir-deadlock
2015-05-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'classbasedesc_doprivileged' into 'ibm...
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsUse doPrivileged in ClassBaseDescriptor.init()
2015-05-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'class_marshalling' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsCorrect Class marshalling using ClassDesc
2015-05-25  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'enum_type_fix' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-25  Neil RichardsEnsure zero suid for java.lang.Enum
2015-05-25  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'enum_type_fix' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-25  Neil RichardsFind correct enum type in class hierarchy
2015-05-24  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'unknown_exception_handling' into 'ibm...
2015-05-23  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 're-add_idl_entity_check' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-23  Neil RichardsRestore isIDLEntity check
2015-05-22  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'TypeRepo-with-ClassValue' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-21  Neil RichardsSearch TypeDescriptor cache first in meta(repId)
2015-05-21  Neil RichardsIndenting
2015-05-21  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into TypeRepo-with-ClassValue
2015-05-07  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'further_cmsfv2_tweaks' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-05-07  Neil RichardsCorrections to reading start of CMSFv2 valuetype
2015-04-30  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'cmsfv2_handle_objectreader_methods' into...
2015-04-30  Neil RichardsAdd custom marshal hooks for ObjectReader methods
2015-04-30  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'support_idl_narrow' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-04-30  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into support_idl_narrow
2015-04-30  Neil RichardsAdd support for IDL interfaces to PRO.narrow
2015-04-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'yoko-util' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-04-24  Neil RichardsMove common utilities to yoko-util bundle
2015-04-23  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'cmsfv2' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-04-23  Neil RichardsImplement CMSFv2 reading support, last part
2015-04-23  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into cmsfv2
2015-04-23  Neil RichardsDon't override readDefaultObject delegation
2015-04-22  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into cmsfv2
2015-04-22  Neil RichardsEnable Cmsfv2 reading support, part 1
2015-04-22  Joe ChackoGenerify offsetMap to use a value type of Object, not...
2015-04-21  Joe ChackoRefactor CorbaObjectReader (automated)
2015-04-20  Neil RichardsImprove error handling; Clarify imports
2015-04-18  Joe Chackocleaned up ValueDescriptor
2015-04-17  Joe Chackosanitized ObjectWriter to avoid fully qualified classes...
2015-04-17  Joe Chackoconverted WriteObjectState to an enum
2015-04-17  Neil RichardsFix custom marshal check on reading side
2015-04-17  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into cmsfv2
2015-04-17  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'perf_helper_lookup' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-04-17  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'improve_unknown_exception' into perf_help...
2015-04-17  Neil RichardsImprove information captured in UnknownException
2015-04-10  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into cmsfv2
2015-04-10  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'enum_fix' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-04-10  Neil RichardsAdd Enum demarshalling handling
2015-04-09  Neil RichardsEnable outbound CMSFv2 support
2015-04-07  Neil RichardsMove CmsfThreadLocalStack to yoko-rmi-impl
2015-03-31  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'serializable_array_marshalling' into...
2015-03-31  Neil RichardsSend elements of Serializable[] as Anys
2015-03-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'stub.loader' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-03-27  Neil RichardsAdd ProviderLoader for javax.rmi.CORBA.Stub
2015-03-26  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'remote.stub.loader' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-03-26  Neil RichardsAdd _Remote_Stub to ProviderLoader list
2015-03-11  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into TypeRepo-with-ClassValue
2015-03-11  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'avoid_RemoteException_initCause' into...
2015-03-10  Neil RichardsAvoid calling RemoteException.initCause()
2015-03-10  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'removeJTADependency' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-03-10  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'RMIStub_toString_fix' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-03-10  Neil RichardsProduce something sensible from RMIStub.toString()
2015-03-10  Neil Richardsremove hard dependency on JTA
2015-02-19  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into TypeRepo-with-ClassValue
2015-02-17  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into TypeRepo-with-ClassValue
2015-02-12  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into TypeRepo-with-ClassValue
2015-01-15  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into TypeRepo-with-ClassValue
2014-11-19  Neil RichardsAvoid potential ClassLoader lifecycle issues.