2018-12-27  William Guo[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... griffin-0.4.0-rc0 master
2018-12-27  William Guo[maven-release-plugin] prepare release griffin-0.4.0 griffin-0.4.0
2018-12-27  William Guoupdate to in pom.xml
2018-12-26  William Guoupdate remote
2018-12-26  William GuoMerge branch 'master' of
2018-12-24  EugeneImprove deployment manual guide
2018-12-19  William GuoMerge branch 'master' of
2018-12-19  William GuoMysql as storage profile
2018-12-13  William GuoMerge branch 'master' of
2018-12-11  William GuoFix asf GitHub sync issue 20181211
2018-12-10  William Guofix docs 469/head
2018-12-07  William Guodelete disclaimer
2018-12-07  EugeneFix version mismatch
2018-12-06  William GuoRemove incubator
2018-12-05  William Guoupdate merge script
2018-11-30  William Guoskip test csv data file
2018-11-30  Eugenedoc improvement
2018-11-29  Nikolay Sokolov[GRIFFIN-213] Custom connector support
2018-11-21  BoltFix minor literal issues and improve doc content
2018-11-19  Lionel Liu[GRIFFIN-212] Add matchedFraction in streaming accuracy...
2018-11-19  William Guorevert
2018-11-19 python 3 support
2018-11-16  justACT[SERVICE] JobInstace setJobInstanceIdAndUri, update...
2018-11-15  William GuoFixservicetests
2018-11-14  Lionel Liu[GRIFFIN-209] update param util, add UT for param util
2018-11-09  EugeneDefine griffin plain-vanilla hook.
2018-10-30  Nikolay Sokolov[GRIFFIN-208] log exception details when it makes sense
2018-10-29  Arthur Gavlyukovskiy[GRIFFIN-203] Plaintext mode" for measure creation
2018-10-29  Nikolay SokolovDocument compression, SSL and LDAP conf
2018-10-26  Nikolay Sokolov[GRIFFIN-194] single call to fetch all tables of all dbs
2018-10-25  Nikolay SokolovSupport "cache" field on rules in service module
2018-10-25  RichFyUpdate
2018-10-25  Nikolay SokolovFix conventions in batch-sample
2018-10-25  Nikolay Sokolov[GRIFFIN-207] LDAP login service improvements
2018-10-22  Nikolay SokolovUpdate recommended ES index schema
2018-10-16  EugeneComplement stuffs to docker guide.
2018-10-16  Lionel Liuupdate measure documents
2018-10-15  Nikolay Sokolov[GRIFFIN-202] Show raw rules on UI
2018-10-15  William Guoalways use apache griffin together as our mark
2018-10-15  Nikolay Sokolov[GRIFFIN-206] fix job timezone when creating from UI
2018-10-15  EugeneFix a little doc bug concerning measure part.
2018-10-13  ashutak[GRIFFIN-205] accuracy matched fraction
2018-10-13  EugeneFix a bug in postman script
2018-10-08  Nikolay Sokolov[GRIFFIN-195] Don't list all tables from UI
2018-10-08  EugeneFix doc issue.
2018-10-02  William Guoremove duplicated cache settings
2018-10-02  EugeneFix timeout failure in travis CI.
2018-10-01  Nikolay SokolovIncrease build silence timeout
2018-10-01  EugeneFix code bug.
2018-09-30  Nikolay Sokolov[GRIFFIN-197] Treat non-existing YARN app as FAILED
2018-09-29  William GuoFix case clauses
2018-09-27  Li, JuanAdjust error msg when failing to create job
2018-09-22  Nikolay SokolovMinor UI fixes
2018-09-22  Nikolay Sokolov[GRIFFIN-198] Fix caching of incomplete results in...
2018-09-21  Nikolay SokolovMake Rule table MySQL-compatible
2018-09-20  Nikolay SokolovDeployment and compose doc improvements
2018-09-20  EugeneFix rest api bug in service component
2018-09-20  Sparsh SinghalSupport for HDP
2018-09-14  Nikolay SokolovBring persist/sink documentation up to date
2018-09-14  ahutsunshinefix startup failure bug
2018-09-14  EugeneFix API doc bug and complement some stuffs
2018-09-14  EugeneImprove document quality
2018-09-14  Li, JuanFix download table bug
2018-09-14  Lionel Liuupdate docker document for zookeeper image unaccessable...
2018-09-14  Nikolay SokolovUpdated documentation for outputs
2018-08-30  Lionel Liu[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... griffin-0.3.0-incubating-rc1
2018-08-30  Lionel Liu[maven-release-plugin] prepare release griffin-0.3... griffin-0.3.0-incubating
2018-08-30  EugeneIn order to improve readability, complement some stuffs...
2018-08-30  Li, Juanfix download disable items issue
2018-08-30  William Guoupdate gpg keys
2018-08-30  William Guofix license header
2018-08-30  Lionel Liuupdate docker image source and docker compose file
2018-08-27  grant-xuexuset the fields in configuration classes private
2018-08-27  MintL617update docker guide document
2018-08-24  Li, JuanFix UI bugs
2018-08-24  Lionel Liufix bugs of measure and service module for new json...
2018-08-22  EugeneInitialize java code checks rules for griffin
2018-08-20  William Guomake ui style consistent
2018-08-20  Sparsh SinghalUpdate
2018-08-17  Sparsh SinghalRemoved bug
2018-08-16  EugeneFix bugs about code style violation against Griffin...
2018-08-10  Li, Juanmerge pr382 and pr389
2018-08-10  ahutsunshineupdate measure field to support new format and ut
2018-08-10  Lionel LiuModify measure module to support updated env and config...
2018-08-10  jasonliaoxiaogefix container problem in macOs
2018-08-07  EugeneTrim and reformat resource files
2018-08-07  EugeneFix import violations by Griffin code check rules
2018-08-07  EugeneFix code style violations and improve quality
2018-08-03  Spencer Hivert[GRIFFIN-164][GRIFFIN-186][GRIFFIN-187] Profiling Re...
2018-08-03  EugeneFix java import style violations in codes by code style...
2018-08-01  EugeneFix code style bug in MeasureRepo
2018-08-01  EugeneFix code bugs and correct code style
2018-08-01  EugeneRemove unused method and clean codes
2018-07-31  William Guoupdate dq job spec
2018-07-30  EugeneFix code bug and improve code quality
2018-07-25  DongfangLuRemove duplicate jackson annotation
2018-07-25  EugeneFix doc bug and make it more clear and understandable
2018-07-25  EugeneFix doc bug and improve doc readability
2018-07-24  jasonliaoxiaogedelete single thread pool for hivemetastoreclient and...
2018-07-24  EugeneFix doc bug and improve readability of Griffin project...