2018-05-01  Lei XiaTemporary excluding helix-front from maven build process. apache/master
2018-05-01  Lei XiaFix bump.command to include pom.xml in helix-front...
2018-05-01  Lei XiaUpdate ivy files for next release.
2018-05-01  Junkai XueUpdate menu bar for 0.8.1
2018-04-25  jiajunwangAdding monitoring metrics document. 199/head
2018-04-25  Junkai Xue[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-04-25  Junkai Xue[maven-release-plugin] prepare release helix-0.8.1 helix-0.8.1
2018-04-25  Harry Zhang[HELIX-681] change controller msg purge timeout to... 197/head
2018-04-25  Junkai XueChange MD hash
2018-04-24  Vivo XuUpgrade node-sass to 4.5.3 198/head
2018-04-24  Lei XiaMove all command tool classes into a separate sub-folder.
2018-04-24  Harry Zhang[HELIX-682] delete duplicated message and log error... 195/head
2018-04-24  Harry ZhangFix broken TestWorkflowTermination 194/head
2018-04-24  Lei XiaFix a few of unstable integration tests. 193/head
2018-04-23  jiajunwang[HELIX-674] Introducing constraints based rebalancing... 145/head
2018-04-20  Harry Zhang[HELIX-696] fix workflow state flip-flop issue 191/head
2018-04-20  Junkai XueAdd logs for RoutingTableProvider and HelixAdmin
2018-04-20  Hunter LeeRevert setting job state to NOT_STARTED on creation... 192/head
2018-04-20  Junkai XueMake Task limitation configurable and refactor the... 190/head
2018-04-20  Junkai XueFix message intialization logics and failed tests
2018-04-19  Lei XiaAdd forcefully workflow and job delete API into HelixAd... 185/head
2018-04-19  Hunter LeeRefactor log statements in RebalanceScheduler 189/head
2018-04-19  Hunter Lee[HELIX-699] Compare InstanceConfigs using their IDs... 188/head
2018-04-19  Hunter Lee[HELIX-698] Add periodic refresh to RoutingTableProvider 187/head
2018-04-19  Hunter Lee[HELIX-697] Add cluster level metrics in ClusterStatusM... 186/head
2018-04-19  Harry Zhangfix broken TestTaskCreateThrottling 184/head
2018-04-19  Lei XiaFix race-condition issue that could block ZkClient... 183/head
2018-04-19  Harry Zhang[HELIX-690] batch message execution should not share... 181/head
2018-04-19  Harry Zhang[HELIX-695] add helix manager listener for new connecti... 182/head
2018-04-18  Harry ZhangAdd time information in HelixTask log 180/head
2018-04-18  Harry Zhangfix breaking TestExternalViewUpdates
2018-04-18  dimuthuAdding an id for the threads created in the ThreadPool... 179/head
2018-04-16  Lei XiaAdd error->offline state transition callback in DistClu... 178/head
2018-04-16  Lei XiaFix NPE in TestRoutingTableProvider.
2018-04-16  Lei XiaFix NPE exception in CurrentStateOutput when getting...
2018-04-16  Lei XiaWrap these high frequent called debug log statements...
2018-04-11  Junkai XueFix infinite loop for Workflow timeout issue 177/head
2018-04-11  Junkai XueStart participants for multiple in one JVM
2018-04-09  Harry Zhang[HELIX-689] remove redundant logs from zkclient 173/head
2018-04-09  Harry Zhang[HELIX-692] use map instead of list to avoid deleting... 175/head
2018-04-09  narendly[HELIX-691] Allow users to update InstanceConfig 176/head
2018-04-05  Lei XiaImprove CallbackHandler by avoiding unnessary re-subscr... 159/head
2018-04-05  Lei XiaFix TestZkCallbackHandlerLeak, and refine some log...
2018-04-05  Lei XiaAdd new config name for batch callback handing in Callb...
2018-04-05  Lei XiaSupport configurable data prefetch in ZkClient during...
2018-04-05  Lei XiaAdd TotalEventCount and TotalHandledEventCount metrics...
