HAWQ-1297. Fixed PXF restart
[hawq.git] / configure.in
2016-10-13  Ming LIHAWQ-1098. Fixed building error when "configure --prefi... 960/head
2016-10-09  Ming LIHAWQ-1090. Fixed build problem on macos sierra (10.12)
2016-09-30  Shivram ManiMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-09-29  Paul GuoHAWQ-1081 - Check missing perl modules (at least JSON...
2016-09-06  Ed EspinoHAWQ-959. revert thrift build commands.
2016-08-12  Paul GuoHAWQ-914. Improve user experience of HAWQ's build infra...
2016-06-08  Paul GuoHAWQ-780. Remove quicklz compression related code but...
2016-06-06  Paul GuoHAWQ-775. Provide a seperate PLR package.
2016-05-25  xunzhangHAWQ-754. Open googletest build inside hawq for test... 674/head
2016-05-25  Paul GuoHAWQ-751. Add plr, pgcrypto, gporca into Apache HAWQ
2016-05-18  xunzhangHAWQ-735. Use --with-thrift to control building thrift...
2016-05-16  xunzhangHAWQ-711. Bugfix for libyarn/libhdfs3 building dependen... 647/head
2016-05-11  hzhang2HAWQ-727. Fix featuretest makefile error.
2016-05-11  Paul GuoHAWQ 726. configure and configure.in are not consistent.
2016-05-10  Paul GuoHAWQ-711. Integrate libhdfs3 and libyarn makefile into...
2016-05-09  Ruilong HuoRevert "HAWQ-711. Integrate libhdfs3 and libyarn makefi...
2016-05-09  Paul GuoHAWQ-711. Integrate libhdfs3 and libyarn makefile into...
2016-04-28  Lei ChangRevert "HAWQ-711. Integrate libhdfs3 and libyarn makefi...
2016-04-27  Ming LIHAWQ-711. Integrate libhdfs3 and libyarn makefile into... 632/head
2016-04-10  xunzhangHAWQ-647. fix compilation flag bug in debug mode
2016-03-19  Jacob Frank, Jesse... HAWQ-502 Enable ORCA [#105338218]
2016-03-15  ivanHAWQ-404. Add sort during INSERT of append only AO...
2016-03-14  C.J. JamesonRevert "Support --enable-orca [#105338218]"
2016-03-14  Jacob FrankSupport --enable-orca [#105338218]
2016-03-03  Jacob FrankHAWQ-479: Update JSON-C from 0.6 to 0.12 401/head
2016-02-22  Lili MaMerge branch 'HAWQ-275'
2016-02-19  Ming LIHAWQ-316. Rework SSE42 implementation and runtime logic...
2016-01-29  Oleksandr DiachenkoHAWQ-340. Make getVersion API return JSON format.
2016-01-13  George CarageaHAWQ-333. Remove Metadata Versioning code
2015-12-09  Xiaolin ZhangHAWQ-233. Fix HAWQ initialization failed on Centos7 170/head
2015-12-08  Zhanwei WangHAWQ-230. fix build failure on centos 7 166/head
2015-10-23  Lirong JianHAWQ-72. Introduce ADDON_DIR macro in configure/makefil... 35/head
2015-10-19  Zhanwei WangHAWQ-66. check libxml2 in configure 25/head
2015-10-10  Ming LIHAWQ-23. Fixed building gpfdist error
2015-09-28  Zhanwei WangHAWQ-9. fix the Makefile in gpopt subdirectory. 4/head
2015-09-19  Roman ShaposhnikSGA import