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2013-08-07  Sebastian BazleyClarity
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2013-07-26  Sebastian BazleyTrailing spaces tidyup
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2012-11-17  Oleg KalnichevskiHTTPCORE-320: Fixed wrong RFC number
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2012-02-06  Asankha Chamath... minor review corrections
2012-02-06  Asankha Chamath... minor review corrections
2012-02-01  Oleg KalnichevskiHTTPCORE-292: Refer to StringBuilder instead of StringB...
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2011-09-19  Sebastian Bazley$ Date $ uses local timezone so causes problems when...
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2011-01-31  Oleg KalnichevskiHTTPCORE-250: Fixed several typos in the HttpCore tutorial
2011-01-31  Oleg KalnichevskiHTTPCORE-249: Fixed typo in HttpCore tutorial
2010-12-15  Sebastian BazleyStringEntity now has 3 ctors
2010-12-10  Sebastian BazleyHTTPCORE-245 Typos in HttpCore Manual
2010-12-04  Sebastian BazleyHTTPCORE-244 - Some typos in the chapter 1 of English...
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2010-11-12  Oleg KalnichevskiMoved to subsection
2010-11-12  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded a section on I/O interest set operation queuing
2010-11-11  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated pom files; use maven plugin to generate LiCENSE...
2010-11-11  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated project web site for HttpCore 4.1 release
2010-09-19  Sebastian BazleyLink typo
2010-08-22  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated web site for the 4.1-beta2 release
2010-06-15  Sebastian BazleyProject started in 2005
2010-06-14  Sebastian BazleyDisambiguate local links so they work with the Doxia...
2010-04-09  Oleg KalnichevskiDeprecated HttpEntity#consumeContent in favor of a...
2010-03-28  Sebastian BazleyUse property for source file types
2010-03-25  Asankha Chamath... update copyright for NOTICE.txt included into META...
2010-03-22  Oleg KalnichevskiExclude DOAP files
2010-03-21  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated release notes and web site for 4.1-beta1 release
2010-03-02  Sebastian BazleyReports don't really apply at this level
2010-03-01  Sebastian BazleyTab police
2009-11-26  Oleg KalnichevskiDownload page markup tweak
2009-09-08  Sebastian BazleyShow titles in bookmark pane
2009-09-06  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated donwload page for 4.1-alpha1 release
2009-08-25  Sebastian BazleyHTTPCORE-203 - Incorrect/incomplete product name in...
2009-08-21  Oleg KalnichevskiHTTPCLIENT-868: Add anchors to documentation sections
2009-08-13  Oleg KalnichevskiFixed example page & project reports
2009-07-14  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated release packages
2009-07-13  Oleg KalnichevskiRemoved HeadURL, Revision and Date keywords from all...
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2009-07-06  Oleg KalnichevskiFixed docbook DTD violations
2009-06-22  Sebastian BazleyFix zip or tgz archives depending on host OS EOL setting
2009-06-21  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated release notes and download page for 4.0.1 release
2009-03-01  Oleg KalnichevskiRemoved explicit SCM declarations from module POMs...
2009-02-14  Sebastian BazleyAdd missing eol properties
2009-02-14  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded sample of non-blocking connection manager
2009-02-10  Oleg KalnichevskiTutorial HTML resources (2nd try)
2009-02-10  Oleg KalnichevskiTutorial HTML resources
2009-02-10  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded missing ASL header
2009-02-10  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated package assemblies
2009-02-09  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated download page for the 4.0 release
2009-02-07  Oleg KalnichevskiAdded notes about thread-unsafely of BasicHttpParams...
2009-02-05  Oleg KalnichevskiImproved layout of the HttpCore front page; project...
2009-02-02  Sebastian BazleyStandardise on "thread-safe" rather than "thread safe"
2009-02-02  Oleg KalnichevskiNo caps
2009-02-02  Sebastian BazleyStandardise on "thread-safe" rather than "thread safe"