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2020-01-23  Hunter LeeUpdate website with 0.9.4 helix-0.9.4-release
2019-08-19  Jiajun WangUpdate menu bar.
2019-08-14  jiajunwangRelease note for 0.9.1.
2019-06-25  Hunter LeeUpdate all markdown files to 0.9.0
2019-06-25  Hunter LeeUpdate website with 0.9.0 with maven plugin version...
2019-06-25  Hunter LeeAdd Release Notes and Docs for 0.9.0 release
2019-03-06  narendlyRevise the markdown and add more context to how-to...
2019-03-06  Junkai XueUpdate menu bar
2019-03-06  narendlyRevise the markdown and add more context to how-to...
2019-03-06  narendlyAdd markdown for auto-exit of maintenance mode
2019-02-27  Junkai XueRelease note and docs for 0.8.4
2019-02-22  narendlyAdd quota-based scheduling to tutorial 304/head
2019-02-21  narendlyAdd quota-based scheduling to tutorial 303/head
2019-02-21  narendlyAdd markdown for quota-based scheduling 301/head
2019-02-13  Junkai XueUpdate the menu bar
2018-11-27  Junkai XueBump web to 0.8.4 SNAPSHOT
2018-07-31  Junkai XueUpdate main page and add redirect
2018-07-31  Junkai XueUpdate menu bar
2018-07-24  Junkai XueAdd release note for 0.8.2
2018-06-01  Eric Kimmade edits to CrushED design doc 202/head
2018-06-01  Eric KimAdding CrushED design document
2018-05-01  Junkai XueAdd Rest module for download part
2018-05-01  Junkai XueUpdate menu bar for 0.8.1
2018-04-25  jiajunwangAdding monitoring metrics document. 199/head
2018-03-30  Eric KimRelease note for Helix 0.8.1 171/head
2018-03-22  jiajunwangTutorial update for task framework new features in 0.8
2018-02-02  Junkai XueUpdate menu bar for 0.8.0
2018-02-02  Eric Kim0.8.0 releasenote update 135/head
2018-01-30  Junkai XueUpdate release process manual
2018-01-30  Junkai XueBump pom version for website
2018-01-30  Eric Kimrelease note for 0.8.0
2018-01-25  Vivo XuAdded tutorial for Helix UI 129/head
2018-01-08  Junkai Xue[HELIX-671] Introduce github.com/uber-go/go-helix as... 125/head
2018-01-08  Junkai XueTutorial for Helix REST service 2.0 124/head
2018-01-03  Junkai XueFix tutorial health web page. 123/head
2017-12-20  Junkai XueInitiate 0.8.0 documents 120/head
2017-11-08  Junkai XueMerge branch 'helixli/master'
2017-10-10  Junkai Xue0.6.9 release notes and top menu and sidebar update. 116/head
2017-10-10  Junkai XuePrepare website for 0.6.9 release and add 0.6.9 release...
2017-08-16  Vivo XuFix styling issue when visiting sites with HTTPS protocol 105/head
2017-06-23  Junkai XueBackout the documentation change since this feature...
2017-06-23  Jiajun WangAdd task execution throttling manual into TaskFramework... 101/head
2017-06-22  Junkai XueMove latest website back to master branch