IGNITE-17054 Fix examples and documentation (#53)
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2022-05-26  Igor SapegoIGNITE-17023 Remove Python 3.6, add 3.10.
2021-07-27  Ivan DaschinskyAdd release notes for 0.5.1
2021-06-21  Ivan DaschinskyUpdate to latest version of released pyignite in README.md
2021-04-26  Ivan DaschinskyIGNITE-14595 Implement ExpiryPolicy support - Fixes...
2021-04-14  Igor SapegoIGNITE-14534 Add script to build wheels on Windows
2021-04-08  Ivan DashchinskiyIGNITE-14418 Add async client documentation, update...
2021-02-18  Ivan DashchinskiyIGNITE-14186 Implement C module to speedup hashcode
2021-01-26  Igor SapegoIGNITE-14056: Fixed README and documentation
2020-12-28  Ivan DaschinskiyIGNITE-13903: Add tox, docker-compose and travis integr...
2018-10-15  Dmitry MelnichukIGNITE-7782 Python thin client