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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 11 Dec 2018 17:06:14 +0000 (20:06 +0300)
6 hours ago  Dmitriy PavlovTest fix after IGNITE-10454 master
6 hours ago  Dmitriy PavlovVersion update, more cached config usage was added
6 hours ago  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-10620 Issues Storage interface added to make...
7 hours ago  Dmitrii RyabovIGNITE-10454 Create page with muted tests. - Fixes...
8 hours ago  Nikolai KulaginIGNITE-10628 Show errors - Fixes #97.
28 hours ago  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-10620 Removing unused top-tests code
30 hours ago  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-9542 New date/time-based build statistics implem...
35 hours ago  ololo3000Visa History page fix - Fixes #94.
35 hours ago  Dmitrii Ryabov\e[3~ - Fixes #96.
4 days ago  Dmitriy PavlovUnused code removal
4 days ago  zzzadrugaIGNITE-10203 Parent suite is used for JIRA comment...
5 days ago  Dmitriy PavlovRefactoring to separate build ref sync and TC ignited...
5 days ago  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-10562 Change logic of build diverged handling...
5 days ago  ololo3000IGNITE-10519 JavaDocs added - Fixes #93.
5 days ago  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-10562 Faster entity save path: TC Bot DB contain...
5 days ago  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-10562 Fix for tests: TC Bot DB contains invalid...
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6 hours ago ignite-10620
31 hours ago ignite-9542-new-run-stripe
5 days ago ignite-10562
8 days ago ignite-10071
2 weeks ago ignite-9542
2 weeks ago ignite-10372
2 weeks ago ignite-10336
3 weeks ago partial-pr-data-display
3 weeks ago ignite-10243
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