2021-02-04  Chiyang WanHAWQ-1782. Fix failed to read EXTERNAL TABLE of GPFDIST... 1505/head thirdparty
2021-01-27  Chiyang WanHAWQ-1781. Add Github Action Sanity Test
2021-01-22  Chiyang WanHAWQ-1780. Add GitHub Action Step to Test against Runni...
2021-01-20  Chiyang WanHAWQ-1779. Add GitHub Action for building on macOS 1502/head
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1772. fix typecast match issues 1501/head
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1773. fix orc type check for null orc file 1500/head
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1775. update some univplan index function to new...
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1773. Add type check for orc file
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1772. ADD timestamptz_text
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1772. ADD NUMERIC[]
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1772. ADD time_text function
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1772. Add BOOL_TO_BYTEA function
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1772. Add new functions
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1772. Add INTERVAL_TO_TEXT function
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1772. Add TEXT_TO_DECIMAL && TO_NUMBER function
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1774. fix potential issue in DecimalVector::append
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1772. add bool_text function
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1775. Refact tuple batch
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1775. Add Vector/TupleBatch/ExprContext empty()
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1775. Regulate FlatMemBuf::getMemUsed
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1775. Add group agg
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1774. refactor decimalToFloat and floatToDecimal...
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1775. set scalar initial value
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1774. fix coredump when insert nan to decimal
2020-11-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1775. refacte bpchar implementation and test
2020-11-12  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1771. add TRANSLATE function and set KMP_LIMIT... 1499/head
2020-11-12  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1771. Add newQE DOUBLE_TO_TIMESTAMP function
2020-11-12  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1770. Fix bug of lock
2020-11-12  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1770. fix memUse bug when reserve new block
2020-10-30  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. Refactor FlatMemBuf memory allocate strategy
2020-10-30  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. Adjust getMemUsed() to exact value
2020-10-30  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. Use list instead of deque for waiters in...
2020-10-21  qinzuoyanHAWQ-1769. Fix DirectoryIterator of libhdfs3
2020-10-15  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. refactor decimalToFloat and floatToDecimal... 1498/head
2020-10-15  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. enable new insert in univplan
2020-10-15  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. truncate zero to no digits for old executor
2020-10-15  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. enhance orc writer and reader
2020-10-09  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. Fix ORC DECIMAL writer 1496/head
2020-10-09  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. do not install in compile all command
2020-10-09  ZongtianHou HAWQ-1767. fix wrong compile for enum type
2020-09-24  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1767. Add TypeKind for aggregate function intermed... 1495/head
2020-09-17  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1766. fix get hdfs file blocklocations 1494/head
2020-08-21  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1765. fix compile issue 1487/head
2020-04-07  YangHao1992HAWQ-1764. fix udf debug core and improve timing accuracy 1493/head
2020-03-11  Ruilong HuoHAWQ-1760. datalocality information should be showed... huor 1491/head
2019-11-21  YangHao1992HAWQ-1758. Add debug info for udf 1488/head
2019-11-19  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1756. add comment for struct TargetSegmentIDMap. 1486/head
2019-11-18  ZongtianHouHAWQ-2742. add comment for enforce virtual segment... 1485/head
2019-11-13  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1754. add comment for max segment number count... 1484/head
2019-11-07  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1753. location number of external table should... 1483/head
2019-08-27  wang.zimingHAWQ-1752. Change .travis
2019-08-27  wang.zimingHAWQ-1752. Remove tracked Makefile.global
2019-08-27  wang.zimingHAWQ-1751. Fix Travis CI build
2019-08-20  wang.zimingHAWQ-1750. Fix link of apr in travis
2019-08-19  wang.zimingHAWQ-1749. Add some license and change pom.xml
2019-08-15  Ruilong HuoHAWQ-1748. Idle executors keep exist instead of quit... 1476/head
2019-08-15  wang.zimingHAWQ-1747. Change pip downloading
2019-08-15  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1746. fix make install bug when building hawq rpm
2019-08-15  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1745. include *.h in storage in contrib's makefile
2019-08-14  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1744. fix lib jvm not found in docker bug
2019-08-14  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1743. Fix download link for tomcat 7
2019-08-11  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1742. include *.h in dbcommon in src's makefile
2019-08-11  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1740. fix build bug when build in ci
2019-08-05  wang.zimingHAWQ-1736.Fix bug timestamp orc select
2019-08-04  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1739. remove old version protobuf in Dockerfile
2019-08-02  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1737. set with_orc's default value as yes to build...
2019-08-02  tuyuHAWQ-1735. enable orc feature test
2019-08-02  tuyuHAWQ-1734. Resolve insert issue in external table of orc
2019-07-31  wang.zimingHAWQ-1733.Resolve select issue in external table of orc
2019-07-31  wang.zimingHAWQ-1732. Make writable table can read
2019-07-29  tuyuHAWQ-1731. fix orc table create information bug
2019-07-23  tuyuHAWQ-1728. fix dependency path hard code
2019-07-23  ZongtianHouHAWQ-1729.fix memory wrong usage
2019-07-22  tuyuHAWQ-1726. install some necessary software in Dockerfile
2019-07-17  tuyuHAWQ-1725 install cogapp in Dockerfile
2019-06-15  Ruilong HuoHAWQ-1724. Fix download link for tomcat 7 1455/head
2019-06-02  Ruilong HuoHAWQ-1722. Fix core dump due to lock is not released... 1454/head
2019-05-22  tuyuHAWQ-1720. support create table in orc format
2019-05-22  tuyuHAWQ-1711. Add feature test for ORC format 1451/head
2019-05-13  tuyuHAWQ-1713. Disable TestMbConverter.Canonical in hawq
2019-05-13  tuyuHAWQ-1718. Disable agg function unittest in dbcommon
2019-05-13  tuyuHAWQ-1719. Reopen unittest in hawq 1448/head
2019-05-13  Ruilong HuoHAWQ-1717. Fix incorrect seeding for random function 1447/head
2019-05-12  tuyuHAWQ-1716. enable feature-test in docker 1446/head
2019-05-10  tuyuHAWQ-1712. enable apache hawq build in docker
2019-05-10  tuyuHAWQ-1714. bump hawq version to 2.5 in pom.xml for...
2019-05-08  tuyuHAWQ-1715. bump hawq version to 2.5 in contrib/hawq... 1445/head
2019-05-02  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1710. Add ORC reader implement in hawq
2019-04-29  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1695. Optimize hawq compilation structure 1442/head
2019-04-28  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1709. Add ORC reader interface in hawq 1440/head
2019-04-28  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1707. install dbcommon,univplan,storage once they...
2019-04-28  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1708. Add ORC writer in hawq 1439/head
2019-04-27  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1706. enable orc build in makefile
2019-04-27  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1705. fix orc build bug 1436/head
2019-04-21  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1704. Add ORC protocol validators in hawq
2019-04-18  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1703. delete legacy orc in hawq 1434/head
2019-04-18  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1702. modify .ans file in hawq feature-test
2019-04-17  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1701. enable feature test in apache hawq
2019-04-15  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1700. fix hawq cannot be build in linux bug
2019-04-14  oushu1tuyu1HAWQ-1698. fix univplan cannot be build in linux bug