Time consuming builds detection, including timed out suites
[ignite-teamcity-bot.git] / build.gradle
2019-06-25  Dmitriy PavlovTrusted tests & suite history performance fixes: Storag...
2019-06-13  Dmitriy PavlovTC Bot modules refactoring: GitHub module extracted
2019-06-11  Dmitriy PavlovIgnite 2.7.5 released. no need for staging
2019-06-04  Dmitriy PavlovUpdate version and latest RC repo
2019-06-02  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-10989: Finalized refactoring and removed REST...
2019-06-01  Dmitriy PavlovTC Bot refactoring: tcbot-common and -teamcity modules...
2019-05-17  Dmitriy PavlovApplying RC-3 of Apache Ignite
2019-04-29  Dmitriy PavlovVersion update for testing 2.7.5 release
2019-04-23  Dmitriy PavlovIgnite 2.7.5 RC-1
2019-04-22  Dmitriy PavlovRepository update
2018-12-02  Dmitriy PavlovUpdating to 2.7.0 RC-2
2018-11-30  Dmitriy PavlovIgnite 2.7.0-RC testing
2018-10-10  Dmitriy PavlovIGNITE-9800: Simpler navigation implemented, builds...
2018-10-04  Dmitriy PavlovJersey logging & Stacktrace logging exception handler
2018-09-20  Dmitriy PavlovServer module prepared, standalone start ok
2018-09-20  Dmitriy PavlovServer module skeleton was added
2018-07-27  Dmitriy PavlovPlugin applied for headers
2017-08-10  dpavlovBuild implemented: war and runner were created
2017-08-04  dspavlovempty jersey container
2017-08-04  dspavlovweb launcher
2017-08-03  dpavlovIgnite DB runner
2017-07-21  dspavlovSimple build log downloader implemented
2017-07-21  dspavlovInitial code, downloading build log