2016-10-06  David YozieMerge branch 'develop' release/
2016-10-06  David Yozieadding (non) usage note to for Ambari users
2016-10-01  David YozieMerge branch 'develop'
2016-10-01  Lisa OwenMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into... 19/head
2016-10-01  Lisa Owenremove missing space in shell script name
2016-10-01  David YozieMerge branch 'develop'
2016-09-30  David YozieMerge branch 'feature/newregister' of https://github...
2016-09-30  Jane BeckmanFix ID placement 17/head
2016-09-30  Jane BeckmanEdits from David Y.
2016-09-30  Lisa Owenpxf install updates for new rpm packaging/dependencies
2016-09-29  Jane BeckmanAdd register files link/info
2016-09-29  Jane BeckmanChange yml terms, xref, syntax corrections
2016-09-29  David YozieMerge branch 'develop'
2016-09-29  David YozieAdding note to say manual Kerberos config isn't require...
2016-09-28  David Yoziechanging to use relative links instead of root links...
2016-09-28  Jane BeckmanUpdates for hawq register
2016-09-28  Lisa Owenfix merge conflict 16/head
2016-09-28  Lisa Owenfix merge conflict
2016-09-28  Lisa Owenpasswdless ssh - restart cmd change, remove some props
2016-09-28  Lisa Owenclarify wording for disabling passwd-based auth
2016-09-28  Lisa Owenenhance passwordless ssh instructions
2016-09-28  Lisa Oweninstruct user to turn off pwd based auth after install...
2016-09-27  David YozieMerge branch 'feature/misc-updates-lo2' of https:/...
2016-09-27  Lisa Owenvacuum - remove duplicate sentence 13/head
2016-09-27  Lisa Owenpasswdless ssh - restart cmd change, remove some props
2016-09-23  Lisa OwenMerge branch 'feature/misc-updates-lo2' of github.com...
2016-09-23  Lisa Owenclean up update, delete, vacuum references
2016-09-23  Lisa Owenadd missing space
2016-09-23  Lisa Oweneven more updates - clean up update, delete, vacuum...
2016-09-22  Lisa Owenmore updates - cleaning up update, delete, vacuum refer...
2016-09-22  Lisa Owenfirst pass at cleaning up update, delete, vacuum references
2016-09-20  David YozieMerge branch 'feature/troubleshoot-pxf' of https:/...
2016-09-20  David YozieMerge branch 'feature/hawqcheck-hadoopopt' of https...
2016-09-20  David YozieMerge branch 'feature/client-loadtools' of https:/...
2016-09-20  Lisa Owenget HAWQ from product distribution or build from source 11/head
2016-09-19  Lisa Oweninclude links to gpfdist, hawq load, gpload
2016-09-19  Lisa Owenfix typo
2016-09-19  Lisa Owenclarify client load tools windows/rhel discussion
2016-09-19  Lisa Owenuse colon before table 10/head
2016-09-19  Lisa Owenadd reverse dns to Networking Requirements section
2016-09-19  Lisa Owenmisc doc clarifications
2016-09-16  Lisa Owenadd debug logging info to PXF troubleshooting page 12/head
2016-09-15  Lisa Owenhawq check - hadoop home is optional 9/head
2016-09-15  Lisa Owenhawq check - add h/host option, cleanup
2016-09-14  Lisa Owenhawq check --hadoop option - misc cleanup
2016-09-14  Lisa Owenclarify use of hawq check --hadoop option
2016-09-14  David YozieMerge branch 'feature/GUC-gp_vmem_idle_resource_timeout...
2016-09-14  David YozieMerge branch 'feature/sshextkeys-pwd' of https://github...
2016-09-14  Lisa Owenupdate gp_vmem_idle_resource_timeout guc set classifica... 7/head
2016-09-13  Lisa Owenadd new guc gp_vmem_idle_resource_timeout
2016-09-13  Lisa Owenenhance description of ssh-exkeys -p option 6/head
2016-09-13  Lisa Owenfix threshold misspellings in content and guc 5/head
2016-09-12  Lisa Owenclarify wording for disabling passwd-based auth
2016-09-12  Lisa Owenenhance passwordless ssh instructions
2016-09-08  Lisa Owendocument hawq ssh-exkeys -p option
2016-09-01  David YozieMerge branch 'feature/mdatadir_chgs' of https://github...
2016-09-01  Lisa Owenremove MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY from gplogfilter HAWQ... 4/head
2016-08-29  Lisa OwenMASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY clarifications - HAWQ-1031
2016-08-29  David Yozieremoving hawq-book directory from this branch [HAWQ...
2016-08-29  David Yozieremoving hawq-book directory from this branch [HAWQ...
2016-08-29  David Yozieupdating book build instructions to correct paths
2016-08-29  David Yozieupdating readme for new book config location [HAWQ...
2016-08-26  Lisa Owenmisc doc updates clarifying APIs 3/head
2016-08-24  Lisa Owenupdate pxf rpm artifact names to current format 2/head
2016-08-24  Lisa Owenjane s mods for MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY
2016-08-19  Jane BeckmanClarify PXF segment control 1/head
2016-08-19  Jane BeckmanRemoves heap table statement, updates [#128180963]
2016-08-19  Jane BeckmanUpdates [#128508767]
2016-08-19  Lisa Owenenhance pxf/hive database info [#128450965]
2016-08-19  Lisa Owenpxf/hive reorganize syntax example and chg some params...
2016-08-19  Jane BeckmanUpdates [#128377837]
2016-08-16  Lisa Owenhive table name pxf location clause changes per goden...
2016-08-16  Lisa Owenadd lei's clarifications about system catalogs [#128034987]
2016-08-15  dyoziere-adding hawq-book as directory not submodule
2016-08-15  dyozieremoving hawq-book dir to re-add it not as a submodule
2016-08-15  dyozieMerge branch 'develop'
2016-08-15  dyozieadding sample book config dir
2016-08-15  dyozieadding README file and configuration for building sourc...
2016-08-13  David Yoziehighlighting port usage on the host selection page...
2016-08-12  David Yoziecleaning up language around versioning [fixes #125022571]
2016-08-12  David Yozieremoving extraneous spaces before commas; removing...
2016-08-12  David Yozieremoving old conversion file
2016-08-12  David Yozieremoving old conversion file
2016-08-12  David YozieMerge branch 'develop'
2016-08-12  David Yozieadding LICENSE and NOTICE for SGA prior to opening...
2016-08-12  Lisa Owenclarify pl/r install prereqs [#122002631]
2016-08-12  Lisa Owenadd reload back in to password_hash_algorithm guc set...
2016-08-12  Lisa Owenremove duplicate text [#128034987]
2016-08-12  Lisa Owennested function query limitations [#128034987]
2016-08-11  Jane BeckmanUpdates [#128180963]
2016-08-11  Lisa Owenfirst pass at hawq loaders install/cfg doc for win...
2016-08-10  Jane BeckmanUpdates [#126831313]
2016-08-10  Jane BeckmanUpdates [#126640759]
2016-08-10  Lisa Owenuse <> david's suggested updates for gpfdist service...
2016-08-10  Lisa Owenmods for new PL/R install [#122002631]
2016-08-10  Lisa Owenmods to password_hash_algorithm guc set classif per...
2016-08-09  Jane BeckmanMerge branch 'develop' of github.com:Pivotal-DataFabric...
2016-08-09  Lisa OwenHAWQInputFormat example - clarify port usage [#126236693]
2016-08-09  Jane BeckmanRemove -no-acl [#126536613]