descriptionApache Ignite Extensions
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 14 Jun 2022 15:29:59 +0000 (18:29 +0300)
12 days ago  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-17137 Fix Ignite cloud IP Finder tests master
12 days ago  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-17137 Move ignite-cloud IP finder to the Ignite...
2022-06-07  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-17120 Move ignite-yarn module to the Ignite...
2022-06-06  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-17101 Move ignite-mesos to the Ignite Extensions...
2022-06-01  Mikhail PetrovIGNITE-17070 Fixed flaky IgniteCacheTopologyValidatorTe...
2022-05-31  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-17049 Move ignite-spark module to the Ignite...
2022-05-26  Nikita AmelchevIGNITE-17039 Fixed binary assembly of performance stati...
2022-05-26  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-17033 Move ignite-aop to the Ignite Extensions...
2022-05-24  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-17021 Fix the geospatial dependency for examples
2022-05-24  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-17021 Move ignite-geospatial to the Ignite Exten...
2022-05-17  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-16909 Update versions of the released extensions...
2022-05-17  NikolayIGNITE-16871 Metadata update initiated by marker record...
2022-05-13  NikolayIGNITE-16932 Checkstyle RightCurly rule added (#140)
2022-05-13  Mikhail PetrovIGNITE-16927 Changes scope of spring-data-commons depen...
2022-05-13  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-16968 Fix the sources directory for extension...
2022-05-06  Maxim MuzafarovIGNITE-16908 Move ignite-hibernate modules to the Ignit...
5 weeks ago ignite-zookeeper-ip-finder-ext-1.0.0 ignite-zookeeper-ip-finder-ext...
5 weeks ago ignite-spring-session-ext-1.0.0 ignite-spring-session-ext-1.0.0
5 weeks ago ignite-spring-data-ext-2.0.0 ignite-spring-data-ext-2.0.0
6 weeks ago ignite-spring-data-ext-2.0.0-rc1
6 weeks ago ignite-gce-ext-1.0.0 ignite-gce-ext-1.0.0
6 weeks ago ignite-azure-ext-1.0.0 ignite-azure-ext-1.0.0
6 weeks ago ignite-aws-ext-1.0.0 ignite-aws-ext-1.0.0
8 weeks ago ignite-spring-session-ext-1.0.0-rc1
8 weeks ago ignite-spring-data-ext-2.2.0-rc1
8 weeks ago ignite-gce-ext-1.0.0-rc1
8 weeks ago ignite-azure-ext-1.0.0-rc1
8 weeks ago ignite-aws-ext-1.0.0-rc1
8 weeks ago ignite-zookeeper-ip-finder-ext-1.0.0-rc1
7 months ago ignite-spring-data-commons-1.1.0 ignite-spring-data-commons-1.1.0
7 months ago ignite-spring-tx-ext-1.0.0 ignite-spring-tx-ext-1.0.0
7 months ago ignite-spring-cache-ext-1.0.0 ignite-spring-cache-ext-1.0.0
9 days ago dependabot/maven/modules/yarn-ext/org.apache.hadoop-hadoop-common-3.3.2
12 days ago master
2 weeks ago dependabot/maven/modules/mesos-ext/junit-junit-4.13.1
2 weeks ago dependabot/maven/modules/hibernate-ext/hibernate/com.thoughtworks.xstream-xstream-1.4.19
3 weeks ago release/ignite-spark-ext-1.0.0
4 weeks ago dependabot/maven/modules/spring-session-ext/
5 weeks ago IGNITE-16757
6 weeks ago release/ignite-spring-data-ext-2.0.0
7 weeks ago release/ignite-hibernate-ext-4.2.0
7 weeks ago release/ignite-hibernate-ext-5.1.0
8 weeks ago release/ignite-spring-session-ext-1.0.0
8 weeks ago release/ignite-spring-data-ext-2.2.0
8 weeks ago release/ignite-gce-ext-1.0.0
8 weeks ago release/ignite-azure-ext-1.0.0
8 weeks ago release/ignite-aws-ext-1.0.0
8 weeks ago release/ignite-zookeeper-ip-finder-ext-1.0.0