descriptionApache HttpComponents HttpCore
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 19 May 2022 05:44:21 +0000 (07:44 +0200)
6 days ago  Oleg KalnichevskiRelaxed exception check in order to avoid TLS version... master
2022-05-04  David SchlosnagleHTTPCORE-713: Optimize InetAddressUtils#isIPv6*Address
2022-04-07  Oleg KalnichevskiHTTPCORE-710: In case of some TLS handshake failures...
2022-04-02  Oleg KalnichevskiUpgraded Mockito to version 4.4.0
2022-04-02  Oleg KalnichevskiCorrected TLS upgrade support in HttpAsyncRequester
2022-04-02  Oleg KalnichevskiBug fix: non-blocking TLS sessions fail to update their...
2022-03-31  Oleg KalnichevskiReplaced @EnableRuleMigrationSupport with a more specif...
2022-03-31  Ryan SchmittUpgrade to RxJava3
2022-03-17  Oleg KalnichevskiUpgraded HttpCore version to 5.2-beta2-SNAPSHOT
2022-03-13  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated NOTICE
2022-03-13  Oleg KalnichevskiUpdated release notes for HttpCore 5.2-beta1 release
2022-03-10  Oleg KalnichevskiHTTPCORE-708: H2 stream multiplexer incorrectly handles...
2022-02-27  Oleg KalnichevskiHTTPCLIENT-2201: protocol exception thrown while consum...
2022-02-27  Arturo BernalTest coverage
2022-02-27  Oleg KalnichevskiProtocol negotiators now keep track the negotiated...
2022-01-14  Arturo BernalAdd empty constructor with the default SSL context...
2 months ago rel/v5.2-beta1 HttpCore 5.2-beta1 release tag
2 months ago 5.2-beta1-RC1 HttpCore 5.2-beta1 RC1 tag
5 months ago rel/v5.1.3 HttpCore 5.1.3 release tag
5 months ago 5.1.3-RC1 HttpCore 5.1.3 RC1 tag
5 months ago rel/v4.4.15 HttpCore 4.4.15 release tag
5 months ago 4.4.15-RC1 HttpCore 4.4.15 RC1 tag
7 months ago rel/v5.2-alpha2 HttpCore 5.2-alpha2 release tag
7 months ago 5.2-alpha2-RC1 HttpCore 5.2-alpha2 RC1 tag
7 months ago rel/v5.1.2 HttpCore 5.1.2 release tag
7 months ago 5.1.2-RC1 HttpCore 5.1.2 RC1 tag
8 months ago rel/v5.2-alpha1 HttpCore 5.2-alpha1 release tag
8 months ago 5.2-alpha1-RC1 HttpCore 5.2-alpha1 RC1 tag
12 months ago rel/v5.1.1 HttpCore 5.1.1 release tag
12 months ago rel/v5.0.4 HttpCore 5.0.4 release tag
12 months ago 5.1.1-RC1 HttpCore 5.1.1 RC1 tag
12 months ago 5.0.4-RC1 HttpCore 5.0.4 RC1 tag
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