descriptionApache HBase
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 7 Jul 2022 17:17:04 +0000 (10:17 -0700)
53 min ago  Narasimha SharmaHBASE-18045 Added default SSH connection timeout in... master
4 hours ago  Bryan BeaudreaultHBASE-27078 Allow configuring a separate timeout for...
10 hours ago  Duo ZhangHBASE-26708 Netty leak detected and OutOfDirectMemoryEr...
15 hours ago  Duo ZhangHBASE-27157 Addendum fix compile error after revert
17 hours ago  Duo ZhangRevert "HBASE-27157 Potential race condition in WorkerA...
18 hours ago  UjjawalHBASE-27175 - Failure to cleanup WAL split dir log...
26 hours ago  Bryan BeaudreaultHBASE-27048 Server side scanner time limit should accou...
30 hours ago  Nick DimidukHBASE-27172 Upgrade OpenTelemetry dependency to 1.15.0
31 hours ago  wenwj0HBASE-27101 support commons-crypto version 1.1.0 (...
35 hours ago  Duo ZhangHBASE-27148 Addendum uncomment the shutdown code in...
37 hours ago  Duo ZhangHBASE-27148 Move minimum hadoop 3 support version to...
39 hours ago  RuanhuiHBASE-27157 Potential race condition in WorkerAssigner...
39 hours ago  tianhangHBASE-27171 Fix Annotation Error in HRegionFileSystem...
2 days ago  Bryan BeaudreaultHBASE-27170 ByteBuffAllocator leak when decompressing...
5 days ago  Andrew PurtellHBASE-27174 Update downloads.xml for release 2.4.13
6 days ago  Duo ZhangHBASE-27169 TestSeparateClientZKCluster is flaky (...
5 days ago rel/2.4.13 HBase release 2.4.13
6 days ago rel/3.0.0-alpha-3 Release 3.0.0-alpha-3
2 weeks ago 2.4.13RC1 Via create-release
2 weeks ago 2.4.13RC0 Via create-release
3 weeks ago 3.0.0-alpha-3RC0 Tag the first release candidate...
5 weeks ago 2.5.0RC0 Via create-release
2 months ago rel/2.4.12 Apache HBase release 2.4.12
2 months ago 2.4.12RC0 Via create-release
3 months ago rel/2.4.11 Apache HBase 2.4.11 release
3 months ago 2.4.11RC1 Via create-release
3 months ago 2.4.11RC0 Via create-release
4 months ago rel/2.4.10 Apache HBase release 2.4.10
4 months ago 2.4.10RC1 Via create-release
4 months ago 2.4.10RC0 Via create-release
6 months ago rel/2.4.9 Apache HBase release 2.4.9
6 months ago rel/3.0.0-alpha-2 Tag 3.0.0-alpha-2 release
53 min ago master
10 hours ago branch-2.4
10 hours ago branch-2.5
10 hours ago branch-2
2 weeks ago revert-4559-revert-4463-removetp
2 weeks ago revert-4463-removetp
2 weeks ago HBASE-26913-replication-observability-framework
6 weeks ago branch-1
7 weeks ago revert-4394-HBASE-26856
7 weeks ago revert-4414-HBASE-27013
2 months ago HBASE-26995
2 months ago dependabot/maven/org.apache.hadoop-hadoop-common-3.2.3
3 months ago HBASE-26553
3 months ago HBASE-26871-branch-2
3 months ago revert-4262-scanbuff2
3 months ago revert-4178-25865-region-visualizer