2018-12-06  Kevin RatnasekeraMerge branch 'master' into feature branch master
2018-12-06  Kevin RatnasekeraMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/apache... 138/head
2018-11-20  Kevin RatnasekeraGORA-547 Upgrade Aerospike client to 4.2.2 139/head
2018-11-20  Kevin RatnasekeraGORA-543 Upgrade Apache parent POM to version 21
2018-11-18  Kevin RatnasekeraRemove committed nbactions.xml file 137/head
2018-09-10  Carlos MImprove SQL building strategy and add MR tests for... 134/head 149/head
2018-07-30  Carlos MAdd Ignite to the dependency management section
2018-07-27  Carlos MImprove Ignite Datastore to better suit Gora's coding...
2018-07-06  Carlos MImplement Queries for Ignite
2018-07-02  Carlos MImplement put, get, delete
2018-06-27  Carlos MImplement schema handling methods
2018-06-06  Carlos MAdd mapping reading and initialization for Ignite backend
2018-06-03  Carlos MMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/apache...
2018-05-22  devGORA-536: Avoid calling Class#newInstance carlospr 133/head 145/head
2018-05-08  Carlos Rodrigo... create template gora-ignite module
2018-05-06  dev-Fix formatting code 132/head
2018-05-03  carlosrmngAdd ending line
2018-05-02  Carlos Rodrigo... Fix formatting code
2018-05-01  devMerge https://github.com/apache/gora into GORA-444
2018-05-01  dev-Remove empty lines.
2018-04-03  Alfonso NishikawaRemoved mistaken import
2018-04-02  Alfonso NishikawaMerge branch 'GORA-530' Removed redundant logging on...
2018-03-24  Carlos Muñozfix 2 space indents
2018-03-22  Carlos MuñozAdd #size() to Result API: Accumulo, Avro, HBase
2018-03-22  Carlos MuñozAdd #size() to Result API: Aerospike, Cassandra, CouchD...
2018-03-14  cihad guzelAdd Cihad Guzel as Apache Gora developer
2018-03-03  Alfonso Nishikawa... GORA-530: Removed redundant logging on several try... 130/head
2018-02-27  Alfonso NishikawaMerge branch 'GORA-530':Reinstate exception throwing...
2018-02-20  kamaciMerge branch 'GORA-528' of https://github.com/kamaci...
2018-02-13  kamaciGORA-531 Upgrade Hbase version to 1.2.6 129/head
2018-02-13  kamaciGORA-528 Upgrade Spark version to 2.2.1 128/head
2018-01-20  Alfonso Nishikawa... GORA-530: Fixed bug at AccumuloStore#deleteSchema(... 127/head
2018-01-18  Alfonso Nishikawa... GORA-530 : Reinstated exception throwing in DataStore...
2018-01-11  Alfonso Nishikawa... Tests for GORA-421, fixing setDirty() 126/head
2018-01-10  Alfonso Nishikawa... Setting dirty with value -1 (11111111b) instead of...
2017-12-29  Lewis John... GORA-529 Remove org/apache/gora/avro/mapreduce/FsInput... 125/head
2017-12-17  Lewis John... Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2017-12-17  Lewis John... Merge branch 'GORA-503' of https://github.com/cloudysun...
2017-10-06  madhawa-gunasekaraAdding Madhawa Gunasekara as a Gora developer 124/head
2017-09-22  madhawa-gunasekaraFix validation for persistentSchema in avro serialization 123/head
2017-09-21  Lewis John... Update Gradle versions git 0.8 release
2017-09-16  nishadiAdd Nishadi Kirielle as an Apache Gora developer 122/head
2017-09-15  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-09-15  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-gora-0.8 apache-gora-0.8
2017-09-15  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-09-15  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 0.8.0 0.8.0
2017-09-15  Lewis John... Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2017-09-15  Lewis John... Prepare for Gora 0.8 RC#1
2017-09-10  Kevin RatnasekeraFix java doc issues 112/head
2017-09-10  Kevin RatnasekeraResolve conflicts with master
2017-09-10  Kevin RatnasekeraMake batch arraylist thread safe
2017-09-05  Lewis John... GORA-525: Add Java Doc
2017-09-05  madhawa-gunasekaraGORA-525: Add Java Doc 121/head
2017-08-31  Lewis John... Remove duplicated gora-solr declaration and add to...
2017-08-23  madhawa-gunasekaraRemove hector dependecy 120/head
2017-08-23  madhawa-gunasekaraRename gora-cassandra-cql module into gora-cassandra...
2017-08-23  Lewis John... Removing old gora-cassandra module
2017-08-23  Lewis John... Merge branch 'ISSUE-497'
2017-08-23  madhawa-gunasekaraFix code review comments 110/head
2017-08-21  nishadiAdd map reduce based test cases fot aerospike module 119/head
2017-08-21  nishadiFix the error in removing a bin value while updating... 118/head
2017-08-20  madhawaFix code formatting
2017-08-20  nishadiUpdate dirty bit clearing after fetching from data...
2017-08-20  nishadiFix the put method to delete the existing records only...
2017-08-15  madhawa-gunasekaraAdd Query level consistency
2017-08-13  madhawa-gunasekaraAdd java docs for Native Compiler
2017-08-13  madhawa-gunasekaraReformat the code
2017-08-13  nishadiAdd support to retrieve partitions in aerospike module 117/head
2017-08-13  madhawa-gunasekaraFix code review comments
2017-08-11  madhawa-gunasekaraAdd License Headers
2017-08-11  madhawa-gunasekaraAdd Cassandra Native Compiler
2017-08-10  madhawa-gunasekaraAdd tests for avro
2017-08-09  nishadiAdd support for connecting to authenticated servers... 116/head
2017-08-07  nishadiUpdate the policies as per the 4.0.6 aerospike java... 115/head
2017-08-04  Andrea Cosentino[GORA-517] Upgrade Mongodb Java Driver to version 3.5.0 114/head
2017-08-02  madhawaRefactored the code
2017-07-28  madhawaFix functionality of the UpdateByQuery for Avro Seriali...
2017-07-27  nishadiUpdate aerospike java client and remove unsupported... GORA-515 113/head 144/head
2017-07-27  nishadiMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into... GORA-502 111/head
2017-07-27  nishadiRemove unwanted container stopping
2017-07-27  nishadiFix container stopping error
2017-07-27  madhawaFix review comments
2017-07-27  nishadiAdd log based waiting strategy for the aerospike tests
2017-07-27  nishadiAdd dependency management for test-containers
2017-07-27  nishadiFix formatting issues and update java doc comments
2017-07-27  nishadiUpdate the query results to get the progress for aerosp...
2017-07-26  nishadiAdd a profile to run test cases
2017-07-26  nishadiConfigure maven to skip the tests by default
2017-07-26  nishadiUpdate test driver properties for aerospike module
2017-07-25  nishadiUpdate query result key mapping in aerospike module
2017-07-24  madhawaAdd avro serialization support
2017-07-24  nishadiUpdate the test cases
2017-07-22  nishadiAdd persistent base dirty check
2017-07-19  nishadiAdd delete by query functionality to aerospike module
2017-07-19  nishadiAdd initial query model for gora-aerospike
2017-07-12  madhawaAdd optional codecs to support all the datatypes for...
2017-07-11  Kevin RatnasekeraGORA-513 Add initial OrientDB datastore impl
2017-07-08  madhawaAdd updateByQuery for native serialization
2017-07-08  madhawaAdd getPartitions Method
2017-07-08  madhawaAdd logs for NativeSerializer