Avoid duplicate redundant objects and use Singleton instead.
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2018-01-15  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated NOTICE and BUILDING
2017-05-07  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated DOAP, BUILDING, README and NOTICE files
2016-06-20  Gary D. GregoryBetter build instructions.
2016-01-16  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated building instructions
2014-09-20  Gary D. GregoryAdded a section called "Validating packages".
2014-06-23  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated building instructions: added Windows native...
2013-08-29  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated building instructions
2013-05-11  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated project building instructions
2013-01-15  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated build instructions; Maven 3.0.3+ is not require...
2013-01-06  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated HttpClient build instructions
2012-11-26  Gary D. GregoryMaven 3.0.x and Clover are not compatible and will...
2010-06-15  Sebastian Bazley2.1.0 does not need JDK 1.5
2010-06-15  Sebastian BazleyUpdate instructions
2010-03-01  Sebastian BazleyClover2 licence uses a different property
2009-07-14  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated release packages
2009-07-09  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated build instructions; updated web site; added...
2008-02-13  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded dependencies section to the README file
2008-02-12  Oleg KalnichevskiWeb site updates for the 4.0-alpha3 release
2007-10-30  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded BUILDING.txt; updated assembly descriptor