2017-06-19  Junkai XueFix typo for version 0.6.8 helix-0.7.x
2017-06-19  Junkai Xue0.6.8 release notes and top menu and sidebar update.
2017-06-12  Junkai XuePrepare website for 0.6.8 release and add 0.6.8 release... 99/head
2017-06-09  Lei Xia[HELIX-658] Bump Zookeeper version to 3.4.9. 97/head
2017-04-03  Junkai XueAdd Junkai into the developer list
2017-01-27  Lei Xia0.6.7 release notes and top menu and sidebar update.
2017-01-20  Lei XiaPrepare website for 0.6.7 release and add 0.6.7 release...
2016-12-14  Lei XiaAdd Lei Xia as PMC member.
2016-11-22  Junkai XueImprovement for Task Framework Tutorial 61/head
2016-11-15  Lei XiaUpdate task framework tutorial.
2016-11-15  Junkai XueAdd Tutorial for Task Framework 60/head
2016-11-10  Lei Xia0.6.6 release notes and top menu and sidebar update.
2016-11-08  Lei XiaAdd 0.6.6 release notes to the common directory. Add...
2016-11-02  Lei XiaAdd release summary for the release note.
2016-11-02  Lei XiaFix the format of release notes.
2016-11-02  Lei XiaAdd 0.6.6 docs to the website modules.
2016-11-02  Lei XiaAdd 0.6.6 release notes.
2016-11-01  Lei XiaUpdate Helix release instruction wiki.
2016-11-01  Lei XiaPreparing website for 0.6.6 release.
2016-09-17  Greg Brandthelix-ui improvements
2016-06-16  Lei XiaMerge branch 'fix-session-npe' of https://github.com...
2016-06-14  Adam LugowskiFixing an NPE when there is a session mismatch in Helix... 45/head
2016-05-26  Kishore GopalakrishnaMerge branch '0.7.1-bugfix' of https://github.com/neutr...
2016-05-19  neutronsharcfixed a bug at WriteLock caused by read-delete race... 44/head
2016-01-06  Kishore Gopalakrishna[HELIX-619] Fixing build command to skip Tests
2015-11-01  Kanak BiscuitwalaMerge branch 'task-state-model-shutdown' of https:...
2015-11-01  Kanak BiscuitwalaMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/liyinan926...
2015-09-14  Greg BrandtDe-couple IPC host / instance name
2015-09-09  Yinan LiMakes TaskStateModel gets properly shutdown when the... 35/head
2015-09-08  Yinan LiAdded unit tests for CriteriaEvaluator 34/head
2015-08-28  Yinan LiAdded new DataSource values LIVEINSTANCES and INSTANCES...
2015-08-24  Greg BrandtAdds a Maven archetype to create OnlineOffline application
2015-08-23  Greg BrandtAdds a Maven archetype to create OnlineOffline application
2015-07-18  Greg BrandtCleaned up ByteBuf usage in IPC 33/head
2015-07-07  Kanak Biscuitwala[HELIX-604] Update website with committers, download...
2015-05-22  Vinayak Borkar[HELIX-597] Added dropStateModelDef method to HelixAdmin
2015-05-18  Hang Qi[HELIX-596] fix throttled messages still take constrain... 28/head
2015-04-27  Lei Xia[HELIX-584] SimpleDateFormat should not be used as... 24/head
2015-04-11  Greg Brandthelix-ui server can be programmatically started/stopped 23/head
2015-03-29  Kanak Biscuitwala[HELIX-554] Fix TestEntropyFreeNodeBounce
2015-03-29  Kanak BiscuitwalaHelix UI module testng.xml in conf directory
2015-03-29  Kanak BiscuitwalaAdd testng.xml for helix-ui module
2015-03-29  Kanak BiscuitwalaSkip tests on helix-ui module
2015-03-29  Kanak BiscuitwalaAdd D3.js license info to NOTICE
2015-03-28  Greg BrandtAdded more licenses; mvn -Prat -DskipTests passes 21/head
2015-03-28  Greg Brandtadd Apache license to readme
2015-03-28  Greg BrandtAdd apache license to helix-ui; 4 -> 2 spaces indent
2015-03-28  Greg BrandtCatch exception when no resource config exists (for...
