GROOVY-9415: STC: support `Type[i]` when class provides a static `getAt`
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2021-04-05  Paul KingGROOVY-10005: Remove groovy-jaxb module from Groovy... 1539/head
2020-04-18  Paul Kingsome more tidy up after antlr2 removal
2018-07-25  Paul KingGROOVY-8710: license changes for bundled JAXB jars
2018-07-25  Paul Kingtidy up licenses/notices wrt no longer needing groovy...
2018-05-26  Paul KingGROOVY-8601: Groovy should have a runner for JUnit5... 723/head
2017-09-12  paulkMerge branch 'groovy8300'
2017-09-12  paulkGROOVY-6780: Provide an improved FileNameCompleter...
2017-08-22  paulkASM license is the same across versions and doesn't...
2017-05-08  paulkGROOVY-8177: Remedial work still needed for groovy...
2016-11-10  Daniel SunSync changes from master and clean old files
2015-07-23  paulkL&N tweaks: typos and cosmetics
2015-07-23  paulkL&N tweaks (fix SDK zip)
2015-07-22  paulkL&N tweaks (remove notice entries for permissive licenses)
2015-07-22  Paul Kingfurther L&N tweaks (sstart using short-form for some...
2015-07-21  paulkL&N tweaks
2015-07-20  Paul Kingfurther L&N tweaks (generate subproject L&N files)
2015-07-19  paulkenable semi-automated NOTICE files
2015-07-19  paulkprepare for semi-automated NOTICE file generation
2015-07-18  paulkL&N fixes for groovyall jar
2015-07-18  paulkL&N cleanup
2015-07-17  paulkclean up license/notice files some more
2015-07-16  paulkclean up license/notice files some more
2015-07-16  paulkclean up license/notice files some more
2015-07-16  paulkfurther clarification for license/NOTICE files (not...
2015-07-15  Paul Kingsome LICENSE improvements (further tweaks)
2015-07-14  Paul Kingsome LICENSE improvements (initial steps)
2015-06-08  Paul KingGROOVY-7459: leverage Ant javadoc fix rather than have...
2015-05-21  Paul Kingtweak licenses
2015-05-08  Paul Kinglicense tweaks
2015-05-08  Paul Kingtweak JSR223 license
2015-05-07  Cedric ChampeauUpdate LICENSE and NOTICE files