Merge IBM development contributiions. As it does not appear possible to alter the...
[geronimo-yoko.git] / yoko-util / src /
2017-02-19  David JencksMerge IBM development contributiions. As it does not... master
2016-03-25  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'enum-fix' into 'ibm-trunk'
2016-03-24  Neil GM RichardsUse YASF negotiation to maintain stream compatibility...
2015-11-11  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'fix_gc_bug_in_test' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-11-11  Joe ChackoFix gc bug in test.
2015-11-11  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'request_id_unique_to_connection' into...
2015-11-11  Neil RichardsForce test to wait for system to enqueue references.
2015-11-10  Joe ChackoMake request id unique to connection.
2015-10-29  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'workaround_mockito' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-10-29  Joe ChackoRemoved unused constructor and fixed intermittent unit...
2015-10-28  Joseph ChackoMerge branch 'connection_counting' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-10-28  Joe ChackoCache outbound connections with reference counting.
2015-05-28  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'disable-repid-class-cache' into 'ibm...
2015-05-28  Neil RichardsUse Pattern.quote() for compiled split patterns
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsSpecial-case
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsProduce best-of-breed repid to class name conversion
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsImprove RepIds.fixName implementation
2015-05-27  Neil RichardsProvide RepId utils from yoko-util
2015-05-21  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into TypeRepo-with-ClassValue
2015-04-30  Neil RichardsMerge branch 'ibm-trunk' into support_idl_narrow
2015-04-30  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'improve_cmsfv2' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-04-30  Neil RichardsAdditional guards to CmsfThreadLocal mechanism
2015-04-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'cmsfv2_setting_check' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-04-27  Neil RichardsAdd guard code for unset CMSFv2 thread local
2015-04-27  Neil GM RichardsMerge branch 'yoko-util' into 'ibm-trunk'
2015-04-24  Neil RichardsMove common utilities to yoko-util bundle