descriptionApache HBase
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 20 Feb 2019 11:47:28 +0000 (19:47 +0800)
113 min ago  zhangduoHBASE-21927 Always fail the locate request when error... master
3 hours ago  Jingyun TianRevert "HBASE-21505 - proposal for a more consistent...
5 hours ago  Guanghao ZhangHBASE-21932 Use Runtime.getRuntime().halt to terminate...
7 hours ago  zhangduoHBASE-21928 Deprecated HConstants.META_QOS
10 hours ago  zhangduoHBASE-21930 Deal with ScannerResetException when openin...
16 hours ago  Josh ElserHBASE-21915 Make FileLinkInputStream implement CanUnbuffer
34 hours ago  Wellington... HBASE-21505 - proposal for a more consistent report...
42 hours ago  Xiang LiHBASE-21866 Do not move the table to null rsgroup when...
38 hours ago  Nihal JainHBASE-17942 Disable region splits and merges per table
2 days ago  Duo ZhangHBASE-21907 Should set priority for rpc request
2 days ago  lujieHBASE-21740 Fix NPE while shutting down RS
3 days ago  Daisuke KobayashiHBASE-21899 Fix missing variables for slf4j Logger
4 days ago  zhangduoHBASE-21909 Validate the put instance before executing...
4 days ago  zhangduoHBASE-21908 Remove Scan.getScanMetrics
4 days ago  Josh ElserHBASE-21872 Use a call that defaults to UTF-8 charset...
4 days ago  Josh ElserRevert "HBASE-21782 Use a call that defaults to UTF...
13 hours ago 2.0.5RC15
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20 hours ago 2.0.5RC7
20 hours ago 2.0.5RC6
20 hours ago 2.0.5RC5
21 hours ago 2.0.5RC4
23 hours ago 2.0.5RC3
23 hours ago 2.0.5RC2
23 hours ago 2.0.5RC0
4 days ago 1.2.11RC0 HBASE-21898 tag Apache HBase 1...
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