Merge 1.5.0 changes back to master.
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2022-07-05  Mike JumperGUACAMOLE-1436: Merge addition of missing FreeRDP winpr...
2022-03-01  Mike JumperGUACAMOLE-1538: Merge corrections to libguac-terminal...
2022-03-01  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-1538: Only the core functionality of the... 373/head
2022-02-23  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-1538: Autogenerate docs for new library.
2018-01-23  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-384: Merge fix for potential segfault if...
2018-01-19  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-456: Merge multi-stage Docker build changes.
2018-01-01  Nick CouchmanMerge 0.9.14 changes back to master.
2018-01-01  Nick CouchmanGUACAMOLE-423: Merge bump version number to 0.9.14. 0.9.14 0.9.14-RC1
2017-12-06  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-423: Automatically populate package version...
2017-06-27  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-326: Merge rejection of reads and writes...
2017-06-25  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-203: Merge support for SSH/SFTP connection...
2017-06-04  Nick CouchmanMerging 0.9.13-incubating changes back to master.
2017-06-03  Nick CouchmanGUACAMOLE-314: Merge bump version to 0.9.13-incubating. 0.9.13-incubating 0.9.13-incubating-RC1
2017-06-02  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-314: Bump version numbers to 0.9.13-incubating.
2017-03-01  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-226: Merge default layer opacity fix.
2017-02-28  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-223: Merge thread safety fix for SSL.
2017-02-28  James MuehlnerMerge 0.9.12-incubating changes back to master.
2017-02-28  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-169: Merge namespaced directory reshuffle.
2017-02-28  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-225: Merge updated version numbers.
2017-02-28  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-225: Bump version numbers to 0.9.12-incubating.
2017-01-10  James MuehlnerMerge 0.9.11-incubating changes back to master.
2017-01-10  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-154: Merge updated version number.
2017-01-09  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-154: Bump guacamole-server version numbers...
2016-11-13  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-119: Merge integration of Apache Rat into... 0.9.10-incubating-RC1 0.9.10-incubating-RC2
2016-11-13  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-119: Merge addition of missing liscense files...
2016-11-13  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-119: Add Apache license boilerplate to Doxyfile.
2016-08-26  Michael JumperGUACAMOLE-87: Merge changes bumping version numbers...
2016-08-26  James MuehlnerGUACAMOLE-87: Bump guacamole-server version numbers...
2016-02-01  Mike JumperMerge pull request #98 from moriyoshi/moriyoshi/ja...
2015-12-16  James MuehlnerMerge pull request #101 from glyptodon/doxygen-warnings
2015-12-15  Michael JumperGUAC-1434: Organize Doxyfile and remove all unused...
2015-12-15  James MuehlnerMerge pull request #100 from glyptodon/bump-version
2015-12-15  Michael JumperGUAC-1392: Bump version to 0.9.9.
2015-09-20  Mike JumperMerge pull request #74 from flangelo/num_keypad_map
2015-09-14  Michael JumperMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2015-09-04  James MuehlnerMerge pull request #77 from glyptodon/bump-version
2015-09-04  Michael JumperGUAC-1280: Bump version numbers to 0.9.8. Update libtoo...
2015-06-09  James MuehlnerMerge pull request #39 from glyptodon/bump-version
2015-06-08  Michael JumperGUAC-1174: Bump version numbers to 0.9.7.
2015-03-26  James MuehlnerMerge pull request #31 from glyptodon/bump-version 0.9.6
2015-03-23  Michael JumperGUAC-1128: Bump version numbers to 0.9.6.
2015-02-16  James MuehlnerMerge pull request #28 from glyptodon/release-prep 0.9.5
2015-02-16  Michael JumperGUAC-1018: Bump version numbers to 0.9.5.
2015-01-07  James MuehlnerMerge pull request #14 from glyptodon/bump-version 0.9.4
2015-01-06  Michael JumperGUAC-938: Bump version numbers for 0.9.4.
2014-09-30  Michael JumperBump Doxyfile version number.
2014-07-21  Michael JumperGUAC-772: Bump version numbers to 0.9.2. 0.9.2
2014-05-22  Michael JumperGUAC-681: Bump version numbers to 0.9.1. 0.9.1
2014-03-25  Michael JumperGUAC-569: Bump version numbers of guacamole-server...
2013-09-03  Michael JumperBump project version. Will need to rebump prior to...
2013-07-16  Michael JumperBump version properly.
2013-06-05  Michael JumperFix doxyfile, update .gitignore's
2013-06-05  Michael JumperMassively reorganize source tree.