descriptionApache HBase
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 24 Jan 2019 06:55:12 +0000 (14:55 +0800)
40 min ago  xujunhongHBASE-21715 set timeout instead of throwing Exception... master
4 hours ago  KevinHBASE-21716 Add toStringCustomizedValues to TableDescriptor
5 hours ago  Tommy LiHBASE-21720 : metric to measure how actions are distrib...
6 hours ago  Nihal JainHBASE-21475 Put mutation (having TTL set) added via...
18 hours ago  Allan YangHBASE-21754 ReportRegionStateTransitionRequest should...
21 hours ago  Duo ZhangHBASE-21753 Support getting the locations for all the...
32 hours ago  Sergey ShelukhinHBASE-21626 log the regions blocking WAL from being...
43 hours ago  huzhengHBASE-21750 Most of KeyValueUtil#length can be replaced...
2 days ago  huzhengHBASE-21734 Some optimization in FilterListWithOR
2 days ago  Nihal JainHBASE-21749 RS UI may throw NPE and make rs-status...
2 days ago  huzhengHBASE-21738 Remove all the CLSM#size operation in our...
4 days ago  zhangduoHBASE-21746 Fix two concern cases in RegionMover
5 days ago  Duo ZhangHBASE-21726 Add getAllRegionLocations method to AsyncTa...
6 days ago  SakthiHBASE-21737 Fix typos in "Appendix A: HFile format...
6 days ago  zhangduoHBASE-19695 Handle disabled table for async client
6 days ago  Nihal JainHBASE-17370 Fix or provide shell scripts to drain and...
20 hours ago rel/1.2.10 HBASE-21686 tag Apache HBase 1...
2 weeks ago rel/2.1.2 Tag 2.1.2RC1 as rel/2.1.2
2 weeks ago 1.2.10RC0 HBASE-21686 tag Apache HBase 1...
2 weeks ago rel/2.0.4 Tag 2.0.4
3 weeks ago 2.1.2RC1 Tagging 2.1.2RC1
3 weeks ago rel/1.3.3 Apache HBase release 1.3.3
3 weeks ago 2.0.4RC1 Tag 2.0.4RC1
5 weeks ago rel/1.4.9 Apache HBase release 1.4.9
5 weeks ago 1.3.3RC0 1.3.3RC0
6 weeks ago 2.1.2RC0 Tag first 2.1.2 RC
6 weeks ago 2.0.4RC0 Tag first 2.0.4 RC
7 weeks ago 1.4.9RC1 1.4.9RC1
7 weeks ago rel/2.0.3 Tag 2.0.3RC0 as rel/2.0.3
7 weeks ago rel/1.2.9 HBASE-21493 tag Apache HBase 1.2.9
8 weeks ago 2.0.3RC0 First 2.0.3 RC
2 months ago 1.2.9RC0 HBASE-21493 tag Apache HBase 1...
40 min ago branch-2.0
40 min ago branch-2.1
40 min ago branch-2
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5 hours ago branch-1
6 hours ago branch-1.3
6 hours ago branch-1.4
39 hours ago HBASE-20952
2 days ago HBASE-21512
7 days ago branch-1.2
5 months ago HBASE-18477
10 months ago HBASE-15867
10 months ago HBASE-14850
11 months ago branch-1.1
13 months ago HBASE-14070.HLC
19 months ago HBASE-14614