2021-08-20  huorPublish Apache HAWQ Release asf-site
2021-08-19  huorRemove incubator for Apache HAWQ web page readme
2021-08-18  huorUpdate Apache HAWQ site to refelct Release
2018-09-24  rleiHAWQ-1661. Do not use archive for downloads sigs and...
2018-09-23  rleiUpdate download links for Apache HAWQ
2018-09-05  rleiHAWQ-1657. Update HAWQ download links.
2018-09-03  rleiHAWQ-1653. Update HAWQ git repositories and download...
2018-08-20  rleiHAWQ-1653. Update main page of Apache HAWQ as TLP. 18/head
2018-07-13  rleiHAWQ-1638. Modify the release notes links.
2018-07-13  rleiHAWQ-1638. Remove release to archive.
2018-07-13  rleiHAWQ-1638. Only use one gpg command as an example.
2018-07-13  rleiHAWQ-1638. Use full name for Apache Ambari.
2018-07-13  rleiHAWQ-1638. Remove download icons.
2018-07-13  rleiHAWQ-1638. Fix description of downloads.
2018-07-11  rleiHAWQ-1638. Add how to verify downloaded files section...
2018-07-09  rleiHAWQ-1638. Correct typo and use full name for ASF produ... 16/head
2018-03-21  David YozieUpdate /latest redirect to point to
2018-03-21  David YozieAdd build of generated html
2018-03-19  YiHAWQ-1596. delete old releases from mirroring system
2018-03-19  YiHAWQ-1595. use HTTPS for KEYS, sigs and hashes
2018-03-19  YiUpdate download page to reflect Apache HAWQ
2017-11-27  Ed EspinoHAWQ-1554. Add registered trademark symbol (®) to website. 14/head
2017-07-11  Ruilong HuoCorrect download page to reflect Apache HAWQ 2.2.0...
2017-07-11  Ruilong HuoUpdate download page to reflect Apache HAWQ
2017-05-23  dyozielink fix
2017-05-23  dyozieupdating doc link behavior; adding Getting Started...
2017-05-23  dyozieupdating /latest redirect to point to
2017-05-23  dyozieregenerating html with latest commit...
2017-04-21  Ed EspinoUpdate ASF copyright year and introduce new Apache...
2017-04-07  David Yozieadding HTML generated from branch
2017-03-21  Paul GuoFix the issue that the Download part looks confusing. 13/head
2017-02-28  Ed EspinoAdd Apache HAWQ download links.
2017-02-23  Paul GuoLink doc to the open source version and move the docs...
2017-02-22  dyozierebuilt userguide html with latest changes from source...
2017-01-20  David YozieAdding new HTML files generated by previous build
2017-01-20  David Yozierebuilding html after merge of following fixes: HAWQ...
2017-01-06  dyozieHAWQ-1250 - Create HAWQ-specific html docs (removing...
2017-01-06  dyozieHAWQ-1250 - Create HAWQ-specific html docs
2016-10-11  Ed EspinoEnable Download section
2016-07-01  Goden YaoAdd disclaimer based on ASF incubator branding audit...
2016-04-28  dyozieadding PXF javadoc link to main page
2016-04-21  Shivram ManiMerge remote-tracking branch 'shivam/HAWQ-683' into...
2016-04-21  Oleksandr DiachenkoUpdating doc links to point to hdb.docs.pivotal.io...
2016-04-21  Oleksandr DiachenkoCreate README.md (xinzweb via odiachenko).
2016-04-21  David YozieUpdating doc links to point to hdb.docs.pivotal.io... 5/head
2016-04-21  Shivram ManiHAWQ-683. Publish pxf javadoc api 4/head
2015-09-27  Roman ShaposhnikBasic HAWQ website
2015-09-04  Roman ShaposhnikAdding required DOCTYPE
2015-09-04  Roman ShaposhnikInitializing the repo