2022-01-24  lipzhu[GRIFFIN-362] Add postgresql and oracle driver into... master
2022-01-24  Lipeng Zhu[GRIFFIN-369] Bug fix for avro format in Spark 2.3...
2022-01-20  Lipeng Zhu[GRIFFIN-367] For task GRIFFIN-367, update local deploy...
2021-10-04  Chitral Verma[GRIFFIN-365] Measure Enhancements and Stability fixes...
2021-07-07  William GuoMerge pull request #590 from chitralverma/improve-merge...
2021-07-07  William GuoMerge pull request #583 from chitralverma/check-stale...
2021-07-05  William GuoMerge pull request #591 from chitralverma/fix-measures
2021-06-30  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Fix import 591/head
2021-06-11  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added documentation for SchemaConformance...
2021-06-11  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Changed Metric output format and fixed...
2021-06-11  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added SchemaConformance measure
2021-06-11  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Error handling and code formatting changes
2021-06-11  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added sampling option to ProfilingMeasure
2021-06-04  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Fixed breaking test case
2021-06-04  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added code documentation for all new...
2021-06-02  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added parallelization to MeasureExecutor
2021-05-29  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Changes structure of Measure
2021-05-29  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added test cases for Data pre proc
2021-05-28  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Updated Configurations for pre proc and...
2021-05-28  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Allow users to run old "evaluate.rule...
2021-05-28  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added accuracy measure configuration...
2021-05-28  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Changed 'target' to 'ref' to clear termin...
2021-05-02  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added profiling measure configuration...
2021-05-02  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added measure configuration guide for...
2021-05-02  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Update Duplication Measure to exclude...
2021-05-02  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added general documentation for new dimen...
2021-04-21  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-347] Removed automation for issues as that... 583/head
2021-04-21  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-347] Updated with master
2021-04-21  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-360] Improvements to 590/head
2021-04-07  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Fixed breaking test cases
2021-04-05  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Fixed formatting
2021-04-05  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added ProfilingMeasureTest
2021-04-05  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added DuplicationMeasureTest
2021-04-04  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added SparkSqlMeasureTest
2021-04-04  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added AccuracyMeasureTest
2021-04-04  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Added CompletenessMeasureTest
2021-04-03  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Merge Measure constants
2021-04-03  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] New Accuracy Measure
2021-03-29  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Changes to Metric Flush process
2021-03-29  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] New Duplication (Distinctness, Uniqueness...
2021-03-28  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] New SparkSQL Measure
2021-03-28  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] New Profiling Measure
2021-03-28  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Rewrite new measure hierarchy and new...
2021-03-22  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-358] Rewrite dataset preprocessing as SQL...
2021-03-09  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-345] Support cross-version compilation for...
2020-12-07  yuxiaoyuSupport http remote conf
2020-12-02  EugeneFix doc format glitches
2020-11-09  Yuepeng[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... griffin-0.6.0-rc1
2020-11-09  Yuepeng[maven-release-plugin] prepare release griffin-0.6.0 griffin-0.6.0
2020-11-08  William GuoChange connectors to connector for datasource
2020-10-26  William Guoupdate angular cli version for release issue
2020-10-26  William Guocompaliancy fix
2020-09-21  chitralvermaFor task GRIFFIN-347, Add workflows
2020-09-15  ambition119[GRIFFIN-SERVICE] use service tar.gz deploy and griffin...
2020-08-17  wankunde[GRIFFIN-339] Import griffin tool for debug and run...
2020-08-10  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-305] Standardize sink hierarchy
2020-06-21  EugeneFix Unit Test Issue In Measure Test Case
2020-06-04  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-326] New Data Connector for Elasticsearch
2020-05-13  DongfangLuUpgrade UI packages for jquery
2020-03-11  Yu[GRIFFIN-316] Fix job exception handling
2020-02-11  yuxiaoyuoptimize get metric maps in 'MetricWriteStep'
2020-02-10  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-323] Refactor configuration Data Source Connector
2020-02-08  yuxiaoyu[GRIFFIN-322] Add SQL mode for ES connector
2020-01-16  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-317] Define guidelines for Griffin Project...
2020-01-06  neveljkovic[GRIFFIN-318] Replace all YYYY with yyyy in all user...
2020-01-06  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-319] Deprecate old Data Connectors
2019-12-31  tusharpatil20[GRIFFIN-315] Adding JDBC based data connector
2019-12-25  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-312] Code Style Standardization
2019-12-16  tusharpatilEnum based configs
2019-12-13  wankunde[GRIFFIN-310] Unified scala code style and enable scala...
2019-11-30  wankunde[GRIFFIN-301] Update custom data connector to have...
2019-11-30  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-304] Eliminate older contexts
2019-11-25  wankundeBug fix for reflecting a custom sink object
2019-11-21  chitralverma[GRIFFIN-297] Allow support for additional file based...
2019-11-16  wankunde[GRIFFIN-298] add CompletenessExpr2DQSteps test case
2019-11-14  wankunde[GRIFFIN-299] Add oracle jdk8 support in travis build...
2019-11-01  wankunde[GRIFFIN-295] Limit the memory used by test case
2019-11-01  Zhao Li[GRIFFIN-294] bugfix for completness enumeration wrong sql
2019-10-24  ahutsunshinefix tests failure
2019-10-22  William Guoremove -Xms500m -Xmx1g -XX:MaxPermSize=256m temporarily
2019-10-14  neveljkovic[GRIFFIN-293][SERVICE] livy.need.queue=true
2019-10-10  ‘Zhao[GRIFFIN-289] New feature for griffin COMPLETENESS...
2019-09-26  jasonliaoxiaogeadd placeholder for cron expression
2019-09-17  wankunde[GRIFFIN-290] Fix bug for submitting job to livy
2019-09-14  wankunde[GRIFFIN-291] Relocate HttpClient code in measure jar...
2019-09-13  wankunde[GRIFFIN-288] optimize hdfs sink
2019-09-09  wankunde[GRIFFIN-286] Remove spark-testing-base dependency jar
2019-09-04  Simon GeorgeMade UI tests run without errors
2019-09-02  Johnnie[GRIFFIN-279] Upgrade Spring boot to 2.1.7.RELEASE
2019-08-29  Lionel LiuMerge pull request #530 from aleksgor/GRIFFIN-AGORSHKOV
2019-08-29  Lionel LiuMerge pull request #527 from joohnnie/GRIFFIN-280
2019-08-27  Gorshkov AlekseyRemove redurant dependency. 530/head
2019-08-27  aleksgorMerge branch 'master' into GRIFFIN-AGORSHKOV
2019-08-27  Gorshkov AlekseyAdd Mysql, Cassandra and Elasticsearch connectors.
2019-08-26  wankunde[GRIFFIN-283] Move sink steps into TransformStep
2019-08-26  Johnnieremove unused plugin 527/head
2019-08-26  JohnnieGRIFFIN-280 change travis config for log level
2019-08-26  JohnnieGRIFFIN-280 change travis config for log level
2019-08-26  JohnnieGRIFFIN-280 change travis config for log level
2019-08-26  JohnnieGRIFFIN-280 change travis config for log level