[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[helix.git] / helix-front / package.json
2019-09-13  pkuwmFix helix-front build failure by downgrading types...
2018-11-01  Vivo XuUI: Front page minor adjustment; prepare yarn migration 273/head
2018-08-08  Vivo Xuuse ldapjs lib instead of ldap-client
2018-08-08  Vivo Xuadd ldap support
2018-08-08  Vivo XuIntroduce Helix cluster dashboard
2018-08-08  Vivo XuFix the building issue
2018-08-08  Vivo XuSupport simple job detail view
2018-08-08  Vivo XuWorkflow: job dag for generic workflows
2018-07-23  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Add show/hide handle for cluster list 259/head
2018-07-23  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Workflow: job list for Job Queues
2018-04-24  Vivo XuUpgrade node-sass to 4.5.3 198/head
2018-01-25  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Upgrade Angular to 5; Material to 5;...
2018-01-25  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Added pager into configuration page and...
2018-01-03  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Fix building issue caused by version... 122/head
2017-11-08  Junkai XueMerge branch 'helixli/master'
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Added simple username pass down
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Fix small issues causing production build...
2017-11-07  Vivo XuUpgrade to support multiple helix restful services
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Use server side proxy API instead for...
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Added a backend for proxying restful api
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Implement simple workflow list and detail...
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Implement HelixNodeViewer component
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Fixed instance link and row cursor
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Added dev Piwik as analytics for now
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] Fixed an issue that bundled UI cannot...
2017-11-07  Vivo Xu[helix-front] A bunch of styling fixes and improvements
2017-11-07  Vivo XuIntroduce helix-front