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last changeFri, 1 Jul 2022 05:28:02 +0000 (07:28 +0200)
37 min ago  Wechar YuHIVE-26355: Column compare should be case insensitive... master
17 hours ago  Krisztian KasaHIVE-26365: Remove column statistics collection task...
42 hours ago  veghlaci05HIVE-26242: Compaction heartbeater improvements (Laszlo...
44 hours ago  veghlaci05HIVE-25976: Cleaner may remove files being accessed...
46 hours ago  Peter VaryDisable flaky test
46 hours ago  pvaryHIVE-26358: Querying metadata tables does not work...
2 days ago  Krisztian KasaHIVE-26361: Merge statement compile fails if split...
2 days ago  Krisztian KasaHIVE-26319: Iceberg integration: Perform update split...
2 days ago  pvaryHIVE-26354: Support expiring snapshots on iceberg table...
2 days ago  veghlaci05HIVE-26352: Tez queue access check fails with GSS Excep...
2 days ago  cmunkeyHIVE-26265: Option to filter out Txn events during...
2 days ago  Adam SzitaHIVE-26128: Enabling dynamic runtime filtering in Icebe...
5 days ago  Chiran RavaniHIVE-25980: Reduce fs calls in HiveMetaStoreChecker...
7 days ago  Stamatis ZampetakisHIVE-26021: Change integration tests under DBInstallBas...
7 days ago  SimhadriGovindappaHIVE-26244: Implement locking for the concurrent CTAS...
8 days ago  pvaryHIVE-26334: Remove misleading bucketing info from DESCR...
2 months ago rel/release-3.1.3 Hive 3.1.3 release.
2 months ago release-3.1.3-rc3 Hive 3.1.3-rc3 release.
3 months ago rel/release-4.0.0-alpha-1 Hive 4.0.0-alpha-1 release.
3 months ago release-3.1.3-rc2 Hive 3.1.3-rc2 release.
3 months ago release-3.1.3-rc1 Apache Hive 3.1.3-rc1 release candidate
4 months ago release-3.1.3-rc0 Hive 3.1.3-rc0 release.
10 months ago rel/storage-release-2.8.1 Hive Storage API 2.8.1
10 months ago rel/storage-release-2.7.3 Storage releaase 2.7.3
11 months ago storage-release-2.8.1-rc2
11 months ago storage-release-2.7.3-rc2
11 months ago storage-release-2.7.3-rc1
11 months ago storage-release-2.8.1-rc1
11 months ago storage-release-2.8.1-rc0
12 months ago storage-release-2.8.0-rc0 Hive Storage API 2.8.0-rc0 release.
12 months ago rel/release-2.3.9 Hive 2.3.9 release.
12 months ago storage-release-2.7.3-rc0 Hive Storage API 2.7.3-rc0 release.
37 min ago master
3 days ago dependabot/maven/itests/qtest-accumulo/org.apache.thrift-libthrift-0.14.0
10 days ago dependabot/maven/mysql-mysql-connector-java-8.0.28
10 days ago dependabot/maven/standalone-metastore/mysql-mysql-connector-java-8.0.28
3 months ago branch-3.1
3 months ago branch-4.0.0-alpha-1
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5 months ago branch-2.3
10 months ago storage-branch-2.8
10 months ago storage-branch-2.7
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2 years ago branch-3.0