2015-03-28  Greg BrandtA user interface for viewing and administering clusters
2015-03-26  Olivier Lamyforce executable for all download.cgi
2015-03-25  Kanak BiscuitwalaUpdate .htaccess for 0.6.5 download page
2015-03-25  Kanak Biscuitwala0.6.5 release notes and sidebar update
2015-03-24  kishoregPrepping website for 0.6.5 release
2015-03-24  Olivier Lamylock site plugin version
2015-03-24  Olivier Lamymore plugins upgrade
2015-03-24  Olivier Lamycommons io 2.2
2015-03-24  Olivier Lamymore plugins updates
2015-03-24  Olivier Lamyuse last Apache parent pom
2015-03-24  Olivier Lamyupgrade plugins versions
2015-03-24  kishoregPreparing website for helix 0.6.5 release
2015-03-07  Lei XiaSupport deleting job from a job queue. The queue has...
2015-02-19  Kanak BiscuitwalaMerge branch 'helix-569' of https://github.com/acmcelwe...
2015-02-16  Adam McElwee[HELIX-569] - Update docs to correctly pass rebalance... 16/head
2015-02-15  Casey MillerFixing pylint issues with cluster.py. 15/head
2015-02-15  Casey MillerFixing spacing on multi line arguments.
2015-02-15  Casey MillerAdding license to new files.
2015-02-14  Casey MillerRefactoring cluster.py:
2014-12-08  Kanak BiscuitwalaMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jheise...
2014-12-05  Jon Heiseadding apache license 14/head
2014-12-04  Jon Heiseadding python helix admin library
2014-11-24  Kanak Biscuitwala[HELIX-555] Allow ClusterStateVerifier classes to take...
2014-11-24  Siegfried Bilsteinhelix-ipc artifact now includes both resolvers and... 13/head
2014-11-22  Kanak BiscuitwalaMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-11-19  zzhang[HELIX-552] StateModelFactory#_stateModelMap should...
2014-11-19  Kanak Biscuitwala[HELIX-550] Shutdown GenericHelixController on disconnect
2014-11-19  Antony T Curtis[HELIX-549] Rethrow ThreadDeath instead of discarding.
2014-11-12  Kishore GopalakrishnaHELIX-543 RB-27808 Avoid moving partitions unnecessaril...
2014-11-12  Antony T Curtis[HELIX-537] Shutdown executors
2014-11-05  zzhangMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-11-05  zzhang[HELIX-539] Add ivy file to helix-agent, rb=27638
2014-10-21  Lei XiaAdd integration tests to verify that dropping a partiti... 7/head
2014-10-01  zzhang[HELIX-519] Add integration tests to ensure that kill...
2014-09-23  zzhang[HELIX-489] Convert rabbitmq to use new API, rb=25927
2014-09-19  Greg BrandtRefactored Netty IPC code into separate classes (This...
2014-09-16  Kanak BiscuitwalaMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/brandtg...
2014-09-15  Greg BrandtBack-pressure handler in NettyHelixIPCService 4/head
2014-09-14  Kanak Biscuitwala[HELIX-515] Prepare website for 0.6.4 and 0.7.1 releases
2014-09-11  Kanak BiscuitwalaAdds -maxChannelLifeMillis CLI argument to BenchmarkDri...
2014-09-10  Greg BrandtAdds -maxChannelLifeMillis CLI argument to BenchmarkDriver 3/head
2014-09-09  zzhang[HELIX-514] ZkBaseDataAccessor#set() should throw BadVe...
2014-08-28  Kanak Biscuitwala[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-08-28  Kanak Biscuitwala[maven-release-plugin] prepare release helix-0.7.1 helix-0.7.1
2014-08-28  Kanak BiscuitwalaRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare release helix...
2014-08-28  Kanak BiscuitwalaRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next develop...
2014-08-28  Kanak Biscuitwala[HELIX-470] Netty-based IPC layer, fix pom
2014-08-28  Kanak Biscuitwala[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-08-28  Kanak Biscuitwala[maven-release-plugin] prepare release helix-0.7.1
2014-08-28  Kanak Biscuitwala[HELIX-470] Netty-based IPC layer, add TestNG config
2014-08-28  Kanak BiscuitwalaMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/brandtg...
2014-08-26  Kanak Biscuitwala[HELIX-506] Ensure that tasks are not placed on targets...