GROOVY-7247: STC: support spread-map expression
[groovy.git] / build.gradle
2022-07-07  Eric MillesGROOVY-7971, GROOVY-8965, GROOVY-10096, GROOVY-10668...
2022-05-27  Paul KingGROOVY-10640: Bump findsecbugs-plugin to 1.12.0 (build...
2022-05-15  Paul Kingminor refactor: add explanation to build
2022-04-14  Paul Kingremove duplicate entries in jars warnings (cont'd)
2022-04-14  Paul Kingremove duplicate entries in jars warnings
2022-04-14  Paul Kingremove "obsolete options" warning
2022-02-16  Paul KingGROOVY-10486: Bump gradle versions plugin to 0.42.0...
2022-02-09  Paul Kingremove a little noise from the dependency updates report
2022-01-11  Paul KingGROOVY-10448: Bump gradle versions plugin to 0.41.0...
2021-12-21  Paul KingGROOVY-10418: Include `src/antlr` in the sources jar...
2021-12-05  Daniel SunGROOVY-10402: Bump jarjar to 1.8.0
2021-11-24  Eric MillesGROOVY-10239, GROOVY-10383: SC: skip `ScriptBytecodeAda...
2021-10-03  Paul Kingslightly improved error message (take 2)
2021-10-03  Daniel SunGROOVY-10279: Support native record (the missing parts...
2021-10-03  Paul KingMerge branch 'master' into GROOVY-10279 1633/head
2021-10-03  Paul Kingslightly improved error message
2021-10-03  Daniel SunGROOVY-10279: Support native record
2021-10-03  Daniel SunGROOVY-10279: Support native record
2021-09-18  Daniel SunFix the failing dist build
2021-09-18  Bo ZhangGROOVY-10237: Bump gradle to 7.2
2021-06-27  Daniel SunGROOVY-10151: Bump gradle to 6.9
2021-06-25  Daniel.SunGROOVY-10145: Support JDK16 (#1598)
2021-05-29  Daniel SunGROOVY-10119: Bump versions gradle plugin to 0.39.0
2021-04-30  Eric MillesMove stream-related extension methods to StreamGroovyMe...
2021-04-23  riveMerge pull request #1 from apache/master
2021-04-22  Paul Kingcleaner reporting for dependencyUpdates (currently...
2021-04-20  Paul KingGROOVY-10044: Bump versions plugin to 0.38.0
2021-03-19  Paul KingGROOVY-9990: Bump openbeans to 1.0.1
2021-02-28  Paul Kingchange jcenter references to Maven Central in build
2021-02-15  Daniel SunTweak warning of build script
2021-02-15  Sergio DelgadoGROOVY-9941: Make Gradle build fully cacheable(closes...
2020-12-01  Paul Kingrelease improvements for new Groovy 4 build
2020-11-28  Paul KingGROOVY-9840: Bump findsecbugs plugin to 1.11.0
2020-11-28  Paul KingGROOVY-9835: Bump versions gradle plugin to 0.36.0
2020-11-26  Paul Kingremove duplicate
2020-10-21  Paul Kingremove unused config
2020-10-21  Bo ZhangFix CME when running `jar` gradle task
2020-10-11  Cedric ChampeauFix asciidoctor pdf generation (closes #1400)
2020-10-10  Paul Kingmerge parser-antlr4 pseudo subproject into root project
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauAdd release info to all jars
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix remaining unsafe access to system properties
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauReplace the adhoc concurrent task limiter with a build...
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRework jacoco integration
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauSimplify core build script
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauMore task configuration avoidance
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix `dist` task not being a lifecyle task
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRework version sharing and quality plugin application
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauIgnore failing test case
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix extension module always on test classpath
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauUse standard artifactory publish configuration
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauConsolidate how asciidoctor docs are built
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRemove unnecessary groovydoc file
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRework how tests are setup
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRename `assemble.gradle` now that it only talks about...