2018-04-02  Lei XiaFix performance issue in ClusterDataCache by using... 172/head
2018-04-02  Junkai XueSupport selective update for IdealState 169/head
2018-04-02  Junkai XueAvoid to read data from ZK for ExternalViewStage
2018-03-31  Junkai XueFix MessageHandlerFactory incompatible API 161/head
2018-03-30  Eric KimRelease note for Helix 0.8.1 171/head
2018-03-27  narendly[HELIX-688] Add method that returns start time of the... 170/head
2018-03-27  narendly[HELIX-687] Add synchronized delete for workflows 168/head
2018-03-27  narendly[HELIX-686] Add support for WorkflowContext in PropertyKey 166/head
2018-03-27  narendly[HELIX-685] Set job state to NOT_STARTED at job creatio... 165/head
2018-03-27  narendly[HELIX-684] Add health status API in ResourceAccessor 164/head
2018-03-26  Harry Zhang[HELIX-683] clean monitoring cache upon helix controlle... 162/head
2018-03-26  Lei XiaFail rebalance pipeline and retry if the data load... 158/head
2018-03-25  Junkai XueAdd old API back for compatibility 160/head
2018-03-25  Junkai XueAvoid redundant calculation for disabled instances
2018-03-25  Junkai XueFix Timeout scheduling issue.
2018-03-25  Junkai XueAdd new API for getProperty and get
2018-03-25  hrzhangFixed broken TestZkHelixAdmin()
2018-03-25  Junkai XueRemove empty resource entry if there is no partition...
2018-03-25  Harry Zhang[HELIX-681] don't fail state transition task if we... 152/head
2018-03-25  Harry Zhang[HELIX-682] controller should delete obsolete messages... 156/head
2018-03-23  Junkai XueFix NPE for RoutingTableProvider listener 155/head
2018-03-23  Lei XiaWrap debug log statement in CallbackHandler and ZkClien...
2018-03-23  Junkai XueSupport RoutingTableChangeListener in RoutingTableProvi...
2018-03-23  Lei XiaAdd RoutingTableSnapshot class to hold a snapshot of...
2018-03-23  Lei XiaChange RoutingTableProvider to support direct aggregati...
2018-03-23  Lei XiaAllow to get all resources from RoutingTableProvider...
2018-03-23  Lei XiaFix a bug when controller handles relay message timeout... 157/head
2018-03-23  Lei XiaInclude resource name in the log.
2018-03-23  Lei XiaFix a bug in AutoRebalancer that it fails to compute...
2018-03-23  Lei XiaPersist preferenceLists into TargetExternalView.
2018-03-23  Lei XiaAdd cluster level metrics to show whether cluster is...
2018-03-23  Lei XiaIncluding version number in Participant and Controller...
2018-03-23  Lei XiaRetrieve cached idealMappings for all Rebalancers ... 153/head
2018-03-22  jiajunwangTutorial update for task framework new features in 0.8
2018-03-20  Junkai XueLet allowed down instance number can be 0 154/head
2018-03-20  Junkai XueSupport Workflow level timeout
2018-03-20  Junkai XueFix Job level timeout not timeout jobs and refactor...
2018-03-20  Lei XiaEnable our scripts to be able to pump log lines into... 150/head
2018-03-20  Lei XiaRefactor ClusterDataCache, break it into small cache...
2018-03-19  hrzhang[HELIX-679] consolidate semantics of recursively delete... 140/head
2018-03-15  Junkai XueRoutingTableProvider for TargetExternalView 149/head
2018-03-14  Harry ZhangMove RoutingDataCache to BasicDataCache as a sharable... 148/head
2018-03-14  hrzhang[HELIX-680] add system setting to unblock TestZkCallbac... 146/head
2018-03-13  Jiajun Wang[HELIX-678] Don't clear event queues when the controlle... 147/head
2018-03-13  Jiajun Wang[HELIX-678] Clear controller event queue when it is...
2018-03-13  jiajunwang[HELIX-675] Refactor controller start/cleanup logic... 142/head
2018-03-13  Jiajun Wang[HELIX-677] Change error log to info/warning when repli... 144/head
2018-03-09  Jiajun Wang[HELIX-676] Don't clear list fields in PersistAssignmen... 143/head
2018-03-09  Jiajun Wang[HELIX-676] Adding test for intermediate state cal...
2018-03-09  Jiajun Wang[HELIX-676] Fix the issue that the controller keep...
2018-03-08  Junkai XueMake logs are not printed with empty list in intermedia... 141/head
2018-03-08  Junkai XueFix the job parents listing logic in REST
2018-03-08  Weihua Zhuchange seconds to milliseconds
2018-03-08  Lei XiaFix issue in reporting MissingMinActiveReplicaPartition... 139/head