GROOVY-7370: AIC using variadic constructor
[groovy.git] / buildSrc /
2022-06-25  Daniel SunTweak build script just to log java executable
2022-06-25  Daniel SunTweak build script to check java executable existence
2022-06-24  Daniel SunTweak build script to check java executable existence
2022-04-14  Paul Kingfix asciidoc warnings
2022-04-14  Paul Kingremove duplicate entries in jars warnings
2022-04-14  Paul Kingcommented out options for checking warnings
2022-04-01  Paul Kingremove gradle warnings
2022-03-20  Paul KingGROOVY-10532: Bump Codenarc to 3.0.0 (build dependency)
2022-03-03  Paul Kingtidy up duplicate rat excludes
2022-01-01  Paul KingGROOVY-10418: Include `src/antlr` in the sources jar...
2022-01-01  Paul KingBump year and "updateNotices"
2021-12-21  Paul KingGROOVY-10418: Include `src/antlr` in the sources jar...
2021-12-21  Paul Kingfix license headers
2021-12-20  Eric MillesMerge pull request from apache/GROOVY-10300
2021-12-20  Paul Kingavoid warning from javadoc (The -footer option is no...
2021-12-05  Daniel SunGROOVY-10402: Bump jarjar to 1.8.0
2021-11-27  Daniel SunTweak build: extract versions
2021-11-27  Daniel SunFix dgm bytecode version as 1.8
2021-11-24  Eric MillesGROOVY-10239, GROOVY-10383: SC: skip `ScriptBytecodeAda...
2021-11-24  Paul KingGROOVY-10386: Bump Spotbugs/Spotbugs annotations to...
2021-10-26  Paul Kingroot project wasn't showing up in coverage report ...
2021-10-07  Daniel SunSet `` to 1.8 while compiling...
2021-10-03  Daniel SunGROOVY-10279: Support native record
2021-10-03  Daniel SunGROOVY-10279: Support native record
2021-09-23  Paul Kinguse later plugin for jmh
2021-09-18  Daniel SunFix the failing dist build
2021-09-18  Daniel SunGROOVY-10242: Bump asciidoctor gradle to 3.3.2
2021-09-18  Bo ZhangGROOVY-10237: Bump gradle to 7.2
2021-08-29  Daniel SunTweak build script to ensure `GeneratedMetaMethod.DgmMe...
2021-08-23  Paul Kingformatting: remove trailing whitespace on ends of lines...
2021-06-25  Daniel.SunGROOVY-10145: Support JDK16 (#1598)
2021-04-23  riveMerge pull request #1 from apache/master
2021-04-23  Paul KingGROOVY-9628: Initial support for reproducible builds...
2021-04-22  Paul KingGROOVY-9628: Initial support for reproducible builds
2021-04-22  Paul Kingminor build refactor: pre-work for GROOVY-9628 (initial...
2021-04-18  Paul Kingtweak to test for CI robustness of RMI tests when run...
2021-04-14  Paul KingGROOVY-9958: update doco for jcenter/bintray sunset
2021-03-19  Paul KingGROOVY-9990: Bump openbeans to 1.0.1
2021-03-02  Paul KingGROOVY-9958: point to maven central version of asciidoc...
2021-02-28  Paul Kingchange jcenter references to Maven Central in build...
2021-02-28  Paul Kingchange jcenter references to Maven Central in build
2021-02-25  Paul Kingtweak to test snapshot publication on jenkins CI
2021-02-18  Paul Kingtypos
2021-02-15  Sergio DelgadoGROOVY-9941: Make Gradle build fully cacheable(closes...
2021-02-03  Daniel.SunGROOVY-9922: Add DGM `getPid` (#1481)
2021-01-09  Paul Kingupdate copyright year
2020-12-06  Eric Millesfix loop condition
2020-12-06  Paul Kingcleaner separation of sdk components (thanks Cédric)
2020-12-06  Paul Kinglazily evaluate file (thanks...
2020-12-06  Paul Kingsnapshot publish fix
2020-12-06  Paul Kingtypo
2020-12-06  Paul Kingplace javadoc and groovydoc jars into groovyLibrary...
2020-12-06  Paul Kingnicer placement/info for groovydocJar task
2020-12-05  Paul Kingadd license headers
2020-12-05  Paul Kingensure no dup entries in doc zip
2020-12-01  Paul Kingtypo
2020-12-01  Paul Kingbuild tweaks
2020-11-30  Paul Kingadd apache repo
2020-11-28  Paul KingGROOVY-9841: Bump spotbugs plugin to 4.6.0
2020-10-14  Paul Kingfollow more standard naming convention for asciidoc...
2020-10-13  Paul Kingasciidoc tweaks: section anchors/links
2020-10-13  Cedric ChampeauFix missing roles in POM files (closes #1402)
2020-10-13  Paul Kingjavadoc should pick up package.html
2020-10-12  Paul Kingre-enable core spec tests
2020-10-12  Cedric ChampeauFix distribution missing javadocs for optional modules
2020-10-12  Paul Kingsupport references to org.apache.groovy package and...
2020-10-11  Paul Kingbetter symmetry for html/pdf single page documentation
2020-10-11  Cedric ChampeauFix asciidoctor pdf generation (closes #1400)
2020-10-10  Paul Kingadd version back to Groovydoc
2020-10-10  Paul Kingmerge parser-antlr4 pseudo subproject into root project
2020-10-09  Paul Kingremove unused signing keys
2020-10-09  Paul Kingadd missing header files
2020-10-09  Paul Kingclean up tmpJar
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix javadoc title
2020-10-09  Paul Kingkeep release info file in META_INF subdirectory (closes...
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix copying of licenses
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauDon't delete the temporary jar as it fails under Windows
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauAdd release info to all jars
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix wrong variant being selected for distributions
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauCode cleanup thanks to injectable services
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauAvoid use of Ant whenever possible
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauWIP
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix checkstyle eager task realization
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix remaining unsafe access to system properties
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauReplace the adhoc concurrent task limiter with a build...
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauMake the groovy-all project build conventional
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauCentralize target Java version configuration
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRework jacoco integration
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRemove sanity check as upload failures are unrelated
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauIntroduce a stress test project type
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauSimplify core build script
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauMore task configuration avoidance
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRework performance test execution
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix `dist` task not being a lifecyle task
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauRework version sharing and quality plugin application
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauFix binary compatibility checks
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauPolish signing
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauUpdate GH Actions
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauOnly configure artifactory if we can actually publish...
2020-10-09  Cedric ChampeauUse Groovy library extension to configure module descriptor