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauAdd a conventional way to build grooid jars
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauMove signing to the publishing convention plugin
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauConsolidate Groovy publications
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauCleanup how jars are built
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauUse features to declare optional dependencies
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauIntroduce a `DgmConverter` task
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauIntroduce Groovy platforms
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauIntroduce a convention plugin
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRemove redundant code
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauBump Gradle to 6.7-rc-2
2020-09-23  Keegan WittGROOVY-9752: Upgrade ASM to 9.0 and add JDK16 to Compil...
2020-09-20  Paul KingGROOVY-9688: Groovy 3.0.5 references groovyjarjaropenbe...
2020-09-18  Paul KingGROOVY-9750: Bump checkstyle to 8.36.1
2020-09-18  Paul KingGROOVY-9749: Bump sonarqube plugin to 3.0
2020-09-18  Paul KingGROOVY-9748: Bump spotbugs to 4.1.2
2020-09-18  Paul KingGROOVY-9747: Bump versions plugin to 0.33.0
2020-09-18  Paul KingGROOVY-9746: Bump picocli to 4.5.1
2020-09-14  Paul KingGROOVY-9740: Bump JUnit5/platform to 5.7.0/1.7.0
2020-09-12  Daniel SunGROOVY-9738: Bump xstream to 1.4.13
2020-08-21  Paul KingGROOVY-9697: Bump asciidoctor to 3.2.0 (experimental...
2020-08-21  Paul KingGROOVY-9697: Bump asciidoctor to 3.2.0
2020-08-17  Paul KingGROOVY-9693: bump picocli to 4.5.0
2020-08-14  Paul KingGROOVY-9690: Bump checkstyle to 8.35
2020-08-14  Paul KingGROOVY-9687: Bump versions plugin to 0.29.0
2020-08-14  Paul KingGROOVY-9686: Bump spotbugs library/plugin to 4.1.1...
2020-08-04  Daniel SunGROOVY-9669: Enhance immutability check (closes #1335)
2020-07-06  Paul KingGROOVY-9627: Bump picocli to 4.4.0
2020-07-06  Paul KingGROOVY-9626: Bump rat to 0.7.0
2020-07-06  Paul KingGROOVY-9625: Bump spotbugs/plugin to 4.0.6/4.4.4
2020-07-06  Paul KingGROOVY-9622: Bump checkstyle to 8.34
2020-06-15  Paul King GROOVY-9593: Switch Spock from SNAPSHOT to 2.0-M3...
2020-06-15  Marcin ZajączkowskiGROOVY-9593: Switch Spock from SNAPSHOT to 2.0-M3-groov...
2020-06-13  Daniel SunGROOVY-9590: Bump javaparser to 3.16.1
2020-05-18  Paul KingGROOVY-9560: Update Spotbugs/Spotbugs plugin to 4.0...
2020-05-17  Paul KingGROOVY-9559: Bump log4j2 version to 2.13.3
2020-05-16  Remko PopmaGROOVY-9553: bump picocli to 4.3.2
2020-05-14  Remko PopmaRevert "GROOVY-9553: Bump picocli to 4.3.0"
2020-05-14  Remko PopmaGROOVY-9553: Bump picocli to 4.3.0
2020-05-14  Paul KingGROOVY-9552: Bump Ant versions to address: [CVE-2020...
2020-05-13  Paul KingGROOVY-9534: support platform logging AST transform... 1237/head
2020-05-12  Paul KingGROOVY-9551: Bump JavaParser to 3.15.22
2020-05-04  Paul KingGROOVY-9540: Bump spotbugs plugin to 4.0.8
2020-05-04  Paul KingGROOVY-9538: Bump checkstyle version to 8.3.2
2020-05-04  Paul KingGROOVY-9537: Bump xstream version to 1.4.12
2020-04-25  Daniel.SunGROOVY-9527: Bump javaparser to 3.15.21 (#1233)
2020-04-25  Daniel SunGROOVY-9513: Enable indy by default (closes #1226)